Outdoor Pillows and a Dog Bed

Happy Halloween! I do not have any kids, so I don’t have any cute pictures to show of kids in costumes or anything I have made for them… but I do have some cut pillows and a dog bed to share with you today! 
While my family was out here almost a month ago (it doesn’t seem that long!), we did quite a bit. Each day it was planned out and we had a destination to be at for various reasons. Two of the major things we did was go to the Lake of the Ozarks and a complete makeover to my quilting/sewing room
My sister had mentioned wanting some outdoor pillows made for her backyard decor. One of our trips was to go to the fabric store so off we went to search for durable outdoor fabric. I was so busy sewing these and working with my sister I never took before, during or even after photos. These are all photos my sister has sent to me since she arrived back home in Arizona. It works, because now they are showing their good use! That makes me smile!

I made both pillows with an envelope backing so that the covers would be easy to wash and you can replace the form anytime due to the fact that they will be utilized outside.

My sister chose the fabric and I think she has a great eye for design, color and as well as mix and matching. I just did the labor to make the fabric into a pillow. I really think they turned out well, so much so that I almost had a hard time letting her take them home as I wanted a pair for myself. 
Later in the week we were talking and decided that Diesel needed a dog bed. Diesel is my sisters VERY large dog that I got for her back in 2009 from our oldest brother Mike. For our 2nd trip to the fabric store we got the top of the dog bed fabric as well as the royal blue siding color. 
Dog Bed Measures: 30” diameter
Has a 20” zipper for easy washing and removal of filling

I already had the read in my stash and we ended up putting an extra piece of the exterior pillow fabric on the back to help prevent any tearing. The center seams to be part of where dog beds wear and tear a lot and especially on rigid cement such as my sisters backyard, so we are hoping this helps with the longevity.


It appears that Diesel approves as well! He is such a good dog, just SO big! He makes this large dog bed almost look tiny, but I swear it isn’t!

Mastiff and Weimaraner mix

I didn’t follow any pattern, I just winged it when it came to putting it together. I did learn one lesson (which really I should have known, but it was so late when I was sewing this) which is what caused the small bunching you see in the pic of Diesel on the dog bed around the zipper, but it is so minor and this was for my sister so I didn’t have to rip and re-sew… but I didn’t remove 1/2” on the bottom circle since I lost that with the sewing of the top circle. Ack! I will show more of how I put these together on the next set of dog beds I am making. Look for that post next week!

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Deadlines Approaching

As October is ending and we welcome November, I have more approaching deadlines creeping up. While initially I think of stress when I type that out, I am finding myself more relaxed for the first time in awhile when it came to my sewing. Not only do I have this amazing new space to allow my creativity to go with it, but I have made good progress on all of my deadlines, which I thank tremendously for the new space as well. I haven’t been NOT wanting to do something since it’s been completed!

–  Two Large Dog Beds: One female and one male dog. I am going out on a limb here (not really) and guessing that my SIL and BIL do not read my blog, so I am safe to give my design concept away for the time being. They have two dogs, Pica (Pee-kuh) and Floyd who are extremely lovable and beautiful dogs. My SIL and BIL recently bought their first home and are having their house warming party this Saturday. In all honesty, I have struggled about what I should get them and they are personally not very easy to shop for. (Hmph). The SIL really loved the dog bed I made for my sister and we talked about making one for their dogs… so why not make it a house warming gift? I mean, I am a sewer/quilter, so you should be expecting something homemade.

Pica: Green and Purple
Floyd: Orange and Grey

 – King Size Purple Chevron Quilt: My friend Kathi bought this fabric literally over a year ago and has not really done anything since. I finally was able to get her to get some cutting done this past weekend when she was over and later that evening I finished up the HST for the 1st row.

30’s Birthday Quilt: Aaahh… my 30’s birthday quilt, and I have FOUR of them to make! I really can’t get too much into the details as I believe one or maybe even two of the people may read my blog, even if randomly; we all turn(ed) [I am the last of the 4 of us to turn 30 in December] 30 this year and we have all been friends since pre-school; therefore I am marking it with a special quilt. For mine… this shall be the main color palette. Yes, every color will be used.

Liberty of London Partner Swap: I am part of a Liberty of London Tana Lana Swap and we have no idea who is making something for us, it is a secret. It has been fun seeing all of the things on Instagram (#lolswapround1) and wondering who exactly is making what for whom. Some give little hints here and there, some only show parts of the projects they are making so that it doesn’t give it away too much for the person. These are to be arrived to the specific partner by Nov. 10th and so this weekend I will be finishing up the last few things I have.

