Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild

During the month of July as I basically reorganized my home and well, bluntly… my sanity I also had spoken to someone who informed me about the Modern Quilt Guild for Kansas City. Immediately in my mind, I had party streams and whistle blowers going on all around me and I had the Cheshire Cat smile (no joke). On the outside though, I was excited but reserved about how many people I was informed are part of this Guild… an running active member list of 150+. Each months meeting can bring regularly over 100 people. All eyes on you, you newbie!

I ordered these charm packs about a week ago and I received these beauties over the weekend. 

Either way, I was still really excited as I am really quite bubbly and I am known for making everything a huge excitement and milestone no matter what it is. I find more happiness in others than I do in my own self. I am ok with that, because I like people. I didn’t jump on the band wagon that moment, or even that night or next day… not even the following week. It took me about two weeks to read and look into it enough to finally say, “Ok, lets do this!”. So I did. I have now been a Kansas City MQG for approximately 3 weeks now! :::round of applause:::

Along with that, I joined just in time to be invited to do a challenge with Michael Miller’s Cotton Couture Pastels which is the Michael Miller Spring Cotton Couture Challenge category for the 2015 QuiltCon. It is a fairly small sized challenge that I thought would be perfect to join in on my first Guild meeting that I participate in. It isn’t until August 14th, so wish me luck! 

I am now in the process of looking into to joining the American Quilting Society…..

Sew Stitching Cute


6 comments on “Kansas City Modern Quilt Guild

  1. I know I will… but over the past few years I can't deny I have become less sociable and almost get timid in front of people, yet at the same time I am the outspoken one! I will be sure to update on the adventure!


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