The 2014 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop – at Plum and June

HELLO! I am excited to announce that I am so lucky enough to be part of The 2014 New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop with Plum and June!

I will be posting my introduction on Tuesday, June 11th and I am very excited! I will be honest, I am still learning about how a Blog Hop works, but while I am nervous about doing a good job and anxious to get it going, I am giddy excited to see and hear from everyone participating (and even those that aren’t). Sometimes my husband will say he never hears me talk with such excitement unless it has to do with fabric, quilts or sewing in general for that matter. I am nervous of what I will say or share in it; however I love sharing also so I hope I don’t make it too boring!

It. Is. So. True. I can’t help it! I thrive off just viewing, seeing or reading about it. Sometimes I wonder if I just want to admire it from afar and not actually do the sewing or creating… but then I’m like NAH! I’ve gotta join in on the fun! I still find myself up late at night on my tablet or iPad catching up on my Quilt Blog reading… and then I wake up tired in the morning; only to find myself driven by what I will be doing when I get home with sewing or quilting and ready to tackle the day just so I can get home. I also, practically think of nothing else but quilts while I am at work (speaking of which, I am writing this while I am at work hehehe). Am I alone in this or does anyone else share my neurotic obsession with quilts, fabric and sewing that is almost disrupts every thought of yours?

On another note – my husband finally pushed me to take the class for the Free Motion Tin Lizzie 18!!! My class is on Sunday, June 29th and I decided on an individual class because I am a serious note taker and intend to really dive into it.

I am taking it at a local shop Show Me Quilting that I love and honestly, I can walk there if I really wanted to! Could you imagine, seeing me with all my quilts going to the Quilt Shop to complete my fabric art?!? I almost might do this one day and snap a photo and share with you all just for the laughs… I am always up for some good humor. Stay tuned my friends… stay tuned…

(Photos of Show Me Quilting and Tin Lizzie from


My Top 10 Quilt Blogs

So along with being a fabriholic the way I mentioned in yesterdays post on fabric I had won; I am also an avid Blog Whore. I accept it proudly though. While I am always open to reading anyones Blogs that have to do with quilting, sewing, fabric, etc. I do have my top 10 that I admire quite a bit. These are in no direct order mind you, and these are only the opinion of myself on whom I avidly read quite a bit. I read a lot of others as well, so I hope no one feels left out. I feel these are the ones that are at the top or growing towards the top even as I type this. They have a lot of experience already in it and great advise to take away from just about anything you may want. Each of the following links will link to their “About Me” page unless they don’t have one it will go to their home page, and you can continue searching from there on how you feel about them and take from it as you wish. 

Diary of a Quilter – Truth be told, Amy Smart was my first love when it came to blogs, but her blog quickly led me to so many others and I slowly became falling in love with each and every one. Amy has a great fresh look on things and her style in quilting amazes me all the time, even when I see her color selection and wonder how it will turn out – the end result comes out more beautiful and it always reminds me how different we all each see and visual things. It truly is all in the perception of our own minds… yet Amy tends to grab people from all over with her final results. I believe she has gained a forever admirer over here, all the way in Kansas. One day I might be lucky enough to meet her as I have read so many that have and said she was just as pleasant or more pleasant in person. 

Crazy Mom Quilts  – Well, Amanda came along when she was mentioned in Diary of a Quilter somewhere (sorry, can’t remember the specific post). This woman blows me away with her dedication to quilting, fabric, her followers, her overall love of all things fabric and sewing. She has this great interesting look for her ideas of creating different quilts. I love her Finish it up Fridays and I keep telling myself I need to get on the band wagon with it, as it would only continue to help me finish more of mine up. Her latest post from yesterday, the color almost spoke to me! Again, Amanda seems to be very open and candid with her thoughts and ideas, along with her followers and just as Amy does, she responds quite frequently to others (which wins high brownie points for me). If you need help possibly with getting moving on your projects, Amanda with Crazy Mom Quilts in the way to go!

