Pushing my comfort zone

So yesterday I said I would share what else I worked on this past weekend. This isn’t terribly too much, as I did make that pillow cover on Sunday. Saturday I worked on a quilt I had been cutting pieces for.

A few weeks ago I saw an advertisement for this beautiful quilt on Craftsy and when I looked at it, I saw there other selections. I am not one who really wants to follow a specific pattern on a quilt other than the pattern of a block. I was falling more and more in love with the fabric and decided to go for the Atmospher fabric.

I received the kit early last week and right away, I fell in love with the fabric. The picture honestly does not do it justice with the gold metallic highlights in it. It really is beautiful, almost too beautiful to do anything with other than display (and after making it… I sadly wish I had done just that).

After cutting… on to sewing I went. I followed the pattern as it gave…

As I was laying it out, I did realize I made a mistake. The mistake being that because the center pieces should represent an ombre effect, the center where the ombre happened, for some reason I had sewn each piece on the opposite ends, so while the inside panels go light to dark, they do not represent the ombre effect it called for. This was my mistake, even though I did check twice… third time is a charm was not what I followed in this case. It may have turned out better had I done that.

You can’t tell in this picture of the lighter colors as I draped it on my clothes line in my backyard (yes, I love the clothes line and yes, I do have a dryer as well – the clothes line works great for photos. hehe). In the end, I am unfortunately not satisfied with this quilt and wish the pattern was different for this type of fabric… it almost deserved more elegance than what it got. The red fabric pattern is what only seemed to work for this… but I don’t think the others do. Overall though, it was fun to make and get some extra sewing in. I am more excited to finish this quilt and hope there is someone who will want/like it. I really wish I was happier with this quilt – I am hoping that once I quilt it and find the right backing that I will love it more. It could happen, and hopefully end up being Sew Stitching Cute!

In other quick awesome news… I did receive last Friday in the mail these AMAZING threads that were on sale for $1.95 a piece from Connecting Threads. I will probably never buy thread elsewhere unless it is an emergency! I do want to give metallics a shot though… and this quilt might just be the one to use them on. I will have to showcase how well this thread turns out on future quilts!

Their color selection is FABULOUS

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