Welcome! – The Quilt that altered my direction…

Hello and Welcome! So, this is not my first shot at a blog; however it is my first shot at a blog that is not personal. I did keep a blog that was more personal of life experience, marriage, friendships, etc. I am admittedly an emotional person. I seem to really take in every emotion towards everything – to the smallest of things just as much as I would the biggest of things… happy or sad, angry or stressed… everything in between.

My blog and site now, will be more about sewing, quilting, fabric, etc. I hope you enjoy and continue to read as I grow with you. To let us begin, I am going to share my first story of what brought me to this point.

I have been an avid crocheter for some time. My grandmother taught me when I was young, just the basics. She had made Afghans for all of her grandchildren which lasted several years until the holes from all of our abuse had finally met their match. As I became older I began crocheting more and more, creating blankets at first and later learning how to make gloves, scarves and other little things. I found myself with more projects than I knew what to do with and it wasn’t a matter of wanting to finish them rather than the overwhelming thought of how much time is taken into each one and yet I had not even finished it and even when I picked anything up at all, I never knew where to begin again.

I don’t know what happened but something happened. It has been a slow process in the past two years. My husband has tolerated my purchases even when I had items sitting for almost two years, barely touched. You could almost say that I became the one with all of the ‘unfinished projects’ or ‘items just to buy’… my husband is much more efficient than I am in this area. It is part of any artists creative side though, isn’t it? To always have something on the mind for next, or to always see something and continue wondering what you could do with it? I am lucky that he continues to support my vast amount of dreams. Back to approximately 2 years ago…

I have always known how to generally sew, nothing too major or extravagant but enough to sew a button on, hem a part of pants and so on. I have a friend whom does quite a bit of quilting and I always enjoyed seeing her posts and pictures. It eventually led to more posts and pictures from others and all of a sudden, I was driven to make a quilt out of my husbands old middle school and high school t-shirts that his mother had hoarded all of these years (15-20 to be exact). I began researching and researching and researching some more through quilt blogs, quilt designs, multiple opinions and ideas. I felt almost lost in the possibilities that it only made me want to do more. I finally began the cutting of the t-shirt quilt for my mother-in-law’s birthday, which is the same time I began really finding myself in such a serenity that I had not been able to have since I left CA to move to KS to be with my husband… the beach/ocean has always been my serenity of peace, a place to zone out and not think… just mindless activity that was still stimulating. I measured, cut, pinned, basted, sewed and quilted my heart out until there was nothing left further to sew/quilt. I realized that I felt incomplete once I was done. I felt like I was then missing something as to part of my day. So along came more quilting blogs, ideas, designs, patterns and most of all, possibilities.

It is my very first quilt and I learned a lot – I am excited about my continuing growth in quilting and I can’t wait to continue sharing it with you. I have completed so many other since or at least began other projects, but I am taking each one a step at a time and doing them as my creativity wants me to do them. I will be posting the other projects I have completed and am working on. I love any and all ideas/comments! Constructive criticism is what I live by, don’t be scared to tell me what you think (but please keep it respectful).

I intend to post a minimum of once a week of the activity of that week, which may or may not be about quilting or sewing specifically, but definitely in the realm of life and the creativity in it.

I apologize that the pictures are horrible. I really dislike taking pictures inside… but I had finished this in the middle of the night and it had to be mailed out the very next morning (nothing like last minute… I am such a procrastinator) and I was not going to have time to stage a good picture.

There you have it… not a magical story, but still my story. I hope to continue to see you around!


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