Pillow: The coloring on this came out horrible. It is a nice teal/blue shade mixed with a light blue. This is the beginning of a pillow, that is all I can say.
Small zippered pouch

I still have other WIPs such as my Rock’n Round Robin row I need to put on for the prior person and has to be mailed out; however I am still working on that one and do not have any picture of it for some reason. These are my current deadline items that need to be done sooner rather than later and with these, better late then never does not suffice. What deadlines do you have approaching or how do you handle your deadlines? How far ahead do you typically like to be or are you the “pull an all-nighter” before the day it needs to be done? I find myself to be in between the two and am told regularly I work better when I am busy and idle time is not my friend. I have come to accept that. 
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Abacus: Finished Quilt Top

Man this weather has been lovely here in Kansas City! How is it everywhere else in the world? I am going to be soaking in as much of this weather as I can because I feel like the leaves are changing and on the ground already, and we aren’t done with October yet. Winter I feel is going to be here sooner this year. With that, I am taking advantage of the outdoor weather pictures until I must be huddled up inside.

I have finished my Abacus QAL Top from Christa Quilts and I am loving the way it turned out! So glad that I continued on with this and did not stick with a one color way for each row. I originally wanted to change it up without going out of the overall theme of the quilt top which is where I first decided to not use solids and to use prints.

I did play around with the idea of just having all of the prints randomly placed; however I wanted to still stick with the main ”theme” of the design which is still having colors gradually move into others… with that, came the use of using them in coordinating colors and to move through colors smoothly. While these are some bold colors to do that with, I think I pulled it off pretty well. I wish I had another pink or form of pink  to go for the 3rd row; however I still have no complaints overall on this top. You can’t go wrong with Cotton + Steel, let alone the Mustang line.

Is anyone else this neurotic when they are sewing and need to keep things in line? I mean, really… I would drive myself mad without those blank white cards! I’ve been without them prior but once I have started using them, I won’t be going back! It continually keeps me in check with what I was originally going for, and it still allows me to change things up if I wanted to… and easily! Because now I know exactly what was going where. #quilterproblems

Laying it out before I cut them all into circles. I really enjoyed making this quilt top and now it is off to quilt it! I have some ideas of the way I will be quilting it, but have not finalized it visually in my head yet. I am giving myself until this weekend to figure it out because then it will be quilted! It is going to be yet another twist to this quilt that I have taken outside of the solids already, but I will say that ‘twist’ is a key word!

I apparently don’t color inside the lines, but I follow directions well. hehe
Sew Stitching Cute

Quilting/Sewing Room Complete: Alternate Oasis


The quilting/sewing room that I spoke about a bit ago after my family left and have failed to stay out of this room that I haven’t focused on anything else. So here it is! The ocean is my natural Oasis; however it’s been 2 years since I have seen it. All I can say, is this is my new found Oasis away from my home base Oasis… and it isn’t so bad.

We shopped at Ikea like it was the only place to go! And really… for a one stop shop place; it was! (insert smiley face here) I can’t really show enough gratitude towards my Dad, Mom and little sister for making this all happen, too! They really have gone above and beyond! My sister has most credit towards the design or decorating, she loves doing it and she is pretty good at it. Her and I differ on simplicity but I 90% of the time I love her ideas.

First view from the door

We purchased four (4) kitchen cabinets from Ikea that sit back-to-back to one another. We had originally not purchased the feet and ended up going back and they had varying sizes from 4”, 6” and 8”. I went with the 4” and was a little scared it still wouldn’t be high enough, but it really added just the right enough height for the cutting table. My dad… he hand screwed each and every one of these 16 legs which required 4 screws each = 64 hand screws. The only bad part about the legs is that there are no pre-drilled holes since they are cabinets and more times than not, are used for upper cabinetry and you wouldn’t want to see those. My dad said it was too terrible, but being that I live alone… I didn’t have all the tools that he could have utilized to at least make his marking points and put a small hole in to help with the pre-drilling end. He did great anyway! Thanks dad!

*Key Note: When purchasing the cabinets, they do NOT come with shelves. You must purchase separately. When we went back for the legs we also purchased the shelves as we were not aware of that nor were we made aware of it.

