Fabric Blunder

Monday is upon us again. Just like Karma, it always comes back around. ;o) Have you ever bought a fabric and then immediately when you got home, you were getting it out and putting it away neatly with your stack of other fabric… or may be putting it on a bolt (this is what I was doing); and then realized something in the fabric and was like, “Why did I buy this fabric?”. Well… I have heard this happen to others and it happened to me for the first time about two weeks ago.

Before reading further… what do you think I missed?

I decided to attempt my first shopping trip at Joanne’s. While I was there I looked at their clearance bin and found a really cute Angry Birds fabric. I immediately jumped on it with the idea that it would be great for a backing on a kids quilt one day… so many kids love those Angry Birds (I may or may not have at one time been addicted, but I am now attending meetings).

If you guessed it was because of all the bunny ears… you’d be 100% correct! I was so disappointed in myself for not catching this, but I was under the fabric spell! I immediately only saw what I wanted to see… and did not see all of those bunny ears. I almost wish my expression was caught on camera. My face must have been funny and whatever I was thinking was written all over me. I ended up talking myself down from the fabric purchase blunder and decided that it was so cheap I shouldn’t be “ashamed”… and decided it would still make good use on the back of a kids quilt one day. What kid will care about ears on their Angry Birds? I will and have now really made sure all details on a fabric I am satisfied with.

I know I am not alone in this… but what is your story behind your fabric blunder purchase? What do you now look for, or better yet, how many times has it happened to you?


2 comments on “Fabric Blunder

  1. I bought a beautiful fabric that was a mottled milk chocolate brown background with fancy blue swirls. Or rather, the fancy blue swirls spelled out “COFFEE” over. and over. and over. I was going to use the fabric as a backing for a baby quilt, and had to find something else. After sitting unused for years in my stash, I just fussy cut the heck out of it and used it in some placemats earlier this summer. It worked out in the end. But I know the sinking feeling when you realize something isn't quite what you thought it was… ha! 🙂


  2. OMG Yes! That is exactly it! I am glad you were able to make yours work as well and hopefully I can make mine work somehow also! Ack! I would have probably done the same thing as you have and not realized that swirls actually “spelled” something. LoL Check back next year when I use this fabric to get it out of my stash!


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