Playing Catch Up

So while I have not been so active on blogging, I have definitely been active outside of the blogging world. I have made some awesome progress finally on my Foothills Sew-a-Long from Meadow Mist Designs. Luckily she was nice and gave us an easy task for the month of October. Thanks Cheryl!

I finally was able to catch up all the way up to October’s directions… so now I am ready for November! I am now even more pleased that I chose the fabric I did and feel more confident. Since this is a mystery quilt, I had discussed prior about loving the colors (I am obsessed with GREEN) but since I was not sure of the design… I was stepping way outside my comfort zone. So far, I am so glad I did!

Septembers directions were to form 144 (yes, 144) Half Square Triangles (HST)… and here they are. We didn’t have to use them in October, so I was able to still catch up and use October a bit to catch up.

Little houses, too cute. Octobers direction were for making the 12 Square in a square (SiaS) blocks that I showed up above. After placing one triangle on, I noticed how cute these would look as little houses as well. It would almost look like a candy house. While also catching up on my Foothills Mystery Quilt Sew-a-Long, I caught up on my Abacus Quilt-a-Long with Christa. Hers was weekly and because of my delays with family and so forth, they are already at the quilting stage. That’s ok, I have until Nov. 12th for the final reveal! Everything is ready and layed out for me to put the rows together when I get home. 
Once again with this one, I decided to go outside of my comfort zone and try something different. I am certainly enjoying the fact that I did and I am certainly thrilled with how this is going. I am falling more in love with this bright teal and that Mustang line… oh that Mustang line from Cotton and Steal. If I could buy bolts beyond bolts of all of their lines, I would never leave my sewing machine or cutting table. 

The mix of both the Foothills Mystery Quilt and Abacus Quilt-a-Long are even pretty! What have you guys been up to and what is on your agenda to get done? Any deadlines? I have lots of them and it is making me keep going… that and this awesome Sewing room I have now… pictures to come Friday!

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2 comments on “Playing Catch Up

  1. Your scrap pile from these projects is super pretty! 🙂 I don't have any big deadlines yet – I am trying to keep up with some pretty oversized queen size quilts (2 which I would like to have done by January) and that is going OK for the moment. I have big ideas for a few tutorials which I should work on this weekend, which will be a fun distraction. 🙂


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