One Long Overdue WIP

So I finally got this quilt back last night from a photo shoot… and it will be on its way to its new home tomorrow. I intended to have it on its way today, but I was running late for work and forgot it on my way out the door. I have an hour commute home and I won’t make it in time to go to the post office. I shared it last week and had forgotten to take pictures myself of the back.

So, as promised… 

For quilting, I ended up using a pink that matched the front perfectly and a beige/tan thread for the back that I can’t remember where I purchased… I was scared because I didn’t know how it would blend with the white and pink int he back; however to my ultimate surprise – it couldn’t have blended more perfectly! 

 My label that my husband made me… I am so proud of it. I chose a large label that had lots of blank space for a purpose. I permanent fabric marker will be in the package so that the mother and father along with the older sister can say a little something to the new baby, and the message will always be there. A bit more personalized…

Last peak. Some blankets photograph better without being washed and some others are better after being washed. For me and this blanket, I think it has looked better after being washed as it has allowed the thickness to really pull through as this quilt is quite soft and quite cuddly.

I do have more items that go with this package but I can’t show it yet, not until it is received which will be next week, so make sure to check back! I’m not sure if she reads my blogs or not and if so, two of the things are a surprise and I would hate to ruin it! (I am already bad at keeping surprises when it is coming from me… which may be why I don’t do things until last minute like my Niece’s Quilt so that I am not tempted to give it to the person too early! 
Enjoy the last two days of the week and then it is the weekend! Any plans this weekend or any sewing plans even? How has back-to-school been or are you still prepping for it? My niece and nephew started this week, so it has been fun seeing them get on the bus the same time I leave for work (they live next door to me, I know, lucky me!). 
See you next week with the update to this! 
Sew Stitching Cute


Morning! How many of you are morning people!?!?! How about night owls!?!?! How about both!?!? I am definitely a morning person and to some I would be considered that “annoying” person who is just “too happy” in the mornings. I don’t mind it though; I figure you ‘not-morning’ people need people like me to keep your spunk up still in the mornings, no matter how you guys may fight it. Lately I have become a little bit of both as I am having a hard time going to sleep before 10-11p and when I work I am up at 5:30a and even when I don’t, I am wide awake by 7:30a and sometimes sooner.

Beautiful Sunset in Shawnee, KS Monday Morning
Isn’t that just a gorgeous sunrise? This was yesterday morning. I come into the office at 4a on Mondays and the office is located out in the “country” so-to-speak where all properties have acres of land. I have the opportunity of seeing a beautiful sunrise each morning when stepping outside before everyone else starts heading into the office. Sometimes, it is the little things that we must appreciate. 
I’ve really come to realize that no matter what stress or timeline I am under, taking a moment and having appreciation by a lot that surrounds me always seems to calm my soul. I have always actually known this and done this, but in the past few months I have put a lot of unnecessary pressure and stress on myself. I work better under stress (I know, almost an oxy-moron) but it is more of the healthy stress; the type where you know you have a deadline but you have it all set in your mind what you are going to do… it is just a matter of doing it. I don’t do well with stress when I have no idea in my head on what I am doing. 
How do you guys handle stress and handle your thoughts and mind when having a lot on your plate? Do you make time for yourself or just run with it until you are no longer stressed? Sometimes, I personally think I need a massage once a month just to allow my body to relax. 
Short other quick news… I welcomed a new guy to my home! I have never been a cat owner; however this guy chose me (truly). The first time we met he got so comfortable he even marked me (he loved me). 
I am a lover of all animals but never been an actual “cat owner” type of person. I met this little guy from a new friend who is a Vet and she feared she may have to “let him go” (heaven). I was saddened, just as I am with all others that have to meet that fate. Something happened instantaneously and I bonded with this little fella immediately. He wanted nothing but cuddles, slept on my shoulder for a little over an hour and purred like crazy. Over the course of my time with him, he stole my heart as he never left me and even got so comfortable that in his sleep, marked me. I found out this little guy was dropped off with the last words stating, “Here you go, the last one”, not even a pound in weight, maggots squirming all over his back end from never having a clean place and full of fleas and tested positive for parasites. Before I left him… I committed myself to him. My new friend got him to a better weight and health (still needs some weight, but all free and clear of any major issues). I was reunited with him yesterday and I swear, he knew then just as he knows now where home is.

