Make a Decision Monday #2 + Free Motion Quilting

Welcome back!!! I apologize that I have not been present in about two weeks. I had to step away as there were some family emergencies that came about and I believe we can call agree that, “family comes first”. I am back now though, and ready to start it off with the 2nd Make a Decision Monday!

I have done very little sewing or quilting, only continued with the baby quilt crib set, which that will be finished this week. My goal for this week for Make a Decision Monday is to complete the set and mail it off to the new family so they may welcome their newest addition! Along with that, I have my “Black and Yellow” fabric blanket that I need to finish the top to as well… I don’t have much left on it but I need to finish it. That is my goal for this week, what is your goal?

What I DID do this past week though, last Thursday to be exact was finally have my Long Arm quilting class. I had the opportunity to work with a Tin Lizzie… I AM IN LOVE! If I didn’t love quilting enough already, this through me into over drive, especially after speaking with the owner/instructor of the store Beth as she was impressed with how new I was to the long arm; she got me all pumped up again and I told her she will be seeing me quite often! (until I can afford my own long arm machine… hint hint husband)

This is all its glory! I intend to trim, bind and hang this on my wall. I am going to forever have a reminder of where I exactly FIRST began… I even added in some cute little thing in it that I thought would make it that more special. Can you see them?

Sew Stitching Cute – Megan – 2014

I absolutely had SO much fun… I even got daring and tried to make a sun with some cool glasses. I am excited for what will keep coming my way!

As you can tell, my curves need more practice, but I did get better as I got comfortable with the machine, it definitely can be intimidating at times. That Tin Lizzie is a BEAST! I will be majorly working on my feathers as well, they are such an old fashioned yet very popular quilt design. Off to more sewing and quilting!

Thanks for sticking around… I’m back and in action! What are you working on this week? I’m excited to hear about it! Also… for any of you long arm quilters out there, any advice would be great! I found that I was better as free-hand than trying out any design pattern; although it is great for starting up to get the feel for design, the machine, flow of curves, etc.

Sew Stitching Cute


4 comments on “Make a Decision Monday #2 + Free Motion Quilting

  1. Well done Megan. I love what you did! I've never worked on a long-arm but for the time being I'm learning to free motion quilt on my sewing machine. I love it! Unlike you, I'm better at following lines than improvising. You look like you can probably draw, which I can't. BTW, love your sun 🙂 Hope you have a productive week (I plan a doing very little quilting….I'm tired so I'm going to read and evade!)


  2. Thank you Andree! It was my first time, and man… that is all it took for me to get 100% hooked! This has now become my favorite part of quilting! I tried on my domestic machine and while I can do small things with it (like loops, etc) I just can't seem to “doodle” when moving the paper, I need to move the pen! LoL It also is much quicker; however not having one of my own does cramp the style of its availability. I can't draw at all, but I can “doodle” and pretty confident in filling spaces, curves, etc. but not so good at back tracking my lines!

    Week has been productive, but not as much as I'd like. Summer always makes it difficult to stay inside!


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