Quilt: Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow

A few weeks ago I had been thinking of an idea to make a quilt. I am not ready to share that specific idea yet for two reasons: #1 The final idea and actual product has not yet come together, and changes are bound to happen on newly thought ideas and #2, well… is because I am actually really excited about this project and want to wait to reveal the final quilt.

While I was thinking of the idea off and on for about a week, figuring out just what fabric to make use, if I would want to stay with solids or try print… maybe even a mixture of both? All the normal thoughts and questions you ask yourself before diving head first into it… or sometimes we dive in before we even know what we got ourselves into. The magic that happened here was that I had finally made up my mind design wise and how it would lay out. I did decide if I could, I was going to use a jelly roll. Once again, in the morning of my determination to create this quilt, MSQC came to the rescue. Right around 6 a.m. I had an e-mail of their daily deal. Low and behold, it was this lovely Modern Folkloric Jelly Roll on sale for almost 50% off! I knew it was fate.

You guessed right if you knew I ordered it right away. I was even more blown back when I received it just a few short days later… I was stunned at just how vibrant the simple colors were… for being just basic Black/Grey/White/Yellow, they really stood out. I have been overly impressed with this fabric.

 Fast forward two weeks. Now that I had the fabric in front of me, I had not been doing anything with it. Instead I had been working on other projects… even a fast immediate gratification project of finally making myself the Sewing Mat that I posted last week. I found myself wanting to be so certain, that last night I realized I would never begin if I didn’t even pick up the fabric to well, basically start.

Into the wee-hours of the night last night I began working up all of my measurements and my idea… laying it out on the floor and not my wall (I ended up working in the living room instead of my own space… how crazy am I?) and this is what I have ended up with so far.

Now that I have begun… I will be a “busy bee” and am really excited about creating it. I just hope it turns out as good as it does in my head! This will be hopefully my real first finished project that is Sew Stitching Cute!


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