One Long Overdue WIP

So I finally got this quilt back last night from a photo shoot… and it will be on its way to its new home tomorrow. I intended to have it on its way today, but I was running late for work and forgot it on my way out the door. I have an hour commute home and I won’t make it in time to go to the post office. I shared it last week and had forgotten to take pictures myself of the back.

So, as promised… 

For quilting, I ended up using a pink that matched the front perfectly and a beige/tan thread for the back that I can’t remember where I purchased… I was scared because I didn’t know how it would blend with the white and pink int he back; however to my ultimate surprise – it couldn’t have blended more perfectly! 

 My label that my husband made me… I am so proud of it. I chose a large label that had lots of blank space for a purpose. I permanent fabric marker will be in the package so that the mother and father along with the older sister can say a little something to the new baby, and the message will always be there. A bit more personalized…

Last peak. Some blankets photograph better without being washed and some others are better after being washed. For me and this blanket, I think it has looked better after being washed as it has allowed the thickness to really pull through as this quilt is quite soft and quite cuddly.

I do have more items that go with this package but I can’t show it yet, not until it is received which will be next week, so make sure to check back! I’m not sure if she reads my blogs or not and if so, two of the things are a surprise and I would hate to ruin it! (I am already bad at keeping surprises when it is coming from me… which may be why I don’t do things until last minute like my Niece’s Quilt so that I am not tempted to give it to the person too early! 
Enjoy the last two days of the week and then it is the weekend! Any plans this weekend or any sewing plans even? How has back-to-school been or are you still prepping for it? My niece and nephew started this week, so it has been fun seeing them get on the bus the same time I leave for work (they live next door to me, I know, lucky me!). 
See you next week with the update to this! 
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4 comments on “One Long Overdue WIP

  1. Yea, I do believe after this occurrence, I realized I like doing things last minute because otherwise I can't wait to give it to whoever. I am good at keeping my mouth quiet, but the urge for me to just get the item and toss it to them overcomes me a lot!


  2. It actually is VERY soft. She finally received it today, so I will be showing the entire finished baby quilt set here soon! I honestly was not pleased with my quilting, but we all learn. My friend chose all of the fabrics for a “vintage” look. I really love the way the design came together though and I would use these colors again and again!


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