Design Wall

I don’t want to start this post off on the wrong note… but I just want to say that sometimes losing your work as you just complete it, really stinks! I had just about finished my entire blog for my design wall and the explanation, etc. Unfortunately, when adding the pictures, everything was lost. So, here we go… again.

I had recently moved my entire sewing/quilting space and when doing so, I ended up with a large blank wall with an electrical panel on it. Who wants to stare at that while trying to be creative?

Every creative mind or artist has some type of canvas, some way of displaying their work in progress or even for visual effect. Photographers show their canvas through their computer and camera screens, displaying them with photos; artists on an actual canvas or any other surface that allows for them to express their creativeness and allow the remainder of the world to be in awe; quilters… we have design floors, or walls. I started out with a design floor… which was any floor I could make enough space in.You should know what happens next… I set out to explore the option of a design wall. Mainly because at my young age, my knees can’t take my hardwood floors and I personally don’t like using carpet as it sticks and makes it lumpy looking. I don’t get the full visual effect.

I researched several ways of making a design wall and the differences each provides for the space that an individual has. You could use a flannel sheet, hang batting from practically anything, all the way to the more advanced design walls which include frames, stands and more, oh my! There were so many that I wish I remembered all of the ones that I had looked at and admired (I will need to be better at saving sites for future reference now that I intend to continue this blog). The one that ended up being the one to catch my attention for the actual making of the design wall is from Suchity Such Blog, found here:

And so… my journey began.

Insulfoam board
Duct Tape
Staple Gun/Permanent Fabric Glue (Depends on your liking or what works best for you)
Batting (Whichever you prefer)
Picture Hanging Command Strips

I went to my local Lowe’s and purchased two – 4x8ft insulfoam boards. I asked the assistance of Lowe’s and they cut the insulfoam boards into 1/3rds. It was not straight or neat, I just needed this for the purpose of getting into my car. I am unfortunately not one of those women with the luxury of a truck that is decked out to the max to show that an actual female does own and drive that truck. I then had the boards cut into other sizes to fit the space that I needed/had. I was not concerned of having a few pieces and actually loved the thought of it for transportation, simplicity and how much more useful it would be. I ended up with extra, which was ok in my book. Somewhere down the line I will have to remake them or make more for more space. A girl can dream!

Now, with all my materials in front of me, I began the process per the blog I was following. I am sorry that I personally do not have “in-the-process” pictures; again, I will continue to keep this in mind now that I am doing the blog. I did this about a month back, prior to the blog. I started with laying a piece of foam board down on the batting, cut it about 2 inches longer than the batting (to allow it to fold over and be stapled/glued. While folding the batting over, I began stapling it down, a staple about every 1 in. (*Hind-site: I would use fabric glue and staple gun. The insulfoam board does not give a lot of grip and can cause the batting to stretch… nothing that is a big thing… but that is my mind thinking for the next time and making it last even longer)

Once I completed this for each insulfoam board piece, one long strip of duct tape went across the back of the board, on the top. Therefore, whichever side will be “up” and where it will hang from, place a piece of duct tape across the top (half the duct tape on the batting that is stapled down and the other half on the board). Then I took two Picture Hanging Command Strips, which I really questioned; however they really do hold and are easy to remove and put on. You really do hear the CLICK too! (just in case you all wondered like I did from the commercials) I placed one side on the insulfoam board and then lightly attached the other side for the wall onto it (not too much or it will pull on the next step when it has not been secure yet). I peeled the back off that would attach to the wall and very lightly pushed against it so that it would grab to the wall. I then carefully pulled it away and detached the foam board and firmly pressed against the pieces on the wall. I then CLICKED the board onto the other command strips and after each one… Wa-LA!!!! Stand back… and bask in your glory and be proud of your canvas!

Here a picture of the end result and a few pictures of my space.


Yes, I share my space with my dogs. It makes it feel more homey to me. The only thing no longer in this picture is the teal peg board. I still have it, but it has been re-purposed now as my mind was going wild with the ideas of what I had planned. The washer/dryer is begin the bi-fold doors to the left in this picture… empty space that can be utilized.

Next week, I will share what I did to utilize space and create more organization with the pegboards.


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