Husband Chimes In: T-Shirt Memory Quilt

Hello finally everyone! I feel so neglectful, I have not posted since last Friday; however I have had a busy weekend that did not allow for me to schedule my post and then I ended up sick and am finally feeling better today. Still, I intend to make it easy as I need to play a lot of catch up as I do have my introduction for the New 2014 Quilters Blog Hop hosted by Plum and June that I shared last week here.

This was to originally be Mondays blog post; however it will be today’s; my husband wanted to chime in regarding the T-Shirt Quilt that I made his mother earlier this year for her birthday. I posted about it earlier in April and was my first blog post I believe under Sew Stitching Cute. Again, I apologize the pictures are not of great quality, it had to be mailed out the next day and it was at night… inside… where you get the worst photos (although since this picture, I have exchanged all light bulbs in my house for natural light bulbs, and BOY what a difference it makes in your home… no more yellow tint!).

“My name is Michael and I am Megan’s husband. One thing that my wife forgot to mention about this quilt was what it meant to my Mother. She mailed it to my Mom for her birthday earlier this year with one request – she was not to open it until I called her so I could hear her response. I wish my wife and I were able to be on the phone at the same time, because she deserved to hear how much this quilt meant to my Mom.

I’m a momma’s boy and I have also been away from my family for the past 17 years. My mom held onto all of my old clothes and could never bring herself to get rid of them. It took a lot for her to give them to Megan when she asked, but it was the right thing to do as Megan is my wife.

Being the good son that I am, I will not give up my mother’s age. I am 34, so it is fair to say that she has had a few birthdays and with that, received many gifts. She is also a talker, so when she opened the package and was silent, I knew it was special. She immediately broke into tears and promised the quilt of my old clothes was the best gift she has ever received.

In no way is my mom a fan of Slayer, Pantera or the Dallas Coyboys – but I am. She went over every square off the quilt and told me her memories of me wearing each piece of clothing. It meant the world to me because I had not heard her this happy in so long.

Thank you babe. 1434″

I made the quilt not as your usual t-shirt quilt because I had a limited amount of t-shirts to work with. I ended up wanting to make use of as much of the fabric as I could, which explains the off center, etc. of some. The whole purpose of the quilt was for her to hold onto those memories with her at all times, of the old childhood clothes – I think its purpose of met.

It’s nice sometimes hearing about appreciation of the quilt from the other end. All smiles here!


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