WIP Wednesday – Off for a year long journey

It is Wednesday and half of the week is over! My it feels good. It feels so good this week because I finally have something off of my to-do list that has been exciting yet also daunting to even think about. I’ve been talking about this on the past two MADM (here and here) and the time has finally come. I FINISHED MY BATIK ROCK’n ROUND ROBIN ROW! Yes, I might have mentally pat myself on the back when I finished at 2 a.m. So it is in a sense a WIP because it is not done… but my part is done!

This will be the first and last time you will see this row for an entire year. It is now on its way to the next temporary home to add onto it. This is the start of its year long journey. This will be the center of the quilt and will be added onto by 6 other wonderful ladies (3 on top, 3 on bottom) to make a very large quilt might I add (approx. 84 x 90). I feel so accomplished that this is done, because this was a lot of squares. More than I have ever taken on (also very tiny) for one specific row, let along a quilt all together.

I can’t hide it… while I know this screams LOUD and possibly OBNOXIOUS… I. am. in. l-o-v-e. I kept it scrappy with a slight uniform to it. The center surrounding diamond is all one color… but with that, whatever the colors diamond is, there are no other squares of the same color on that block. Visually unless you are looking for it you don’t really notice because it all really does clash together. Sincerely, I am quite excited to see what the ladies compliment my row with to make one very BIG quilt. 

Another fact about me: I’m obsessed with green. I do love other colors, but basically my true love will always be green. Hence my choice to make the green diamond block the center of the entire quilt. 

 I hope you all have had a successful half week already as I have! Catch up with you soon!

Sew Stitching Cute


3 comments on “WIP Wednesday – Off for a year long journey

  1. Thank you! I did originally intend for it to be black, instead of grey, but I am glad I went with the grey instead because it still allows enough pop. All of these were made with Batik fabric that I got at Joanns in a pack… and only two packs! They are $15.99 each… but Joanns has FOUR awesome 50% off coupons until Sat (that you can use all at once) so you could even get more. They have an array of colors… you can even use the coupon online!


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