Red Pepper Quilts – Rita with Red Pepper Quilts appears to have been around for awhile and I apparently was last on the list to discover her. Rita is extremely well known but does not live in the U.S. If I ever travel outside of the U.S. and am in her vicinity, I vow I will stalk her so that I may meet the wonderful woman behind so many beautiful quilts. Between Amy, Amanda and Rita, I feel like I am lazy in the quilting world as they seem to finish up so much in such a short amount of time! Time to put a needle in my seat to get my rear-end moving. Rita uses a lot of fresh bright colors that mix well with small to large print fabrics. I take away from her that she can see just exactly how that fabric would be utilized to its best and ultimately be the one to ‘stand out’ and yet every fabric on her quilt stands out on its own. She is also the one I was lucky enough to win the drawing for the 30’s Playtime Fabric that I also posted on yesterdays blog post here

Fresh Lemon Modern Quilts  – Faith inspires me to applique and I am actually working on and off on my first quilt that will have a few applique items. I am excited about it and hope it turns out just as well as hers do! She shows a lot of pictures and lot of diversity in her quilts but I think she also sticks with the originality of quilts and mixing it with the modern feel. Lots of color with old time applique items… her most recent one that she posted about today of her progress with the butterflies has me almost having butterflies with excitement to really see how well I could make my applique quilt come out as well as what hers will turn out to be! The butterflies are beautifully done on the fabric! I find her to be inspirational to me when it comes to applique, so if you’re scared or may be wanting to give it a shot… Faith really can give some inspiration towards it.

Film In the Fridge – I recently discovered Ashley. I haven’t dug too much into her blog other than her posts as it is mainly fabric and pictures of finished quilts. I love it as it helps with my visual withdraw when I can’t seem to see my own creations coming to light. Again, very bright colors with fresh modern twists to them. Lots of links to online fabric stores, pictures to help get your creative juices going or to now discover what that one fabric you have been stashing for 3 years would be perfect for and if you’re one for very little reading but lots of pictures, this is one to really look at. 

The last 5 blogs I am posting links to; as I have unfortunately not gotten to know them through their blogs so much as I have the above 5. I can only read so much and more times than not, I find myself reading more and more of their blogs; one leads me ‘here’ and that one leads me ‘there’. They are ones that I avidly read whenever something is posted or continue to read their older blog posts. I am inspired by them, their technique, the personality they show through their blog, their designs and their open and candidness for sharing with everyone. 

Sew Mama Sew  – great for lots of inspiration outside of quilts (bags, purses, trinkets, etc.)
Patch the Giraffe – fun, interesting and amazing ideas for linking everyone together in some way, even though we are so far apart
Freshly Pieced – Lots of fun fabrics and her WIP Wednesdays has me inspired to join in!
The Polka Dot Chair – I find myself drawn not only by her story about herself and what she shares about her life, but how it “seams” that it coordinates with her quilting!
Plum and June – Lots of amazing ideas, give-a-ways, ideas and the old-time fabric, I swear she makes it look more modern!  

I hope you all enjoy them just as I do and find inspiration through them. If there are any others that I should really list or that I have not discovered at all, please let me know! As I said, I am a Quilt Blog Whore and so that means, the more the merrier! 

Sew Stitching Cute

Drooling. New 30’s Playtime Fat Quarter Bundle.

I have said this before and I will say it many times… because admitting and accepting something is the first step: My name is Megan Jorrick and I, am a fabriholic. I am unable to escape the depths in which my mind goes when I see color, beautiful black, whites and greys all next to one another… when I see pre-cuts already lined up and ready to be sewn together… it is a blur bliss I feel. I do not know if I will ever be able to give up my addiction. Some will never understand and some will admit their addiction as well, and together, we will hold one anothers hands as we drool over the possibilities.

Ok, I am normal again.

