Make a Decision Monday – #4

Happy Monday lovelies! I woke up very tired, yet very energized (is that possible?). I must be going crazy. I just feel ready and pumped for what August has in store and all months to follow as each month unfolds the new mysteries. Maybe I am just savoring the last bit of summer as best I can… either way, I am going to enjoy it.

I won all of this lovely stuff from MSQ! I went and ordered the Daily Deal which was the cute pink polk-a-dot tin with all of the cuteness included (minus the Riley Blake Charm Pack… I splurged and ordered it hehehe).

This week I am working on my first official attempt on an actual quilt… HAND BINDING. Every time I have thought of that “H— B——” word I almost would shutter. I will get more into my adventure of it later this week. I chose this binding as I thought it fit the theme of what appeared to have been made with my first attempt at FMQ. The picture really doesn’t do justice with how well all of the colors blend in while the flowers are still very defined. So far, it is turning out to be the absolute perfect binding.

I have decided to change things up with Make a Decision Monday… I have decided that it will be bi-weekly; merely for the fact that life can get in the way at any time and alter plans and reasons why you couldn’t get to something as you intended. I have found that I was rushing too much with every week. I enjoy a good push, but working a full-time job and then rushing so much that I was making sew many mistakes (NOT OK!) that were pretty easy to not make had I been focused on it instead of a deadline. Just need some breathing room on my time restraint. So… this will now be done bi-weekly. :o) I think it settles it all pretty well.

Any exciting plans or goals you have before the end of summer? Lets get to sewing!

Sew Stitching Cute


4 comments on “Make a Decision Monday – #4

  1. Good luck with the H… B….! I tried it recently. . . it has been a disaster. Just sayin' but I am NOT giving up! I think it is good that you are trying it early on, wish I had! Machine binding everything for over a year got me into some pretty bad habits – of course I didn't realize that until I tried to hand bind. I am now going to try for the THIRD time (yes, on the same quilt) to get it right. I'm picky, didn't lay flat the first time. Second time I sewed it onto the back instead of the front (that would be one of the bad habits I have picked up 😉 ). Anyway, good luck and I can't wait to see that you did it perfectly the first time! Judy


  2. Orange Crush quilt!?!?! That sounds almost like I want to snuggle in my drink! Can't wait to see it! I am really loving how the binding has turned out so far, the way it is looking and I am obsessed with hand binding now. I have been working on the “ladder stitch”…


  3. Thanks Judy! I do not blame you for your frustration… but yes please, do not give up! I swear it actually is quite fun. I definitely won't be using it on every quilt, but definitely on a lot more than I did before (which was 0). Ha!!! Machine binding bloopers! Yes… I had to think and re-think over and over again to make sure I was sewing down on the right side before I put it on so I could hand sew the rest on. It has tested my thinking and not allowing me to operate like a machine, but I hope you have better luck on this go around!!! Let me know how it turns out!


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