Abacus Quilt Along with Christa Quilts

Happy Tuesday! Quick post today as I am super excited to be sharing with you my fabric selections for Christa Watson at Christa Quilts Quilt Along that she is doing! This is my first time doing a Quilt Along with her, as well as working with circles. Yet again, another project to push me outside of my boundaries and what is comfortable. This starts tomorrow, so it is still not too late to join in! Hop on over to her introductory of it and see the fabric requirements, I know many of us could end up pulling from our stash if we weren’t so protective of it. LoL Just as I did in the Foothills Mystery Quilt Sew-a-Long by Cheryl at Meadow Mist Designs which I spoke about here, I am going to go for something different than just “following along” and changing my fabric selection up as well as solids and prints.

Isn’t this an awesome teal… it is actually much better in person and it is from Bella Solids named Peacock. I am the type of person who likes to figure things out, but sometimes I prefer to be shown some awesome new things in order for me to have the confidence to go for it. I feel like I over analyze the way some things can be done which can halt my own creative mind. Anyone else have this dilemma or am I alone with the crickets here? In any case, the print are going to be the actual circles. I have been wanting to get my hands on some Cotton and Steal and figured this was the perfect chance. After reading the cutting instructions of what you needed for fabric and the dimensions of the quilts, I realized the circles will be 5”, therefore it was CHARM PACK usable! I decided to go with the Mustang Charm Pack from Cotton and Steal. The background fabric works well with any print in the Mustang line and I am excited about how this will be turning out!

Photo Courtesy: Missouri Star Quilt Co.

I hope you either join in or stick around every week on Wednesdays for how this turns out. Hopefully your week is still starting off well, mine sure has even though it has been busy.

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Sewing Room Upgrade and Bedroom Downgrade

It is Monday and for some reason I am at bright eyed and bushy-taled as I think I can be for Monday considering my accomplished weekend. Way back in August (the beginning, mind you) I wrote about changing up my sewing/quilting space as I was taking on a an overhaul and redoing all the rooms in my home for reorganization. During this process and this weekend, I was awake from 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning until 6 p.m. Sunday night. I slept peacefully from 6 p.m. until 3:30 a.m. on Monday.

The desk will be re-purposed and painted next month.
You can tell I wasn’t into it as I left everything bare and didn’t bother really putting everything up. I even tried by pushing forward with my red coffee mug boxes that I re-purposed into box shelves and hanging them up… yet all I ended up doing was putting unnecessary holes into my wall that has now created another step I have to make when re-doing my now bedroom again. I couldn’t find myself utilizing the space I had created in a way that helped me use the space effectively and allow my juices to flow. 
Before the 2nd overhaul
I live in a small 3 bedroom house. Nothing fancy, but comfortable such as a cottage. It is enough space for me (yet I still sometimes feel confined). I have not shared anything prior of this overhaul since because, well… I ended up not finding myself satisfied. I was happy with my space and room, the decorating; but August brought a lot of changes and “more stuff” to accommodate what I was bringing on. I couldn’t bring myself to share a space I was not happy with.

I contemplated it all month long since I did make the change, including all of September. So what do you do when you have decided your quilting area needs more space than where you sleep? You decide that on Saturday around 6 p.m. you are going to move bedrooms (AGAIN) and won’t stop until you are done. I had moved my bedroom from the remodeled ”master bedroom” (a.k.a. prior one car garage); however the room is smaller than the original larger room when it used to be a 2 bedroom home. My bedroom is still of decent size and can comfortably with plenty of walking space fit my queen bed and remaining bedroom furniture in the room (including the only bedroom with a walk-in closet).

Left to Right: 1. Project Space. 2. Leisure cutting time snuck in. 3. Sewing machine ready to go. 4. You are toadally awesome with 30’s playtime fabric I won a few months back.

Posted on Instagram

I created myself a space for all projects that I am actively working on… mostly for Swaps, Bee’s, Round Robins, Sew-a-long’s, etc. that I am in; not so much for my general WIPs. I’m in love with this as it will help keep me in line and visually see where I am at with each one (plus, it’s cute wall art). Everything of major use and size is in its place, it just needs some decorating touches which will go up as they come to me. 

Here it is, in all its glory. This is the main view of the room and I will have more detailed photos to share as I need to hang and organize a few things on the walls and design wall. I felt accomplished and finally felt happy, satisfied and content with my space and even started getting excited about how much more I will be able to create this space. What I love is that when I am finally able to get a large cutting/sewing/quilting table (and not combine 3 different tables/desks), I have PLENTY of space to put that in the middle of the room and be able to walk all the way around it and utilize even more space.

