Fabric – A kind gesture by a quilting stranger

I met a lady a few weeks ago; it was what I would consider my first ‘quilter’ meeting. I have yet to meet anyone else who also loves to sew or make quilts; I have only admired from a distance through the Internet or spoken through a few e-mails with others. I have bought fabric for particular projects, but I have never just bought fabric. I want to, but because I can  not validate and reason with buying it for no need at the moment, I put it down each time. I know, huge sad face as my husband would say!

I found a lady who was selling tote loads of fabric for $2/yd!!! Tell me that is not a deal!! I could not pass it up. I called and we eventually met in which I was able to then meet her and her little studio that her and her husband had built in their back yard, her husband had a matching studio for the lawn mower and his tools – I am determined to one day have this in my own back yard. hehehe (Lucky for me, the husband did not oppose)

Before even digging into the fabric, we spoke for a while and shared ideas, she showed me quilts she had made or was currently working on. She shared her ideas of sewing machines, types of fabric, thread, etc. We eventually swapped e-mail addresses and vowed to continue to stay in contact.

*Sidetrack: I have misplaced her e-mail address and am saddened I did not protect it more. I do feel it is around somewhere in the mess of all my quilt notes and fabric, but I have been intending to e-mail her and show her what I have made with the use of her fabric. Aside from the grey background, the hexagons were made with the fabric stash I gained from her. I will update if I end up locating her e-mail.

In the end, I ended up spending about 1.5-2 hours with her at her house and went home with so much fabric that I almost could not contain myself with the overwhelming ideas that were going through my mind and what could be created with what was in front of me. She ended up giving me so much as she said she would like to pass down some of her stash that has been passed down onto her. I couldn’t be more grateful for someone who had never met me. It restores human kindness. I know I should have taken a before shot of all of the fabric before folding it, but I am not one to also share hugely on the disorderly mess that artists may have. We all know what it looked like.

It was dark by the time I got home, so this is an indoor picture and indoor lighting. It does not represent the colors well enough at all in some of these fabrics. I have a few I absolutely love:
I love this one so much that I took the entire bolt of fabric from her!
The pink is so subtle and gorgeous in the print. I almost don’t want to ruin it by cutting into it.
The other fun one that I can’t wait to really do something with, but unfortunately don’t have a lot of – is this fun children’s 1+1 count, etc. Absolutely adorable and if I ever find it I will definitely buy. It is Sew Stitching Cute!
Now it is time to find out how to display and organize all of my fabric. Until then…

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