The “front side” (a.k.a. the shelves you see when you first walk in) I am using with bins for all sorts of scraps and/or finished tops that need to be quilted, etc. The other side, I have a few more bins but also utilizing it for current projects that I am working on as I will work on various ones at one time and this helps allow me to quickly put them underneath and off of the cutting table to allow for the space.

We purchased 2 of these Ikea Bookshelves to go beside one of the windows so that the desk can sit in the middle. My desk isn’t anything special, a simple one from WalMart I got about a year ago that was originally made into my “vanity” in my bedroom. It ended up being the perfect size for in front of the window. All credit for decorating the bookshelves goes to my sister Melissa. I gave her the items, she went at it.

Using the bottom shelves for any large bolts I have (which isn’t many) but it allows for growth. Shopping anyone?

I had several of those boxes that I had purchased at Michaels years ago as they were on sale for $2.00 a piece. One of my favorites is the Octopus. I had also purchased this green trunk when visiting during the Holidays last year with my in-laws at a local store of theirs. It is almost like their local Wal-Mart. (Beloit, KS… look it up, it is in the middle of NOWHERE)

I love both of these pieces. (Left) Last year my sister got me the coffee mug (I don’t drink coffee) merely for the pleasure of what it states, “I’m sorry you’re old. That’s all.” It is all about the on-going tease of calling me “Grandma Megan” and my ultimate closing date of welcoming my life into the 30’s in December. I have only been talking about it for 4 years! ha! None the less, I love it and it makes me smile and giggle every time I see it. (Right) While at Ikea for the second time, my sister grabbed the green frame ($0.99) and while I loved it (green, hello!) I didn’t know what she intended it for and she says, “Put fabric in the center… duh!!!” (All I could do was smile and acknowledge her great idea without words – insert DOH face here) I decided to go with one of my TOP favorite Liberty of London fabric pieces and my oh my I LOVE it!

Again, a favorite. My oldest niece (we are only 8 years apart… see, told you, older siblings!) Ashlee got me this for my Birthday a few years back and every time I look at it, it makes me feel TOADALLY AWESOME. I tend to use the word “totally” a lot when I speak in excitement. I find it funny. It is what my husband calls, “Megan Lingo”.

Here they both are, along with lots of other pretties.

In one back corner of the room sits my basket of extra batting along with extra storage for all of those random odds and ends you use… and my wall hanging that I can easily switch out as we used a curtain rod with the clips

Directly to the left when coming into the room is my board that is normally filled with all of the current projects and their deadlines date; however my sister decorated it otherwise for the current time. I have some shelves underneath for random items as well such as my business cards, coffee cup filled with kisses for the dry erase markers. Below I have another little set up that is intended for shoes; however I use it for project kits that I have not yet gotten to and the drawers contain product directions/warranty’s and things of that sort. I also have my iron and ironing board that hang on the closet door. Simple and quick to remove when in need!


The left corner  is my sewing desk which was purchased at Target YEARS ago (when I still lived back in California… I would say 10 years) and my sister and I have the same one actually. I love it and it is perfect for sewing. Because it is a computer desk naturally, I use the drawer for all of my sewing feet, empty bobbins, hand thread and all that good stuff for the sewing machine. It is also the place for the peg board and all random items used for cutting, bonding, snipping, measuring and then some! To the right is my thread so that it is always, “right beside me”. I will be getting a new sewing chair from Ikea, as it is just perfect and fits me. My sister keeps telling me it is a must. I’ll show that off once I get it!

Small storage underneath the desk as there is no other place for it at the time being. That is ok though, it kind of works. It holds my scrap pieces that have been cut to size and are in bags or containers. 

I love that I can walk around my entire cutting table. It has become sew much easier to cut, and the space that is allowed with the size of the table top is just dreamy! We purchased the table top from Ikea as well and used Industrial Strength Velcro, so not only can I remove it if need be, it is sturdy as can be as if you nailed it down! In the bottom left corner where the trash hangs on the side was my sisters random idea again at the end of the 2nd Ikea trip. We all (My mom, dad and me) looked at her weirdly as to how this would suffice for a great trash in this room and she said just trust her… so we did. I am glad we did. It’s perfectly hung on the side so that I can easily sweep my trimmings and any trash right into it from the table. She even lined it with some fabric that was used for her pillow and dog bed I made for her.


One of my favorite spots in the room… the Project Center. The place where I keep the directions and/or fabric for each project I am currently working on or has a deadline within 60 days. I love it, it even has it’s own sign! My sister tied it so neatly with a pretty little picture hanging wire bow!