I enter give-a-ways quite a bit, as well, you just “never know”. A little over a week ago on Friday I was talking with a friend of mine and we were swapping ideas for quilting, fabric, how we could do it through Skype, etc. I also gave her all of the people I follow, like on Facebook and who does the give-a-ways and so on. I had informed her that I had not won anything yet, but you never know and you wouldn’t win if you didn’t enter. Well… low and behold – one of my inspired quilters that I avidly follow is Red Pepper Quilts; she had a give-a-away (located here) going for some beautiful 30’s Playtime Fabric from Chloe’s Closet, if you’d like to purchase, visit here.

Kimberly was gone at the Quilt Market during the give-a-way announcement; however she was speedy as it looks like as soon as she got back she mailed out the give-a-way bundle! It finally arrived after a hickup for delivery this past Friday… and it looks just as it does on their site. I am now a customer of theirs! I highly suggest taking a look at all of their other fabrics as well!


Would you seriously look at all of this awesome fabric? Tell me you wouldn’t have squealed the moment you opened the package when you saw this as well? Raise your hand, come on now!

I am excited to create something with these fabrics and may just know what to do; but I do have about 10 other ones I have to unfortunately get around to before I start on it… but I may have to dive in just to get my 30’s Playtime Fabric fix ever so often! I’d like to know if anyone has any ideas of what they would do or would suggest for me to do?

Photo Share:
I snapped this picture over the weekend… when my 6lb Chihuahua, Tank was sleeping on the scrap pillow I had made that is shown on a  previous blog post; he was sleeping on it and I couldn’t help it. 
Sew Stitching Cute

In the meantime, I’ll look and admire this fabric – no doubt it is Sew Stitching Cute!

Quilt: Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

A few weeks ago I had been thinking of an idea to make a quilt. I am not ready to share that specific idea yet for two reasons: #1 The final idea and actual product has not yet come together, and changes are bound to happen on newly thought ideas and #2, well… is because I am actually really excited about this project and want to wait to reveal the final quilt.

While I was thinking of the idea off and on for about a week, figuring out just what fabric to make use, if I would want to stay with solids or try print… maybe even a mixture of both? All the normal thoughts and questions you ask yourself before diving head first into it… or sometimes we dive in before we even know what we got ourselves into. The magic that happened here was that I had finally made up my mind design wise and how it would lay out. I did decide if I could, I was going to use a jelly roll. Once again, in the morning of my determination to create this quilt, MSQC came to the rescue. Right around 6 a.m. I had an e-mail of their daily deal. Low and behold, it was this lovely Modern Folkloric Jelly Roll on sale for almost 50% off! I knew it was fate.

You guessed right if you knew I ordered it right away. I was even more blown back when I received it just a few short days later… I was stunned at just how vibrant the simple colors were… for being just basic Black/Grey/White/Yellow, they really stood out. I have been overly impressed with this fabric.

 Fast forward two weeks. Now that I had the fabric in front of me, I had not been doing anything with it. Instead I had been working on other projects… even a fast immediate gratification project of finally making myself the Sewing Mat that I posted last week. I found myself wanting to be so certain, that last night I realized I would never begin if I didn’t even pick up the fabric to well, basically start.

Into the wee-hours of the night last night I began working up all of my measurements and my idea… laying it out on the floor and not my wall (I ended up working in the living room instead of my own space… how crazy am I?) and this is what I have ended up with so far.

Now that I have begun… I will be a “busy bee” and am really excited about creating it. I just hope it turns out as good as it does in my head! This will be hopefully my real first finished project that is Sew Stitching Cute!

Pushing my comfort zone

So yesterday I said I would share what else I worked on this past weekend. This isn’t terribly too much, as I did make that pillow cover on Sunday. Saturday I worked on a quilt I had been cutting pieces for.

A few weeks ago I saw an advertisement for this beautiful quilt on Craftsy and when I looked at it, I saw there other selections. I am not one who really wants to follow a specific pattern on a quilt other than the pattern of a block. I was falling more and more in love with the fabric and decided to go for the Atmospher fabric.

