Pink Castle Fabrics – Color Inspiration Club

I have officially joined the Color Inspiration Club with Pink Castle Fabrics. I joined in the middle of September and I received my first package a few weeks ago, but with family in town I have been either extremely busy or playing catch up (which then in turns continues to keep me busy). Viscous cycle.

I had been debating it for a few months as I know I have an issue with not selecting or choosing a lot of solids; even though I love solids. What seems to continue to catch the eye though for the immediate buy is prints for me. I have a high assumption that I am not the only one with this dilemma… right?!?!? (I better not be hearing crickets) I knew I needed to build my solids stash and what better way to also purchase more of a specific color if need be for a project? At least I know the color and won’t have to match with an alternating manufacture or ”best matched color”. It was a win/win which made it worth the monthly fee. So in turn, I decided this will continue to help me with my solids and keep me some-what well rounded. Plus, who could turn down all of these yummy colors?

My first month was September as I got it before the deadline for receiving that month (I really wanted that coral color… I am obsessed!) and as you can see below, the colors are more yummy in person! I was so excited when I opened this up as you are with anything you only see online; you wonder if what you see is what you will actually get. This in fact was and is even better! The feel of the fabric is lovely, too! Another win/win!!! I highly encourage anyone to join one of their clubs, I really wish I could join them all! For now… Color Inspiration Club it is. 
Does anyone else use a fabric club like this? Maybe already in this particular club? Any thoughts or advice on them? If I have one fear with it, is that I may grow my solids so big I will have to stop for awhile and use some up before receiving more, but how do you stop a fabric purchase once it is already underway! That is a huge taboo for me!!! LoL 


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