Make a Decision #5

What all do you guys have going on this week or in the next two weeks? I have been really busting my toosh (yesh, I said toosh) to get some things going… including my Nieces Birthday Quilt which is on August 28th. My niece chose the fabric last year… almost exactly a year ago and I had other ideas for it (which is why the chevron is in squares); however I got ahead of myself and cut them incorrectly for the idea I had. It has yes, taken me this long to figure out what to do, and what better reason to get me moving on it than her 11th Birthday?

Sorry for the grungy photo, I am still working on some better lighting in my sewing room. Towards the design wall it doesn’t get that great of lighting, especially for pictures. My niece, Ryann man I love her… definitely loves when the attention is on her and so this is right up her alley. The “R” (pink) is actually a very shiny fabric… I would never put it past her to put such a vibrant color in her choice of fabric. I am contemplating putting the extra shiny pink fabric as a small border around it just to help make it a bit bigger, but I can’t seem to really decide… anyone have any thoughts or ideas?
I will also be receiving later this week my baby order that went off for a photo shoot, so thankfully that will be off of my list of things to do as well which will be a relief. Luckily the lovely pregnant mommy is a friend/ex co-worker and has been understanding to the delay in it as some things came my way unexpectedly. 
I will officially be finishing this top in the next two weeks as well once I complete the Birthday girls quilt. I have it half way done (photo taken when I chose the layout) already and it is now about time I finish it. I have a deadline for this one now which helps with the push, and I will be quilting it on September 14th. This is all being made with ONE, yes ONE Jelly Roll and I will have some left over… the Jelly Roll used is Modern Folkloric by The Henley Studio. I purchased the Jelly Roll when it was on sale for 45% off with the Daily Deal. 
Well, that is what I will be doing for the next two weeks. What is on your agenda? Also, I really could use some advice on my niece’s quilt before I begin quilting this weekend to decide whether I should expand one more border or not as I do want it to be Sew Stitching Cute. 
Have a great rest of the week! 


2 comments on “Make a Decision #5

  1. How much of the pink fabric to you have left over? Would it be too terrible to work with as the binding for the quilt? And if you use it for the binding, is there enough for a small pink border followed by a larger solid green border? Just some thoughts! 🙂


  2. Loving your idea(s)! I only have enough pink to use as a border or binding… I do have enough of the teal for border and binding though… but I may actually be able to do a smaller pink border and have just enough. I am loving your idea. I am going to take a look at measurements when I get home and get on it if it all works out with the fabric! Thanks Yvonne!!!


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