Isn’t he Sew Stitching Cute!?

Make a Decision #5

What all do you guys have going on this week or in the next two weeks? I have been really busting my toosh (yesh, I said toosh) to get some things going… including my Nieces Birthday Quilt which is on August 28th. My niece chose the fabric last year… almost exactly a year ago and I had other ideas for it (which is why the chevron is in squares); however I got ahead of myself and cut them incorrectly for the idea I had. It has yes, taken me this long to figure out what to do, and what better reason to get me moving on it than her 11th Birthday?

Sorry for the grungy photo, I am still working on some better lighting in my sewing room. Towards the design wall it doesn’t get that great of lighting, especially for pictures. My niece, Ryann man I love her… definitely loves when the attention is on her and so this is right up her alley. The “R” (pink) is actually a very shiny fabric… I would never put it past her to put such a vibrant color in her choice of fabric. I am contemplating putting the extra shiny pink fabric as a small border around it just to help make it a bit bigger, but I can’t seem to really decide… anyone have any thoughts or ideas?
I will also be receiving later this week my baby order that went off for a photo shoot, so thankfully that will be off of my list of things to do as well which will be a relief. Luckily the lovely pregnant mommy is a friend/ex co-worker and has been understanding to the delay in it as some things came my way unexpectedly. 
I will officially be finishing this top in the next two weeks as well once I complete the Birthday girls quilt. I have it half way done (photo taken when I chose the layout) already and it is now about time I finish it. I have a deadline for this one now which helps with the push, and I will be quilting it on September 14th. This is all being made with ONE, yes ONE Jelly Roll and I will have some left over… the Jelly Roll used is Modern Folkloric by The Henley Studio. I purchased the Jelly Roll when it was on sale for 45% off with the Daily Deal. 
Well, that is what I will be doing for the next two weeks. What is on your agenda? Also, I really could use some advice on my niece’s quilt before I begin quilting this weekend to decide whether I should expand one more border or not as I do want it to be Sew Stitching Cute. 
Have a great rest of the week! 

Keep On Moving

Happy Friday once again! I just have a quick finish that I did complete a few weeks ago, but there are additional items that go along with this… the only thing I need to do is place my label on this baby (going on tonight). I ended up having a few kinks in this and I couldn’t bare to send it off without correcting them, even if a non-perfectionist would never know. My conscious would have gotten the best of me. After going through my pics, I realized I have forgotten to take pictures of the back. I will share that when I share the remainder of this little baby crib package.

I shared this quilt when I had originally finished the top and now I have it quilted. I didn’t do anything special to the quilting other than outlining the chevron… partially. I didn’t bring every point, to a point… which was actually a mistake and I didn’t know why I ended up doing that and when I realized it, I was too far in to reverse it. I have not ended up liking it and plan to do it again in the future.

I machine binded this quilt because I know it will get a lot of use, so I did a simple wave stitch that I discovered months ago (and I have no idea why I never explored the thought) from Canoe Ridge Creations (sorry, not sure where the post is). Maybe once I get my hand binding down a bit more, I will do it more often… but still not sold for really used quilts that will be washed a lot. 

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and get some good sewing time in with no distractions! Or, if you’re looking for a break, I hope it is peaceful and you enjoy the time away from the sewing machine (we can all become obsessed)! 
P.S. I am quickly approaching my last days of being in my 20’s… and my husband would be the first one to tell you that I have been talking about it since I was 26! I know… I’ll embrace it once it is here but now I feel like I have to be an adult. ;o)
Hopefully as I age, I will remain Sew Stitching Cute! 

More Projects, Less Time

Don’t you just love the rainbow colors in this Kona Solids Jelly Roll? It almost hypnotizes me. I got this when I ordered Diary of a QuilterAmy Smarts Craftsy Workshop when it was on a huge sale a few weeks ago. I am still unsure if I am going to follow it entirely… with the white background and all. I almost want to change it up and switch the white and grey and keep everything else the same. Now that I have said (or typed) that out loud, I believe that is what I will be doing. It will be a different grey than what was provided only because there is not enough, but I did just order 5 yards of another grey for some block swaps I am in (that I seriously need to get to working on).

