More Projects, Less Time

Don’t you just love the rainbow colors in this Kona Solids Jelly Roll? It almost hypnotizes me. I got this when I ordered Diary of a QuilterAmy Smarts Craftsy Workshop when it was on a huge sale a few weeks ago. I am still unsure if I am going to follow it entirely… with the white background and all. I almost want to change it up and switch the white and grey and keep everything else the same. Now that I have said (or typed) that out loud, I believe that is what I will be doing. It will be a different grey than what was provided only because there is not enough, but I did just order 5 yards of another grey for some block swaps I am in (that I seriously need to get to working on).

The Craftsy Workshop Package

I have quite a few of WIPs I need to take care of so this will be put off for a bit, but I couldn’t beat the sale they had on it. I did finish one project over the weekend and just need to get my label on it. I hope you are all doing well on your WIPs (better than me I hope). Weather has been beautiful here in Kansas City this week so I am really enjoying the fresh air and lots of sewing!


6 comments on “More Projects, Less Time

  1. Yvonne – Isn't it to die for?!! The colors just make you almost hypnotized with them! I am really busy on working on some quilt tops that I can't say necessarily for what just yet… plus I have been putting off other deadline items for 3 Swaps I am in. LoL On top of that, I chose to re-organize my entire house and I am just about done with my sewing room other than long-term things I will do as time comes along.


  2. Were your knee's shaking? Mine did when it arrived! It's more beautiful in person than any picture can give it justice! All of my projects are fun, but I did it to myself so I am slowly regathering everything together from my massive re-organizing in the middle of so many projects! LoL It's all in the fun of it, right!?


  3. I'm hoping so too because I really am looking forward to making this quilt with a different pizzaz to it… I had to even put the kit in a drawer just because I couldn't stand it staring at me anymore so sad when I couldn't even touch it yet! Stupid WIPs (crosses arms and stomps feet).


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