Keep On Moving

Happy Friday once again! I just have a quick finish that I did complete a few weeks ago, but there are additional items that go along with this… the only thing I need to do is place my label on this baby (going on tonight). I ended up having a few kinks in this and I couldn’t bare to send it off without correcting them, even if a non-perfectionist would never know. My conscious would have gotten the best of me. After going through my pics, I realized I have forgotten to take pictures of the back. I will share that when I share the remainder of this little baby crib package.

I shared this quilt when I had originally finished the top and now I have it quilted. I didn’t do anything special to the quilting other than outlining the chevron… partially. I didn’t bring every point, to a point… which was actually a mistake and I didn’t know why I ended up doing that and when I realized it, I was too far in to reverse it. I have not ended up liking it and plan to do it again in the future.

I machine binded this quilt because I know it will get a lot of use, so I did a simple wave stitch that I discovered months ago (and I have no idea why I never explored the thought) from Canoe Ridge Creations (sorry, not sure where the post is). Maybe once I get my hand binding down a bit more, I will do it more often… but still not sold for really used quilts that will be washed a lot. 

I hope you all enjoy your weekend and get some good sewing time in with no distractions! Or, if you’re looking for a break, I hope it is peaceful and you enjoy the time away from the sewing machine (we can all become obsessed)! 
P.S. I am quickly approaching my last days of being in my 20’s… and my husband would be the first one to tell you that I have been talking about it since I was 26! I know… I’ll embrace it once it is here but now I feel like I have to be an adult. ;o)
Hopefully as I age, I will remain Sew Stitching Cute! 


6 comments on “Keep On Moving

  1. It looks lovely Megan! I have a chevron on my to-do list, one day… Thanks for the 'have a nice weekend' comment – this afternoon I enjoyed putting together the pieces for a String of Pearls quilt. As for turning 30, I cried that morning, I felt I hadn't really lived up to my potential in my 20s, was over it in about ten minutes though! Life goes on and I had (and still have) a wonderful life and wouldn't change a thing really! Have a totally fantastic birthday!!


  2. Thanks Gemini! I hope you did in fact have a nice weekend! Sorry I am getting back so late… I am playing catch up this week as I have finished a lot and have a lot to share over the next few weeks as even more finishes up. I don't even think I have paid attention to anyone else in about a month!

    I am stacking up on “string fabric” as I am excited to eventually have enough to make one! I look forward to seeing yours!

    You're right about the 30's and I know I will have a moment of panic, but I will embrace it fully just as I do everything else in life! Any other age does not scare me… but 30 all of a sudden is like “Ok… time to grow up” LoL It isn't until December… which seems so pathetic… and for 4 years my husband keeps saying how far away it is… but now he can't say that!!! Now he just says, “it is close… so what do you want!?!” I have a feeling he will be trying to make me feel better with lots of sewing things, which won't be so bad either!


  3. Thanks Yvonne! I was excited to finally have it done! Everyone is telling me the 30's are awesome, so I will embrace it, and it probably doesn't help that I have my lovely little sister texting me about once a week reminding me of the approaching birthday. With all of your guys support… I will ROCK the 30's!


  4. Thank you! I am really hoping she does! She will be receiving it next week along with the other things that came with the baby package, including a little something extra… I won't lie… I am VERY nervous of her not liking it. Thank you for your support, it really does mean a lot to me!


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