Welcome August. Happy Friday!

WoW! July has been… what. a. month. I don’t know if I could sum the month of July up in just one word. What has everyone else been up to?

Have you ever had one of those moments or a time when you finally had enough with yourself? You almost got so sick of listening to yourself in your head telling you of all the things you complain about or knit pick at yourself about; that sometimes you almost start thinking you are really talking to another person? If not, then call me crazy, but then I am calling you a liar (liar liar pants on fire).

My Space prior to re-organizing. I loved the area, but it did not give me (literally) enough space. I was split between two rooms. 

In the beginning of July I finally had enough with my ”crazy” self. I am a person who loves an organized-mess, if you will. What I don’t like is multiple organized-messes. My whole mojo is thrown off. I found myself so unhappy with my sewing space (literally, the space I had) and did not feel like I was able to really put myself to good creative use. It also did not force me to zone out from the rest of the world and narrow in only on my sewing. Since when was I having to force myself to sew?

This is the room that the remainder of any of the sewing/quilting supplies went into (the official guest bedroom)… Well, as you can tell, it was over run by my sewing/quilting.

I took a time-out. I took a time-out because it was needed. It was needed in order for me to regain control of my space. I thought… and I thought long and hard. I thought long and hard at what I want to do, how I want to do it and where I want to be at in certain stages. I thought of goals. I thought of all the goals I wish to accomplish by the end of this year and within the next full year, and slipped in a few for long-term future goals.

First things first, I had to clean up my sewing act. This lead to me re-organizing every room in my house (which is not that big, but still). Three bedrooms, bathroom, living room, dining room and kitchen… all reorganized. While my sewing room is not 100% complete, it will be this weekend (YAY!).

This was the “other” guest bedroom, almost all cleaned out. This is now my new dedicated sewing room.
I’ll show finished pictures next week. 

Once my space was more open and I no longer had multiple organized-messes on my brain, I was able to start gathering together my work order for what needed to be completed. I ended up gathering together all of my WIPs and for what is more important for me to finish and/or if something had a deadline.

With that, came making some big decisions and big moves in hopes of furthering my quilting… so stay tuned everyone! August and all future months have some awesome big things coming its way…

Sew Stitching Cute


4 comments on “Welcome August. Happy Friday!

  1. Good for you! It can be hard to take on this level of re-organization, but in the end, it will help your sewing (and lots of other things!) I've been doing a massive clean-out for the last few weeks and it feels great to de-clutter and focus on what really matters. And having a space to sew in if you can manage it REALLY matters!


  2. You have no idea Jenn! It has been pretty intense, but yet I sat back this weekend SO satisfied. It felt good. You are right again that as I wanted it to, help me get back on the VROOM of sewing and even when I had to leave the house a few times, all I had on my mind was getting back home to sew! So it literally did the trick! Much needed!


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