Request Finally Accepted – Business Cards

I have been so busy lately with actual sewing (really cutting, trimming to size and ironing) and have recently been getting more and more orders. I’ve been almost intentionally ignoring my blog because I have been so busy.

I am asked a lot recently if I have any business cards with my website and e-mail on them… I sadly always answered “no”. I have never felt the need to create any for a few reasons:

1. Quilting is done a lot out of the pleasure of sewing, and really I love to write about my adventures with it (even if some things aren’t updated as speedy as I wish they were).

2. I never thought I would really be asked for a business card?

3. I didn’t have enough confidence in myself that I would be inquired for my thoughts and ideas… while I love teaching and showing people how to do things, I also really love to watch and learn.


I have been asked by so many who want to also give them to people they know that would be interested, which I never really “thought” of also, but then really it’s only because I never thought of having a business card. So, I finally took the time out over the past few days in some spare couch time to create some business cards.


So I have to ask, does anyone else have business cards? I know I have seen a few, but not so many that I feel like I am now “in” with the quilters (LoL). How do you feel about business cards with quilters? Is there another way you like to hand your information out to others? I am curious how other feel about them… as I guess I am still a little unsure about them but no longer want to answer “no” when someone asks.

On other news, I finally had to inform anyone ordering for Christmas that unfortunately I would not be able to complete their order and it would be not until early next year. I have taken on a lot as it is and I do not need another deadline at this moment, especially for commission when they stress you out enough. Anything new and exciting going on with your end of the world? I’d love to know, because at the same time I love new projects! hehe I bet whatever it is, it’s Sew Stitching Cute!

*Pictures are not of my own; however of Vistaprint which is where I have ordered these from and these are mock ups before you actually order.


6 comments on “Request Finally Accepted – Business Cards

  1. I have business cards. I have super fancy ones from that I put inside every order when I write a thank you note, and then I have less fancy ones from vista print with the basics that I freely hand out in multiples to people. Gotta get the word out somehow, right? 🙂


  2. I have the mini cards from they are cute and little and just contain my blogging information. They are fun to slip in my etsy orders and things I mail out. They are a great thing to have “just in case” some one does ask! Go you for being so busy, I can't wait until you share all these projects you're working on.


  3. You are right, gotta get the word out somehow. I guess sometimes the digital world isn't so “digital”. LoL I am going to have to check out, I did upgrade to nice sheen finishes on the vistaprint ones, which satisfy me for now; however I am liking the idea of different ones for orders and such and then the quickies just to “toss” around basically. Thanks for the tip!


  4. Thanks Cheryl! I am glad to know that it is OK that they evolve and change, as we all do I suppose. It is the first start of them and I already will do it slightly different next time. Can't wait to check out your new ones!


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