Abacus: Finished Quilt Top

Man this weather has been lovely here in Kansas City! How is it everywhere else in the world? I am going to be soaking in as much of this weather as I can because I feel like the leaves are changing and on the ground already, and we aren’t done with October yet. Winter I feel is going to be here sooner this year. With that, I am taking advantage of the outdoor weather pictures until I must be huddled up inside.

I have finished my Abacus QAL Top from Christa Quilts and I am loving the way it turned out! So glad that I continued on with this and did not stick with a one color way for each row. I originally wanted to change it up without going out of the overall theme of the quilt top which is where I first decided to not use solids and to use prints.

I did play around with the idea of just having all of the prints randomly placed; however I wanted to still stick with the main ”theme” of the design which is still having colors gradually move into others… with that, came the use of using them in coordinating colors and to move through colors smoothly. While these are some bold colors to do that with, I think I pulled it off pretty well. I wish I had another pink or form of pink  to go for the 3rd row; however I still have no complaints overall on this top. You can’t go wrong with Cotton + Steel, let alone the Mustang line.

Is anyone else this neurotic when they are sewing and need to keep things in line? I mean, really… I would drive myself mad without those blank white cards! I’ve been without them prior but once I have started using them, I won’t be going back! It continually keeps me in check with what I was originally going for, and it still allows me to change things up if I wanted to… and easily! Because now I know exactly what was going where. #quilterproblems

Laying it out before I cut them all into circles. I really enjoyed making this quilt top and now it is off to quilt it! I have some ideas of the way I will be quilting it, but have not finalized it visually in my head yet. I am giving myself until this weekend to figure it out because then it will be quilted! It is going to be yet another twist to this quilt that I have taken outside of the solids already, but I will say that ‘twist’ is a key word!

I apparently don’t color inside the lines, but I follow directions well. hehe
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