Make a Decision Monday #3

Good Monday morning to all you lovelies! How was your weekend? I am hoping it was full of sunshine and plenty of good laughs with good friends and family!

I spent the Saturday with my husband and enjoyed the day very much, I love our quality time together. I wanted to do some yard work, but that never came into play. This is an older picture, but it is the best one I have been able to get; my husband gave me this carnation awhile back, and I thought it was absolutely beautiful.

Sunday was then spent with a dear friend of mine at Kansas City Schlitterbaun; and yes, I did in fact ride the World Tallest Water Slide
It was amazing and totally worth the 264 steps that you must walk to get to the top! The landing right below the top, is the height of the Statue of Liberty. It was fun and a huge thrill. I had my hesitation and I get freaked out but somehow I have too much of a thrill seeker in me and I always push my way through my fear. I have a goal to sky dive one day, just once. 
I ended up pretty sun burnt, so unfortunately I won’t be doing much sewing this week. I can honestly barely move… my legs were more white like Casper the ghost than I thought and my shins are painful to the touch. I even wore sunscreen! I forget how easily my skin soaks up the sun… I just haven’t been out in it much in the past two years. On that note, what I did decide was going to happen was some clean up of my sewing space and room. I have a space where I sew and in one of my guest bedrooms is where I store my fabric and WIPs. I really need to clean it up. I am sharing a picture of what I had BEFORE I moved (I will share my before pics of what I have now later this week).
This was all I had as a little set up for any bit of sewing I wanted to do, and I could have done more but I was not wanting to set up a space right before I move and would be able to utilize some space better. 
Sew what do you guys have on your agenda for the week or what were your weekend plans? I am hoping nobody ended up as burnt as I have! It has been a pretty painful two days. I am hoping I have more enthusiasm and better motivation to move as the days get later in the week! 
Sew Stitching Cute


4 comments on “Make a Decision Monday #3

  1. Thanks Yvonne! It is a major OUCH for sure. Water slide was by far pretty awesome! I am excited about how it is coming along already… I made a major decision and while I was second guessing myself, I am SEW happy I went with it! I'll be sure to share!


  2. I've tried this comment 3 times now… LoL

    If you went down by yourself you will come down without your britches (I am getting old)… however you are in a ''boat'' with one or two others and strapped in. It was nerve racking but awesome. I am hoping the sunburn is down by this weekend so I can even walk. SPF 100 forever!


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