Outdoor Pillows and a Dog Bed

Happy Halloween! I do not have any kids, so I don’t have any cute pictures to show of kids in costumes or anything I have made for them… but I do have some cut pillows and a dog bed to share with you today! 
While my family was out here almost a month ago (it doesn’t seem that long!), we did quite a bit. Each day it was planned out and we had a destination to be at for various reasons. Two of the major things we did was go to the Lake of the Ozarks and a complete makeover to my quilting/sewing room
My sister had mentioned wanting some outdoor pillows made for her backyard decor. One of our trips was to go to the fabric store so off we went to search for durable outdoor fabric. I was so busy sewing these and working with my sister I never took before, during or even after photos. These are all photos my sister has sent to me since she arrived back home in Arizona. It works, because now they are showing their good use! That makes me smile!

I made both pillows with an envelope backing so that the covers would be easy to wash and you can replace the form anytime due to the fact that they will be utilized outside.

My sister chose the fabric and I think she has a great eye for design, color and as well as mix and matching. I just did the labor to make the fabric into a pillow. I really think they turned out well, so much so that I almost had a hard time letting her take them home as I wanted a pair for myself. 
Later in the week we were talking and decided that Diesel needed a dog bed. Diesel is my sisters VERY large dog that I got for her back in 2009 from our oldest brother Mike. For our 2nd trip to the fabric store we got the top of the dog bed fabric as well as the royal blue siding color. 
Dog Bed Measures: 30” diameter
Has a 20” zipper for easy washing and removal of filling

I already had the read in my stash and we ended up putting an extra piece of the exterior pillow fabric on the back to help prevent any tearing. The center seams to be part of where dog beds wear and tear a lot and especially on rigid cement such as my sisters backyard, so we are hoping this helps with the longevity.


It appears that Diesel approves as well! He is such a good dog, just SO big! He makes this large dog bed almost look tiny, but I swear it isn’t!

Mastiff and Weimaraner mix

I didn’t follow any pattern, I just winged it when it came to putting it together. I did learn one lesson (which really I should have known, but it was so late when I was sewing this) which is what caused the small bunching you see in the pic of Diesel on the dog bed around the zipper, but it is so minor and this was for my sister so I didn’t have to rip and re-sew… but I didn’t remove 1/2” on the bottom circle since I lost that with the sewing of the top circle. Ack! I will show more of how I put these together on the next set of dog beds I am making. Look for that post next week!

I am linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts – Finish it Friday! Show off your stuff!


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