I received the kit early last week and right away, I fell in love with the fabric. The picture honestly does not do it justice with the gold metallic highlights in it. It really is beautiful, almost too beautiful to do anything with other than display (and after making it… I sadly wish I had done just that).

After cutting… on to sewing I went. I followed the pattern as it gave…

As I was laying it out, I did realize I made a mistake. The mistake being that because the center pieces should represent an ombre effect, the center where the ombre happened, for some reason I had sewn each piece on the opposite ends, so while the inside panels go light to dark, they do not represent the ombre effect it called for. This was my mistake, even though I did check twice… third time is a charm was not what I followed in this case. It may have turned out better had I done that.

You can’t tell in this picture of the lighter colors as I draped it on my clothes line in my backyard (yes, I love the clothes line and yes, I do have a dryer as well – the clothes line works great for photos. hehe). In the end, I am unfortunately not satisfied with this quilt and wish the pattern was different for this type of fabric… it almost deserved more elegance than what it got. The red fabric pattern is what only seemed to work for this… but I don’t think the others do. Overall though, it was fun to make and get some extra sewing in. I am more excited to finish this quilt and hope there is someone who will want/like it. I really wish I was happier with this quilt – I am hoping that once I quilt it and find the right backing that I will love it more. It could happen, and hopefully end up being Sew Stitching Cute!

In other quick awesome news… I did receive last Friday in the mail these AMAZING threads that were on sale for $1.95 a piece from Connecting Threads. I will probably never buy thread elsewhere unless it is an emergency! I do want to give metallics a shot though… and this quilt might just be the one to use them on. I will have to showcase how well this thread turns out on future quilts!

Their color selection is FABULOUS

Hexagon Flower Patch Quilt

There isn’t much to share today, other than what I did this past weekend; unfortunately I left the device in which my quilt pictures are on, at home. I will have to share that tomorrow. I have been wanting to share what I worked on a little over a month ago and have not yet finished.

I say this all of the time, and I will say it again – I love Missouri Star Quilt Co.! I love their story, their products and how personable they are overall. They are a huge reason, well, Jenny and her tutorials (but we all know it is team effort here) as to what helped me fall more and more in love with quilting, knowing that it is not as difficult as it has to be. Even though I am always up for the challenge.

I saw Missouri Star Quilt tutorial for their Out of Bounds Quilt and I knew I had to make one. I had just received all of that fabric from the lovely lady which I spoke about on my blog here and all I needed was the Hexagon tool. I did end up ordering that from who else than Missouri Star Quilt! While I awaited anxiously each day for it to arrive (and the mail man is lucky he had only my dog to deal with, not me at the door each day – we still have the mail man that walks to each house) I cut my fabric into 5 x 5 squares. It did finally arrive and I got right to work.

(LEFT) – The fabric I cut to make the hexagon Out of Bounds quilt
(RIGHT) Fabric selected by a co-worker buying her first home. I am slowly working on that one. 

I had the fabric laid out for about a week or so (flower fabric – left picture above), off and on I found myself lost because I was not settled with it in the end on how it would turn out. That or I was too chick pooped to go out of my comfort zone, always scared others won’t like it. In the end I don’t mind, as long as I do; but in the process, that is another story. I decided to lay my fabric out differently and this is what I came up with.

SIDETRACK: If anyone is wondering, I used a jelly roll (grey) and 5” squares. The easiest for hexagons is just buying the charm pack for that fabric… but with the ones I had I did not have that option. Either way, it is a pretty fast build.

After a few weeks of working on it off and on with putting it together (I go back and forth with projects or house work… I have to reward myself with sewing time or I will never come out of it) I was then not sure of what color to use for the border or for the back… or if I was going to use the same color border as the back… so on and so on. Anyone else experience those quilting dilemmas? One morning on the weekend I had went to the store and saw the most perfect red… I loved it so much that even if it did not match the red already in there, that I didn’t care. I got to work right away for the border, still questioning my decision, but decided to stick with it (and yes, the red did not quite match the more dominant red… but thankfully… I think it still works).

