Charm Quilt Swap/Exchange

Hello from the Kansas City Airport! I am currently waiting for my flight for a business conference in New Orleans.

I wanted to get something out quick today for a 2014 Charm Quilt fabric swap/exchange! I have had the pleasure for Diana to allow me to exchange with her and her prior partner… Now I just need 6 people to send fabric to and exchange for us to make this great Red White and Blue Patriotic quilt! I am excited to see all the differences of fabric! I am loving what Diana sent.

This was posted on my Instagram @sewstitchingcute; let me know if you’d like to exchange and join in on the 4th of July Charm Quilt fabric swap and I’ll email you for your information so I can get your 6″ square pieces to you!

Just an FYI, you can send the letter and two fabric pieces in a one stamp regular envelope in case anyone is curious. (In the U.S. that is – I welcome international though as well)

I look forward to making something Sew Stitching Cute!


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