I inherited the old wooden magazine rack from my father-in-law’s mother. I love it as it is in great shape and I now utilize it for all my quilt and sewing magazines.


Last, but certainly not least is the design wall. I want to re-do the design wall since it has been taken down and re-done so many times that it has lost the firmness. It isn’t that expensive to do so I am sure I will make that a weekend project soon. It needs to be reshaped also due to the new space.

Now, I have spoken plenty of my sister and her last minute items on the 2nd trip to Ikea; however I have one that I couldn’t pass up. I had to run back while my parents were in line and grab something we had forgotten. Well, while doing so, something caught my eye. I had to snatch them up immediately. These two beauties were calling out to me for decoration in the room and inspiration. They now hang above the other window in the room.

So there you have it and there we are! In all of it’s glory! I have been so busy sewing in here it has been unreal. It was completely what I needed to re-jump me and allow the creative mind to just run with it. I don’t feel like I am stopping myself sew much anymore as I am and I feel more and more coming. I will be the first to say, that I officially say that this room is Sew Stitching Cute!!!

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Pink Castle Fabrics – Color Inspiration Club

I have officially joined the Color Inspiration Club with Pink Castle Fabrics. I joined in the middle of September and I received my first package a few weeks ago, but with family in town I have been either extremely busy or playing catch up (which then in turns continues to keep me busy). Viscous cycle.

I had been debating it for a few months as I know I have an issue with not selecting or choosing a lot of solids; even though I love solids. What seems to continue to catch the eye though for the immediate buy is prints for me. I have a high assumption that I am not the only one with this dilemma… right?!?!? (I better not be hearing crickets) I knew I needed to build my solids stash and what better way to also purchase more of a specific color if need be for a project? At least I know the color and won’t have to match with an alternating manufacture or ”best matched color”. It was a win/win which made it worth the monthly fee. So in turn, I decided this will continue to help me with my solids and keep me some-what well rounded. Plus, who could turn down all of these yummy colors?

My first month was September as I got it before the deadline for receiving that month (I really wanted that coral color… I am obsessed!) and as you can see below, the colors are more yummy in person! I was so excited when I opened this up as you are with anything you only see online; you wonder if what you see is what you will actually get. This in fact was and is even better! The feel of the fabric is lovely, too! Another win/win!!! I highly encourage anyone to join one of their clubs, I really wish I could join them all! For now… Color Inspiration Club it is. 
Does anyone else use a fabric club like this? Maybe already in this particular club? Any thoughts or advice on them? If I have one fear with it, is that I may grow my solids so big I will have to stop for awhile and use some up before receiving more, but how do you stop a fabric purchase once it is already underway! That is a huge taboo for me!!! LoL 

Playing Catch Up

So while I have not been so active on blogging, I have definitely been active outside of the blogging world. I have made some awesome progress finally on my Foothills Sew-a-Long from Meadow Mist Designs. Luckily she was nice and gave us an easy task for the month of October. Thanks Cheryl!

I finally was able to catch up all the way up to October’s directions… so now I am ready for November! I am now even more pleased that I chose the fabric I did and feel more confident. Since this is a mystery quilt, I had discussed prior about loving the colors (I am obsessed with GREEN) but since I was not sure of the design… I was stepping way outside my comfort zone. So far, I am so glad I did!

Septembers directions were to form 144 (yes, 144) Half Square Triangles (HST)… and here they are. We didn’t have to use them in October, so I was able to still catch up and use October a bit to catch up.

Little houses, too cute. Octobers direction were for making the 12 Square in a square (SiaS) blocks that I showed up above. After placing one triangle on, I noticed how cute these would look as little houses as well. It would almost look like a candy house. While also catching up on my Foothills Mystery Quilt Sew-a-Long, I caught up on my Abacus Quilt-a-Long with Christa. Hers was weekly and because of my delays with family and so forth, they are already at the quilting stage. That’s ok, I have until Nov. 12th for the final reveal! Everything is ready and layed out for me to put the rows together when I get home. 
Once again with this one, I decided to go outside of my comfort zone and try something different. I am certainly enjoying the fact that I did and I am certainly thrilled with how this is going. I am falling more in love with this bright teal and that Mustang line… oh that Mustang line from Cotton and Steal. If I could buy bolts beyond bolts of all of their lines, I would never leave my sewing machine or cutting table. 

