Make a Decision Monday #6

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope you had a great weekend and enjoyed lots of smiles and laughs with friends, family and even nice strangers! What did you end up doing over the long weekend?

I utilized my time to get some major sewing in, but I did enjoy a few outings. If you read the last Make a Decision Monday #5 then you’d know I was working on my niece’s quilt for her 11th Birthday. I did complete it! Yay! In that post, I had asked for any advice regarding finishing the quilt as I still had felt that it needed a little something more. My great bloggy friend Yvonne over at Quilting Jet Girl gave me the great advice on the borders. I think her advice worked out PERFECT and it added the little extra oomph this twin sized blanket needed. Thanks Yvonne!

My niece Ryann chose these fabrics last year and I finally made her blanket (even though the design concept changed drastically from the original). Her Birthday was last Thursday and she loved it. I am quite pleased with it as well, especially the simplicity of it. Sometimes the simplest of things are the greatest. 
The grass is literally this green on the property, it is fertilized each year and well maintained all year long. This picture makes it look more blue; however the picture above has the correct coloring of the teal. 
For the back I ended up doing a bit of piecing. The main fabric was just slightly smaller than what I needed and so I threw in some of the leftover strips I had and added them to allow for the extra width it gave. 
I didn’t end up getting around to my Black and Yellow Quilt as I intended as I was caught up with the quilt as I needed to have it finished. It is now once again on this Make a Decision Monday’s list as well as the Round Robin Row made with Batiks that was supposed to be mailed out today. I should hopefully have that completed tonight. I will have more to share on the Baby Quilt Set and the Batik Round Robin this week, stick around!
What do you have set up to be sewing these next two weeks? Have you been able to finish what you have been wanting to? How is back to school going? I do not have any kids yet… but I already miss my summer traffic (or lack there of) as it is so light with everyone gone for summer outings. 
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2 comments on “Make a Decision Monday #6

  1. Yvonne… I am going to update this blog… because it literally just slipped me that I meant to give you credit for your advice on my last post. I apologize, it will be updated here in a moment and directed to your blog. 🙂 I hope you are able to get to it, I'd love to see it!

    In any case, you are right… I REALLY loved your advice and it ended up working out well! Thank you for the great advice!


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