I challenge you to what your plans were this weekend? ;o) I hope it was great, no matter what it is you did! Hopefully your Monday has started off on a good note as mine has! Then again, I am a morning person! In the end, I think my space has turned out Sew SUPER Stitching Cute and I can’t wait to share more with you!

Better late than never…

So I discovered the Foothills Sew-a-Long from Meadow Mist Designs about two weeks or so ago. I knew I wanted to jump right in, even if I had a little bit of catching up to do. Well… I finally got my fabric selection in last night! In fact, I received THREE packages last night… happy mail!

This mystery quilt allows for either scrappy or for one fabric for each set, totaling 3 ‘sets’ of fabric. The only thing stated was to make sure the colors contrasted well. For about a week I searched a few places, waiting for something to call out to me from what I was envisioning of the design (as this is all a mystery quilt and you don’t know what design it is making). I did decide I was going to do one fabric for each set and keep it simple, because my normal is to go with scrappy (I can’t help it). I want to push myself outside what I normally do.

Here is what I needed:
Fabric Set A – 1 3/4 yards
Fabric Set B – 3 yards
Fabric Set C – 5/8 yard
I do not like to split fabric up from 1 yard increments unless it is at the end of a bolt and I decide to just take it with me… so these yardage requirements are always rounded up for me, no matter how little I need of just that one yard (you never know… future right?!). So I needed for A: 2 yards, B: 3 yards, C: 1 yard. 
Fabric Set B
I have had this lovely pink fabric for about a year now, and I have 20 yards of it. I decided that this quilt would be the one I go ahead and use the first bit of it. It will be Fabric Set B, the background. I wouldn’t be able to tell you what this is called or where it came from, as I got this from the lovely lady whom I received/purchased so much fabric from that I shared here; I had loved this fabric so much I took the entire bolt. ;o) 
Fabric Set A
Now that I had my background fabric selected (high five for using stash), now it was time look for (to purchase) the additional fabric. I am obsessed with green, and really thought the right green would look great with the contrast with the medium pale pink. It seems a bit brighter than what it is… it really does play well. It is from Robert Kaufmans Kona Cottin Solids in Sprout. This is Fabric Set A which is the ”main design” of the quilt… so I really think it will work well to show off the pattern. 


It then called for Fabric Set C, the ‘highlight’ design of the pattern. I have been obsessed with coral this year but have yet to make anything with that color, and once again… I thought it would be perfect to push me outside my normal color arrangement. I am LOVING this and it unfortunately shows it a bit more orange than it is; however I love that it is versatile in that one direction (left photo) it looks like a flower, but flipping it around (right photo) it resembles a jelly fish. Coral Reef would almost have been a great name for this fabric; it could be the coral in the reef or the jelly fish in the coral reef. It is Helen’s Garden – Pirouette Coral Yardage by Tamara Kate for Michael Miller.

Is there anything you have created that you were unsure of from the very beginning, yet kept going with it? How about anything you still want to, yet haven’t? I say let’s go for it!!! Hear us quilters roar!
I am walking unsteady with this one, yet confident. I will be cutting into this tonight (if you follow me on instagram, you have already seen a sneak peak)… and I have full faith it will be Sew Stitching Cute!

WIP Wednesday – Off for a year long journey

It is Wednesday and half of the week is over! My it feels good. It feels so good this week because I finally have something off of my to-do list that has been exciting yet also daunting to even think about. I’ve been talking about this on the past two MADM (here and here) and the time has finally come. I FINISHED MY BATIK ROCK’n ROUND ROBIN ROW! Yes, I might have mentally pat myself on the back when I finished at 2 a.m. So it is in a sense a WIP because it is not done… but my part is done!

This will be the first and last time you will see this row for an entire year. It is now on its way to the next temporary home to add onto it. This is the start of its year long journey. This will be the center of the quilt and will be added onto by 6 other wonderful ladies (3 on top, 3 on bottom) to make a very large quilt might I add (approx. 84 x 90). I feel so accomplished that this is done, because this was a lot of squares. More than I have ever taken on (also very tiny) for one specific row, let along a quilt all together.

I can’t hide it… while I know this screams LOUD and possibly OBNOXIOUS… I. am. in. l-o-v-e. I kept it scrappy with a slight uniform to it. The center surrounding diamond is all one color… but with that, whatever the colors diamond is, there are no other squares of the same color on that block. Visually unless you are looking for it you don’t really notice because it all really does clash together. Sincerely, I am quite excited to see what the ladies compliment my row with to make one very BIG quilt. 

Another fact about me: I’m obsessed with green. I do love other colors, but basically my true love will always be green. Hence my choice to make the green diamond block the center of the entire quilt. 

 I hope you all have had a successful half week already as I have! Catch up with you soon!

