Sewing Room Upgrade and Bedroom Downgrade

It is Monday and for some reason I am at bright eyed and bushy-taled as I think I can be for Monday considering my accomplished weekend. Way back in August (the beginning, mind you) I wrote about changing up my sewing/quilting space as I was taking on a an overhaul and redoing all the rooms in my home for reorganization. During this process and this weekend, I was awake from 7:30 a.m. Saturday morning until 6 p.m. Sunday night. I slept peacefully from 6 p.m. until 3:30 a.m. on Monday.

The desk will be re-purposed and painted next month.
You can tell I wasn’t into it as I left everything bare and didn’t bother really putting everything up. I even tried by pushing forward with my red coffee mug boxes that I re-purposed into box shelves and hanging them up… yet all I ended up doing was putting unnecessary holes into my wall that has now created another step I have to make when re-doing my now bedroom again. I couldn’t find myself utilizing the space I had created in a way that helped me use the space effectively and allow my juices to flow. 
Before the 2nd overhaul
I live in a small 3 bedroom house. Nothing fancy, but comfortable such as a cottage. It is enough space for me (yet I still sometimes feel confined). I have not shared anything prior of this overhaul since because, well… I ended up not finding myself satisfied. I was happy with my space and room, the decorating; but August brought a lot of changes and “more stuff” to accommodate what I was bringing on. I couldn’t bring myself to share a space I was not happy with.

I contemplated it all month long since I did make the change, including all of September. So what do you do when you have decided your quilting area needs more space than where you sleep? You decide that on Saturday around 6 p.m. you are going to move bedrooms (AGAIN) and won’t stop until you are done. I had moved my bedroom from the remodeled ”master bedroom” (a.k.a. prior one car garage); however the room is smaller than the original larger room when it used to be a 2 bedroom home. My bedroom is still of decent size and can comfortably with plenty of walking space fit my queen bed and remaining bedroom furniture in the room (including the only bedroom with a walk-in closet).

Left to Right: 1. Project Space. 2. Leisure cutting time snuck in. 3. Sewing machine ready to go. 4. You are toadally awesome with 30’s playtime fabric I won a few months back.

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I created myself a space for all projects that I am actively working on… mostly for Swaps, Bee’s, Round Robins, Sew-a-long’s, etc. that I am in; not so much for my general WIPs. I’m in love with this as it will help keep me in line and visually see where I am at with each one (plus, it’s cute wall art). Everything of major use and size is in its place, it just needs some decorating touches which will go up as they come to me. 

Here it is, in all its glory. This is the main view of the room and I will have more detailed photos to share as I need to hang and organize a few things on the walls and design wall. I felt accomplished and finally felt happy, satisfied and content with my space and even started getting excited about how much more I will be able to create this space. What I love is that when I am finally able to get a large cutting/sewing/quilting table (and not combine 3 different tables/desks), I have PLENTY of space to put that in the middle of the room and be able to walk all the way around it and utilize even more space.

I challenge you to what your plans were this weekend? ;o) I hope it was great, no matter what it is you did! Hopefully your Monday has started off on a good note as mine has! Then again, I am a morning person! In the end, I think my space has turned out Sew SUPER Stitching Cute and I can’t wait to share more with you!


2 comments on “Sewing Room Upgrade and Bedroom Downgrade

  1. Thanks! Yea, I'll be doing an update of more details and what I set up once I have all the final details together. I'm super excited about it and completely love being in this room now and don't feel “overwhelmed”. I even have a space with my other desk where it's the music/tablet station so that I can easily rock out any music! :o)


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