The Craftsy Workshop Package

I have quite a few of WIPs I need to take care of so this will be put off for a bit, but I couldn’t beat the sale they had on it. I did finish one project over the weekend and just need to get my label on it. I hope you are all doing well on your WIPs (better than me I hope). Weather has been beautiful here in Kansas City this week so I am really enjoying the fresh air and lots of sewing!

Fabric Blunder

Monday is upon us again. Just like Karma, it always comes back around. ;o) Have you ever bought a fabric and then immediately when you got home, you were getting it out and putting it away neatly with your stack of other fabric… or may be putting it on a bolt (this is what I was doing); and then realized something in the fabric and was like, “Why did I buy this fabric?”. Well… I have heard this happen to others and it happened to me for the first time about two weeks ago.

Before reading further… what do you think I missed?

I decided to attempt my first shopping trip at Joanne’s. While I was there I looked at their clearance bin and found a really cute Angry Birds fabric. I immediately jumped on it with the idea that it would be great for a backing on a kids quilt one day… so many kids love those Angry Birds (I may or may not have at one time been addicted, but I am now attending meetings).

If you guessed it was because of all the bunny ears… you’d be 100% correct! I was so disappointed in myself for not catching this, but I was under the fabric spell! I immediately only saw what I wanted to see… and did not see all of those bunny ears. I almost wish my expression was caught on camera. My face must have been funny and whatever I was thinking was written all over me. I ended up talking myself down from the fabric purchase blunder and decided that it was so cheap I shouldn’t be “ashamed”… and decided it would still make good use on the back of a kids quilt one day. What kid will care about ears on their Angry Birds? I will and have now really made sure all details on a fabric I am satisfied with.

I know I am not alone in this… but what is your story behind your fabric blunder purchase? What do you now look for, or better yet, how many times has it happened to you?

Abandoned Quilt Renewed

How about this beauty, right?!?! It is unfortunately not one of mine. While visiting with a friend awhile back, I was talking to her about quilts and I had noticed a beautiful quilt pillow sham on her chair that she uses, the conversation came up that she had a quilt that goes with that pillow sham case that she no longer uses and would gladly give it to me. She said she would have to dig it out and find it for me. She did state it had a few snags in it, but that the only reason she stopped using it was because she upgraded from a full to a queen size bed and this was just not quite big enough for the full bed. 
A few weeks later I was going to her home for lunch, she had found it. She broke this beauty out and while it needed to be washed real well and there were only 3 small snags in it that needed mending… I was IN LOVE. She had also a small decorative pillow that came with it (not sure where my photo got lost) and gave that to me as well. 
After a good wash, it looked even more vibrant. The colors, the softness and vintage appeal of this quilt has me not wanting to use it but only for display. It now resides on the back of one of my couches. I do still need to mend those few snags but I will get to that in the near days. 
My friend continued to state that she wished she was able to find one that she liked enough that would fit her queen size bed… so what does any quilter do? Their minds start racing! After staring at the quilt laid out in my living room for a bit, I realized it really isn’t a hard pattern to figure out and do. I am not on a mission to make a Christmas Gift for this friend of mine and present her with the same pattern but more updated lovely vintage fabric for her bed; AND it will be a queen! Like I needed another project… 
Has anyone ever passed something down onto you? Have you ever tried to replicate the pattern? Any interesting stories behind the ones that have been passed down? Please share as this has begun to fascinate me! 
Sew Stitching Cute

Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild

During the month of July as I basically reorganized my home and well, bluntly… my sanity I also had spoken to someone who informed me about the Modern Quilt Guild for Kansas City. Immediately in my mind, I had party streams and whistle blowers going on all around me and I had the Cheshire Cat smile (no joke). On the outside though, I was excited but reserved about how many people I was informed are part of this Guild… an running active member list of 150+. Each months meeting can bring regularly over 100 people. All eyes on you, you newbie!

I ordered these charm packs about a week ago and I received these beauties over the weekend. 