Sew Stitching Cute

Make a Decision Monday #7

Happy Monday to you! I think I say that a lot, even at my ‘real job’ to people on Monday mornings. Like I said, I am a morning person. I could annoy you, but I do enjoy my quiet in the morning as well, don’t worry. 😉

Speaking of my ‘real job’… not that you may care; but a fact about me. I am an Office Manager for a Construction Company and handle all of the details within the company office. I do not work out in the field (although I always tell them I could LoL),… I also do a little bit of Marketing when duty calls. I am pretty personable and can hang with the best in the Construction world while still maintaining my femininity. I have had my ups and downs with this job; however I do love it all in the end and I love the people, including the owners. So there you have it, now you know what I am doing M-F. I would like to add though, my job is so awesome that when I have been behind or really needed to get something done… I bring it in the office and work on it during any down time I may have. They totally don’t mind! How awesome is that for a job!?! I do count myself lucky. Not to mention, the view. (There are also 2 horses, but they were off somewhere else on the land. Their beautiful.)

With that, I have quite the task list for the next two weeks… and honestly months. I am loving it though as I am getting back into the swing of things, I feel like I was starting to rust out. Ugh.

1 block (out of 7)
1 block = 100: 1.25” (sewn) squares
7 blocks = 700: 1.25” (sewn) squares
1 block measures 12.5 x 12.5
7 blocks – 12.5 x 84.5

Two weeks ago on MADM (Make a Decision Monday) I spoke about finishing my Black and Yellow Quilt as well as my Rock’n Round Robin Batik row done which I showed the fabrics, here; well I definitely worked on my Rock’n Round Robin row but have not completed it and should have it done in the next day or two. I unfortunately did not even do anything more than put it back up on my design wall for the Black and Yellow Quilt. I’m going for the scrappy look on the Round Robin, other than the center diamond which is all different colors. I am in love with the pops of color and excited to see it all together and show you!

Well, I have lots of designing and mock ups of quilts to be getting to, not to mention plenty of cutting I need to be doing. I have a swap, two sew-a-longs, 1 charm swap, 3 block swaps, 1 Michael Miller QuiltCon challenge and who knows what else I need to prep for in the next two weeks (which this does not include my mock ups I need to work on)… so I am good for the next few weeks. I am about to put my Wonder Woman cape on and get to work! I have more squares to handle for now, so I am off! What goals did you accomplish and what are your next goals for the upcoming weeks?

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Request Finally Accepted – Business Cards

I have been so busy lately with actual sewing (really cutting, trimming to size and ironing) and have recently been getting more and more orders. I’ve been almost intentionally ignoring my blog because I have been so busy.

I am asked a lot recently if I have any business cards with my website and e-mail on them… I sadly always answered “no”. I have never felt the need to create any for a few reasons:

1. Quilting is done a lot out of the pleasure of sewing, and really I love to write about my adventures with it (even if some things aren’t updated as speedy as I wish they were).

2. I never thought I would really be asked for a business card?

3. I didn’t have enough confidence in myself that I would be inquired for my thoughts and ideas… while I love teaching and showing people how to do things, I also really love to watch and learn.


I have been asked by so many who want to also give them to people they know that would be interested, which I never really “thought” of also, but then really it’s only because I never thought of having a business card. So, I finally took the time out over the past few days in some spare couch time to create some business cards.


So I have to ask, does anyone else have business cards? I know I have seen a few, but not so many that I feel like I am now “in” with the quilters (LoL). How do you feel about business cards with quilters? Is there another way you like to hand your information out to others? I am curious how other feel about them… as I guess I am still a little unsure about them but no longer want to answer “no” when someone asks.

On other news, I finally had to inform anyone ordering for Christmas that unfortunately I would not be able to complete their order and it would be not until early next year. I have taken on a lot as it is and I do not need another deadline at this moment, especially for commission when they stress you out enough. Anything new and exciting going on with your end of the world? I’d love to know, because at the same time I love new projects! hehe I bet whatever it is, it’s Sew Stitching Cute!

*Pictures are not of my own; however of Vistaprint which is where I have ordered these from and these are mock ups before you actually order.

Baby Quilt Set – A Friday Finish

Happy Friday!!! This is a quick Finish it Friday where I am linking back up with Crazy Mom Quilts. I have spoken about this baby quilt here  originally when I had the layout in the process, and again here when I was in the cutting process and then lastly here when I completed the top.

