Monday and back at it

It’s Monday! I am officially back at it and ready to go at it. I am catching up on some much needed ZzzzZzzz’s though as I really never slept while my family was in town. I didn’t get to get too caught up last night as I had to be up at 3:30 a.m.; however I do intend to get some sleep tonight so I can get back to sewing in my revamped sewing/quilting room! I am quite excited about it! I gave a sneak peak on my instagram.

My Aunt and Uncle’s beautiful Lake Home
(my sister in front)
The lake house from the back… heading out on the boat

The cutest and only floating house on the lake. I pictured my sewing/quilting room on that bottom level full of windows… admiring the view as I quilted and sewed away. (Dreams…)

I did get to spend this past weekend with the family at my Aunt and Uncle’s Lake House at The Lake of the Ozarks. I had a blast and I am not quite sure why I haven’t gone before (it is only 3 hours away!). In all truth, I had no idea they lived there. ha! My Aunt designed this home as she designed multi-million dollar homes for a living until 2011. The lake house use to be a vacation home but is now their permanent residence. Every detail in this home take you in ”awe” and there would be nothing but pictures and pictures if I were to share them all. I really can’t compliment my Aunt Mary enough for her overall design and how everything is in such the perfect spot for accessibility. She really thinks of everything!

Oars as the railing going down the stairs on the side of the home.
Little fishes on the under side of the steps.

Had to share: On the middle level, they have an amazing setup to make you feel like you are at the movies or you can feel like you are at a bar. Each level (3) has it’s own setup/theme for what purpose it can be used for. 
3rd Floor Mudroom/Bathroom… cute detail that I couldn’t help but share.

My mom and I

We got to the lake house around noon on Saturday and within just 2 hours we had eaten lunch and were on our way to some boat riding to view the remainder of the lake.

My younger sister Melissa as we were heading to dinner Saturday night with the family.
There I am… taking in the beauty of the lake while dipping my toes in the water.
Late night Friday Shenanigans with my sister as I slept in the “boat bed”.

I could really share so much more… tons more; but I won’t bore you with those. If you didn’t check it out on Instagram, I’ll be sharing more this week of my sewing room and more of my favorite details! It is finally Sew Stitching Cute!


2 comments on “Monday and back at it

  1. Yes… it was SOOO needed. Had a better time than I even thought I did, and that already was a great time. ha! I hadn't seen my mom in almost two years, as well as my sister… so we had a VERY tearful goodbye (and my sister started it all) as we were all holding it back otherwise. We are only 16 mos apart and while we have other siblings, her and I are the youngest as everyone else is more than 10 years older than us. And you're telling me… I so want that floating house!


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