I have yet to quilt this lovely beauty, as this one will require drawing the lines of what I would like to do. That is on the agenda here soon, because I am anxious to complete this one.

Sew Stitching Cute
For the future, I will applique stems on them with a few leaves… maybe with a more cheery bright background color. Heck… I may end up doing it for this one in the end! Not sure yet. Any opinions?
Here is a sneak peak at what I worked on over the weekend – I wish the picture did the metallic’s justice. 

Scrap Pillow

So, as usual – this weekend had the list of the standard cleaning, laundry, dusting and so on. It never ends, does it? I woke up at 7:15 a.m. on Sunday morning (which is way too early, especially if you don’t have children) and I swear it is because my mind wants to see creation and my hands want to make it… out of bed I was. I did my normal morning routine and by 8 a.m. I was in front of the sewing machine. I found myself sitting there and thinking more of what I was going to do than actually doing it.

18 x 18

I looked around the house and I knew what I needed to be doing, but that is an entirely different story in itself. I finally decided that I was going to begin cleaning, and that I would reward myself with being able to do some sewing whenever I finished any house work – I almost gave myself my own chore list. First I needed to know what I was going to make. Within a few minutes, I remembered I had a pillow I had yet to make a cover for and I was finally going to do just that.

Once I switched laundry and loaded the dishwasher, then I could select the fabric; in which I ended up going with these colorful beauties. Then I did some more house work, I allowed myself to cut some of my pieces… this continues so on throughout the day. The pictures are in order as to what I did in each step… and some I forgot to take pictures (hence why a few blocks were missing out of the layout… I had just begun to sew them all together).

(Left) Front – (Back) Right

In the process of making it, I wasn’t too sure I was going in the direction I had originally intended or even wanted to… I was really even skeptical of the color choices I had selected to go with it. Even now with it sitting side-by-side with the front and back next to one another makes me scared. The colors are so vibrant and the picture scares me more than looking at it… as those little squares are pretty vibrant themselves. I wish I had more teal to tie into it, that seems to be what it needs. Does anyone else have suggestions of what they would have done or would try to any in the future?

I was determined to have it finished by the end of the night, which did end up resulting in not hand sewing the final side closed… I ended up doing an edge blanket stitch – which also would have worked around all edges because of the vintage fabric used. Once I did have it completely done… I actually tossed it on the couch, went across the room and stared at it, and quite honestly – I found myself smiling from ear-to-ear. I felt accomplished and I felt like I had achieved a big challenge within myself on my comfort zones. I almost had decided not to finish this and try something different another day. I am very happy I didn’t and stuck with it, because while it probably is not my first pick of normal ‘taste’.. I can’t help but feel happy when I look at all the bright colors and design starring back at you, and makes spring and the coming into summer almost feel like it is (I live in crazy Kansas weather…).



Here is the end result – please tell me what you think! I am trying to step outside of my box and comfort zone more!

Betty Dear – New Charm Pack

It has arrived! It has arrived! I do not know why; however when I seem to receive the smallest of things I am almost appearing to be happier than the largest of things.

Sidetrack: The excitement I felt when I received this charm pack reminded me of my 16th Birthday. I did not have a large party or even what you would consider a “Sweet 16”, but I had an amazing 16th Birthday due to the people I chose to surround myself with. One of my great High School friends Sarah had gotten me a frog “back pack patch” (do you all remember those?). It was the cutest and most awesome thing ever. I was so ecstatic, probably because it was a frog period but I was more grateful that she went out of her way and thought of me as well… and it is something that has always meant a lot to me. Sarah, Kathy and Angelina and my dad is who I remember on my Sweet 16 – and I am so happy that I do. To cut in real quick – anyone who knows me, knows I absolutely love frogs and for whatever reason, I can never seem to get enough of them. I have loved frogs since I could remember my very first memory. Angelina and Kathy also got me TWO LIVE TREE FROGS with the whole set up. I was blessed with great friends in High School!!!

