Morning! How many of you are morning people!?!?! How about night owls!?!?! How about both!?!? I am definitely a morning person and to some I would be considered that “annoying” person who is just “too happy” in the mornings. I don’t mind it though; I figure you ‘not-morning’ people need people like me to keep your spunk up still in the mornings, no matter how you guys may fight it. Lately I have become a little bit of both as I am having a hard time going to sleep before 10-11p and when I work I am up at 5:30a and even when I don’t, I am wide awake by 7:30a and sometimes sooner.

Beautiful Sunset in Shawnee, KS Monday Morning
Isn’t that just a gorgeous sunrise? This was yesterday morning. I come into the office at 4a on Mondays and the office is located out in the “country” so-to-speak where all properties have acres of land. I have the opportunity of seeing a beautiful sunrise each morning when stepping outside before everyone else starts heading into the office. Sometimes, it is the little things that we must appreciate. 
I’ve really come to realize that no matter what stress or timeline I am under, taking a moment and having appreciation by a lot that surrounds me always seems to calm my soul. I have always actually known this and done this, but in the past few months I have put a lot of unnecessary pressure and stress on myself. I work better under stress (I know, almost an oxy-moron) but it is more of the healthy stress; the type where you know you have a deadline but you have it all set in your mind what you are going to do… it is just a matter of doing it. I don’t do well with stress when I have no idea in my head on what I am doing. 
How do you guys handle stress and handle your thoughts and mind when having a lot on your plate? Do you make time for yourself or just run with it until you are no longer stressed? Sometimes, I personally think I need a massage once a month just to allow my body to relax. 
Short other quick news… I welcomed a new guy to my home! I have never been a cat owner; however this guy chose me (truly). The first time we met he got so comfortable he even marked me (he loved me). 
I am a lover of all animals but never been an actual “cat owner” type of person. I met this little guy from a new friend who is a Vet and she feared she may have to “let him go” (heaven). I was saddened, just as I am with all others that have to meet that fate. Something happened instantaneously and I bonded with this little fella immediately. He wanted nothing but cuddles, slept on my shoulder for a little over an hour and purred like crazy. Over the course of my time with him, he stole my heart as he never left me and even got so comfortable that in his sleep, marked me. I found out this little guy was dropped off with the last words stating, “Here you go, the last one”, not even a pound in weight, maggots squirming all over his back end from never having a clean place and full of fleas and tested positive for parasites. Before I left him… I committed myself to him. My new friend got him to a better weight and health (still needs some weight, but all free and clear of any major issues). I was reunited with him yesterday and I swear, he knew then just as he knows now where home is.

Isn’t he Sew Stitching Cute!?


4 comments on “Appreciation

  1. He really is and he has fit in so well that it is almost as if he has been there the whole time! I'm pretty excited about the new smiles he will bring! What is funny is I always thought, “he could be my sewing room cat” and come to find out… that is his favorite room in my house! LoL Seriously… could it have worked out any better!?


  2. We are so not alike … but we can still be friends. I am a notorious night owl, mornings are not my thing! And I am also a dog person, but that ok! Your little kitty is adorable! As for handling stress, I usually do better when I am burning the candles on both ends so it works for me. It's when I have nothing to do my world falls apart. Weird right?!


  3. I am glad we are still able to be friends! LoL I hung out late the other night… ;o) I am a HUGE dog person as well, I have 3 of my own. I have never minded cats, but have never wanted to own one. I know he got stuck with me for a reason and he is fitting in very nicely. I am glad I am not alone in the world of being lost when there is “nothing to do”.


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