The mix of both the Foothills Mystery Quilt and Abacus Quilt-a-Long are even pretty! What have you guys been up to and what is on your agenda to get done? Any deadlines? I have lots of them and it is making me keep going… that and this awesome Sewing room I have now… pictures to come Friday!

Sew Stitching Cute

Monday and back at it

It’s Monday! I am officially back at it and ready to go at it. I am catching up on some much needed ZzzzZzzz’s though as I really never slept while my family was in town. I didn’t get to get too caught up last night as I had to be up at 3:30 a.m.; however I do intend to get some sleep tonight so I can get back to sewing in my revamped sewing/quilting room! I am quite excited about it! I gave a sneak peak on my instagram.

My Aunt and Uncle’s beautiful Lake Home
(my sister in front)
The lake house from the back… heading out on the boat

The cutest and only floating house on the lake. I pictured my sewing/quilting room on that bottom level full of windows… admiring the view as I quilted and sewed away. (Dreams…)

I did get to spend this past weekend with the family at my Aunt and Uncle’s Lake House at The Lake of the Ozarks. I had a blast and I am not quite sure why I haven’t gone before (it is only 3 hours away!). In all truth, I had no idea they lived there. ha! My Aunt designed this home as she designed multi-million dollar homes for a living until 2011. The lake house use to be a vacation home but is now their permanent residence. Every detail in this home take you in ”awe” and there would be nothing but pictures and pictures if I were to share them all. I really can’t compliment my Aunt Mary enough for her overall design and how everything is in such the perfect spot for accessibility. She really thinks of everything!

Oars as the railing going down the stairs on the side of the home.
Little fishes on the under side of the steps.

Had to share: On the middle level, they have an amazing setup to make you feel like you are at the movies or you can feel like you are at a bar. Each level (3) has it’s own setup/theme for what purpose it can be used for. 
3rd Floor Mudroom/Bathroom… cute detail that I couldn’t help but share.

My mom and I

We got to the lake house around noon on Saturday and within just 2 hours we had eaten lunch and were on our way to some boat riding to view the remainder of the lake.

My younger sister Melissa as we were heading to dinner Saturday night with the family.
There I am… taking in the beauty of the lake while dipping my toes in the water.
Late night Friday Shenanigans with my sister as I slept in the “boat bed”.

I could really share so much more… tons more; but I won’t bore you with those. If you didn’t check it out on Instagram, I’ll be sharing more this week of my sewing room and more of my favorite details! It is finally Sew Stitching Cute!

WIP Wednesday – At it again…

I have been A-Wall unexpectedly due to family coming into town last weekend. They drove from Southern California to Kansas City and I have not seen them in almost two years. There has been something to do/to be done every day and if you wonder where I get my OCD on Organization from, it would be from my mother as she has it all listed out (literally)! Each day and each activity has it’s own list and priorities. We all (My dad, little sister and me) march in a single file line to that list!

August started a lot of changes within my quilting, and with those changes they have left me stumped and constantly feeling overwhelmed because I still could never feel good in my space. It wasn’t a matter of my organization, it was a matter of the lack of things I needed to assist in my organization. Sometimes, trying to use anything you have just doesn’t cut it.

All new shelves

My family… oh my family. I love them all to death, and I have a fairly large family (my oldest brother is in his late 40’s). As I am approaching 30 in just under 2 months and with the arrival of my mom at my house, she wanted to support my quilting/sewing passion to the max (which she has from the start already) but wanted to do something extra special for the approaching 30. So with that came a whole new sewing room… again (I spoke about my prior attempts here and here). Kansas City just opened in September it’s very own Ikea… so off to Ikea we went, and Lowe’s, and Wal-Mart, and JoAnn’s Fabric Store, and …. many other places and trips back to each. No complaints here though! The entire house ended up getting a face-lift in the end and I couldn’t be more enthralled with it. The sewing room will be completed this Friday and I am super excited to share it with you because my creative juices are flowing sew much and I am eager to get back to work. I don’t know if I will ever be leaving this room again.

My very first free motion quilting perfectly on display. (Yes, I still need to finish sewing the binding on in the back)

This trip has really made me appreciate my parents and baby sister in a different light, all part of continuing to “grow up”, right? I intend to highlight my appreciate to each of them separately in my upcoming blog posts. I seriously have SEW much to share… but for now, my family time is first as I am soaking in every moment with them.

My sister putting the furniture together
Now to spend the remainder of the week with the family to no longer make this house and sewing/quilt room make-over no longer a WIP. It’s already Sew Stitching Cute!