Gramms Puzzle

Quick and short – once again. I swear this week keeps filling up when I keep thinking it is full already! That is a good thing, as being idle doesn’t make me feel good. I’ve enjoyed the craziness so-to-speak.

My husband surprised me this past weekend with a LARGE puzzle that he put together for me. I lost my Grandmother (a.k.a. Gramms) on Christmas Eve in 2012. I don’t believe I have fully grieved yet, but I talk to her often on Monday on the way home from work, just as when I called her and I think about what she would say to me at times. All. The. Time.

This puzzle is in remembrance of my Gramms who is the one who taught me how to Crochet and Sew. She was the one with patience and understanding, with no judgment. She means a lot to me and I love every stinking puzzle piece of this, especially of where the thought comes from. My husband always knows how to hit home and always remembers the smallest of things… sometimes after I have forgotten. He always swears he can tell me something and make sure I’d be keen on something, yet months later I am completely surprised because I did forget. No wonder why I have a smile on all the time, everything is such a surprise! LoL

The topping of it all, is that I am fascinated by all of the quilting goodness in this puzzle! It will be Sew Stitching Cute in a frame in my Sewing Room!

I would like to give a personal HUGE thank you to my husband for doing this, as it is so very sweet. I am one lucky wife! Hope you’re all having a great Wednesday!


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