Either way, I was still really excited as I am really quite bubbly and I am known for making everything a huge excitement and milestone no matter what it is. I find more happiness in others than I do in my own self. I am ok with that, because I like people. I didn’t jump on the band wagon that moment, or even that night or next day… not even the following week. It took me about two weeks to read and look into it enough to finally say, “Ok, lets do this!”. So I did. I have now been a Kansas City MQG for approximately 3 weeks now! :::round of applause:::

Along with that, I joined just in time to be invited to do a challenge with Michael Miller’s Cotton Couture Pastels which is the Michael Miller Spring Cotton Couture Challenge category for the 2015 QuiltCon. It is a fairly small sized challenge that I thought would be perfect to join in on my first Guild meeting that I participate in. It isn’t until August 14th, so wish me luck! 

I am now in the process of looking into to joining the American Quilting Society…..

Sew Stitching Cute

Make a Decision Monday – #4

Happy Monday lovelies! I woke up very tired, yet very energized (is that possible?). I must be going crazy. I just feel ready and pumped for what August has in store and all months to follow as each month unfolds the new mysteries. Maybe I am just savoring the last bit of summer as best I can… either way, I am going to enjoy it.

I won all of this lovely stuff from MSQ! I went and ordered the Daily Deal which was the cute pink polk-a-dot tin with all of the cuteness included (minus the Riley Blake Charm Pack… I splurged and ordered it hehehe).

This week I am working on my first official attempt on an actual quilt… HAND BINDING. Every time I have thought of that “H— B——” word I almost would shutter. I will get more into my adventure of it later this week. I chose this binding as I thought it fit the theme of what appeared to have been made with my first attempt at FMQ. The picture really doesn’t do justice with how well all of the colors blend in while the flowers are still very defined. So far, it is turning out to be the absolute perfect binding.

I have decided to change things up with Make a Decision Monday… I have decided that it will be bi-weekly; merely for the fact that life can get in the way at any time and alter plans and reasons why you couldn’t get to something as you intended. I have found that I was rushing too much with every week. I enjoy a good push, but working a full-time job and then rushing so much that I was making sew many mistakes (NOT OK!) that were pretty easy to not make had I been focused on it instead of a deadline. Just need some breathing room on my time restraint. So… this will now be done bi-weekly. :o) I think it settles it all pretty well.

Any exciting plans or goals you have before the end of summer? Lets get to sewing!

Sew Stitching Cute

Welcome August. Happy Friday!

WoW! July has been… what. a. month. I don’t know if I could sum the month of July up in just one word. What has everyone else been up to?

Have you ever had one of those moments or a time when you finally had enough with yourself? You almost got so sick of listening to yourself in your head telling you of all the things you complain about or knit pick at yourself about; that sometimes you almost start thinking you are really talking to another person? If not, then call me crazy, but then I am calling you a liar (liar liar pants on fire).

My Space prior to re-organizing. I loved the area, but it did not give me (literally) enough space. I was split between two rooms. 

In the beginning of July I finally had enough with my ”crazy” self. I am a person who loves an organized-mess, if you will. What I don’t like is multiple organized-messes. My whole mojo is thrown off. I found myself so unhappy with my sewing space (literally, the space I had) and did not feel like I was able to really put myself to good creative use. It also did not force me to zone out from the rest of the world and narrow in only on my sewing. Since when was I having to force myself to sew?

This is the room that the remainder of any of the sewing/quilting supplies went into (the official guest bedroom)… Well, as you can tell, it was over run by my sewing/quilting.

I took a time-out. I took a time-out because it was needed. It was needed in order for me to regain control of my space. I thought… and I thought long and hard. I thought long and hard at what I want to do, how I want to do it and where I want to be at in certain stages. I thought of goals. I thought of all the goals I wish to accomplish by the end of this year and within the next full year, and slipped in a few for long-term future goals.

First things first, I had to clean up my sewing act. This lead to me re-organizing every room in my house (which is not that big, but still). Three bedrooms, bathroom, living room, dining room and kitchen… all reorganized. While my sewing room is not 100% complete, it will be this weekend (YAY!).

This was the “other” guest bedroom, almost all cleaned out. This is now my new dedicated sewing room.
I’ll show finished pictures next week. 

Once my space was more open and I no longer had multiple organized-messes on my brain, I was able to start gathering together my work order for what needed to be completed. I ended up gathering together all of my WIPs and for what is more important for me to finish and/or if something had a deadline.

With that, came making some big decisions and big moves in hopes of furthering my quilting… so stay tuned everyone! August and all future months have some awesome big things coming its way…

Sew Stitching Cute