I purchased this lovely Charm Pack called Betty Dear by Darlene Zimmerman for Robert Kaufman. I purchased it from the Missouri Star Quilt Co. found here. I got it for only $2.95! I couldn’t help it once I saw the array of colors and designs all packed in one little goody pack. I tend to be on the more bold side when it comes to my quilts… I feel out of my comfort zone using just blacks and white or creams and neutrals.

And here it is, in the flesh. Colors are just as vibrant and made me awe just as much when I saw it online. I have no idea what I will utilize the charm pack for, but I know that whatever it is, it will be Sew Stitching Cute!

Quilted Sewing Mat

This past weekend I had a lot of laundry and cleaning to do. I have a few fur things that run around the house and I am always finding their hair within 5 minutes of sweeping or vacuuming while they are shedding their winter coats. It looked like I hadn’t cleaned in weeks.

I reasoned with myself and decided what I had to achieve in order to allow myself any free time for sewing. I also needed to make sure what I wanted to make I could complete in that day as I have too many unfinished projects that I am currently working on. It finally hit me after thinking about it for a few… I had been wanting/meaning to make myself a sewing mat. I needed something handy to go anywhere with me and my sewing machine, whether room to room or somewhere adventurous with electrical outlets. And yes, I had to decide all of this before cleaning.

After the success of cleaning and having laundry done to the point that I could take myself off of time-out from sewing, I decided it was time to cut my fabric. I selected the fabric below because it is bright and cheery, I also had the teal with sewn-in lined dots that fit perfectly with it also. The teal dots is also much more durable which I thought would be perfect for underneath as well as where the sewing machine would sit, it would wear and tear with more grace than cotton.

For the size I made, it was approximately 18 1/2” x 20”. I measured the width of my sewing machine and added 2 inches so that it gave extra space as well as allowed for any little ”oops” in sewing that perfect quarter inch. 
I decided on doing the full back in the teal and half and half for the front (teal being the part where the sewing machine would sit on). After I cut the fabric and sewed the front halves together, I then sandwiched it and cut the basting to size. 
I then cut a piece of fabric (flowers) to the height I wanted and the length of the sandwiched fabric, as this will become my pockets. I honestly wanted this as painless as possible, there are a few ways to do this but this was simple enough for me. To make a simple edge for the top of the pockets, I simply finger pressed a 1/2” seam along the top of the pocket fabric just cut and sewed it down. 
I then sewed all 4 pieces along the right side to lock it in place. Now remember earlier when I spoke about allowing for some ”oops” on that perfect quarter inch seam? This is where I ”oops-ed”. I had forgotten to change my sewing foot when I did the first sew down the right side and ended up sewing a 1/2” seam instead of 1/4”. No biggie… I just trimmed it down. 

I decided to draw the lines with a washable fabric pen, for the width sizes of the pockets.

 I also created a mini pocket for my seam ripper that I am always loosing (hence why it is also not featured in this picture, I could not find it once again).

I continued sewing down the lines I had drawn, going over the original hem stitch on the top of the pockets by about 1/8”, but that is completely a personal decision.

I ended up using my new Simplicity Rotary Cutter Machine to cut the binding strips into 2 1/2” strips. By the way, I am absolutely satisfied and happy I ordered the Rotary Cutter Machine, it is a dream and much quicker for creating strips of fabric. I have not written about the success of it yet as this was my first shot at it… but that shall be another blog.  

I decided to use the teal to wrap it up. The flower pattern was busy enough.

Once it was binded… I ended up with a result that was Sew Stitching Cute such as this!

Tell me what you think or what your ideas were/are for something you made or would like to make? I’m always up for more perfection tips! 

I’ve joined Blog Lovin!

Make sure to find me on Blog Lovin!

I’ve discovered the wonderful world of blogs at your fingertips. It is a mixture of Pinterest  and Instagram made just for blogs. I don’t know when I will sleep next from always reading.

Is anyone else on this amazing site? Any pros or con’s anyone can give? I’d love to follow some fellow Blog Lovin fanatics out there such as myself!