The blanket and the remainder of the package arrived to its forever home this week, so I am now able to share it all with you! The set includes:

1 Crib Blanket
2 Crib Sheets
1 Set of Crib Liners
1 Something Extra (pillow in this case)

I was nervous and hopeful that the 2nd mom-to-be welcoming her 2nd daughter Emma into the world would like it, and she loved it! I was enthralled and even kept asking to be sure that she wasn’t just trying to be nice. I know, I should have more confidence but when it is a friend, you definitely want them to love it and for some reason I wasn’t so sure of myself on this one. I am hoping I am not the only one that does this?

Well… there you have it! The final finish of this baby crib quilt set! Her best friend is pregnant and due in January, she has come to me for a crib set as well! Off to the next one! I hope you enjoy the remainder of your Friday and have a great weekend! Hopefully beautiful weather mixed in with some great sewing time!

Sew Stitching Cute

Squares, Squares and more Squares

Over the Labor Day weekend, I was doing quite a bit of cutting and sewing. After my failed attempt at trying a Charm Square Swap (however have no fear, I continue to keep striving for it) as I had never done anything of the sort and spending countless hours looking around for the group either locally or on the internet for Bee or Block Swaps, or any type of Swap for that matter… I had finally found one to join!

About two months ago I joined the Rock’n Round Robin Group! I was pretty excited (still am) and in some ways, I am wanting next year to be here already! I know it will be here before I know it though. With that being said, the two months for the first Row to be sent out came around quicker than it should have (Sept. 1)! This particular Round Robin is for Batik fabric only. I have to admit, I have never been a fan of Batik fabric and always thought it was very ”ugly”. I have found myself in the selection process for fabrics very difficult (which is probably a huge part why I delayed this for so long) to select as I continued to not find anything that I liked (not even a little). This Round Robin has become the perfect project for me to really step outside of the box without having anything else to ”fall back onto” since it is strictly the requirements.

Fabric Selection for beginning row on my quilt for the round robin

When I finally forced myself to select the remaining fabrics, I somehow began enjoying them and appreciating them for the handmade design as well as their mix of coloring. While I still had not been sold entirely on it and was just having to go for it, each day I find myself enjoying these fabrics a bit more.

So I got to cutting this past weekend and I had a lot of cutting to do. 1600 2” squares to be exact (but who’s counting?). I cut all of my fabric into 2” strips x WOF to prep for them to be cut into 2” squares.

800 squares cut, 800 more to go

There are 3 groups conformed of 7 people, I am in group 2. We make one row that measures 12.5” x 84.5” and send our row on… and every two months it is sent on from the next person and so on. By next summer, I will have a quilt with my row (currently working on) in the center along with 6 other peoples rows added onto it and I will have made and been part of 6 others quilts with my row on theirs!

1600 – 2” squares

I have all of the squares cut and 1/3 of them sewn. I still have a lot to do as these are going to end up being 1.75” HST for a finished HST of 1.25” (tiny). So instead of rambling more here, I am going to get back to my chain piecing because then I have the grueling task of ”trimming to size”. I really think this is going to turn out quite beautiful and I will be more in love with Batiks than I was prior!

Sew Stitching Cute

Make a Decision Monday #6

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed lots of smiles and laughs with friends, family and even nice strangers! What did you end up doing over the long weekend?

I utilized my time to get some major sewing in, but I did enjoy a few outings. If you read the last Make a Decision Monday #5 then you’d know I was working on my niece’s quilt for her 11th Birthday. I did complete it! Yay! In that post, I had asked for any advice regarding finishing the quilt as I still had felt that it needed a little something more. My great bloggy friend Yvonne over at Quilting Jet Girl gave me the great advice on the borders. I think her advice worked out PERFECT and it added the little extra oomph this twin sized blanket needed. Thanks Yvonne!

My niece Ryann chose these fabrics last year and I finally made her blanket (even though the design concept changed drastically from the original). Her Birthday was last Thursday and she loved it. I am quite pleased with it as well, especially the simplicity of it. Sometimes the simplest of things are the greatest. 
The grass is literally this green on the property, it is fertilized each year and well maintained all year long. This picture makes it look more blue; however the picture above has the correct coloring of the teal. 
For the back I ended up doing a bit of piecing. The main fabric was just slightly smaller than what I needed and so I threw in some of the leftover strips I had and added them to allow for the extra width it gave. 
I didn’t end up getting around to my Black and Yellow Quilt as I intended as I was caught up with the quilt as I needed to have it finished. It is now once again on this Make a Decision Monday’s list as well as the Round Robin Row made with Batiks that was supposed to be mailed out today. I should hopefully have that completed tonight. I will have more to share on the Baby Quilt Set and the Batik Round Robin this week, stick around!
What do you have set up to be sewing these next two weeks? Have you been able to finish what you have been wanting to? How is back to school going? I do not have any kids yet… but I already miss my summer traffic (or lack there of) as it is so light with everyone gone for summer outings. 
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