Happy Mail Monday

So it’s Tuesday; however I had an awesome Happy Mail Monday when I got home from my ‘real job’ last night. THREE PACKAGES!?! That’s triple the happiness!

First and foremost, my order from Connecting Threads. A few weeks ago I won a giveaway from Diary of a Quilter with Amy Smart, it was a gift card to Connecting Threads and wouldn’t you know it… I WON! Ok, I have my top list of quilters I admire; however Amy will forever hold a spot with me as she was my very first quilt blog I began reading avidly. Anyhow, with not only it being a giveaway from her awesome blog it was also from my newest favorite place to get all of my thread! They sell other stuff which I have ordered as well, but they are by far my #1 go-to place for thread if it isn’t needed like, yesterday. It took me a little over a week to finally decide what to best utilize my gift card on. This was the ending items that made the cut.

Bobbin holder (30 of them!)
Essential 50wt – Celebration thread set
Essential 50wt – Cerulean
Essential 50wt – Mint
Essential Thread 50wt (Variegated) – Luck O’ the Irish
Essential Polyester Cone – White
Quick Curve Ruler
Clover Air Erasable Marker in Purple

Who could resist this cutie!? I know I couldn’t! Once I saw it, I knew I had to have it. I loved where I put my bobbins, but no matter how neat I did the thread, they still always ended up coming undone. This has now resolved my issue while being cute (which it had me at GREEN anyway). What I love is that I can keep stacking additional ones on there and my goal is to have the leaning tower of bobbins. Challenge accepted.

Onto more great happy mail! I received my Fat Quarter Shop order of the MODA Modern Building Blocks card. Yay! I will be starting this and another (doing 2 at the same time) in January 2015! Stay tuned!

Then a few weeks ago Fabric Fly advertised on Instagram a sale on some Fat Quarters (or close to size) and it was all random, you just stated how many you wanted. I went for 15.

These are my favorites from the pile, the ones that I will have to find something worthy to make something with. The others are great for random or scrap projects.

I will not be able to ever cut this up and will use it in a project in its entirety. ;o)
The deep coral (not red as it appears) and great text print… oh and those pin wheels!
Talk about feeling rich with gold. 

Has anyone else received some awesome happy mail? What did you get? I feel like I am on a whole different taste of style than so many others! Ah! I am beginning to own that word ‘fabric hoarder’. So many prints that I never seem to want others to have… but I can’t have everything (or that is at least what the adult in me keeps saying).

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Got my mind on sewing and sewing on my mind

It is another fresh week, and here in Kansas City it is a bit extremely cold. Especially for this Southern California girl. Oh I miss my beach days. I spent a good part of this past weekend sewing (as normal) and got quite a bit done. I do have one new project that is top secret until early next year as well as I started on my Foothills Mystery Quilt for November’s instruction, I was playing catch up last month and I am glad I am no longer behind.

So I have a ‘regular’ job… where I am an Office Manager for a Construction Company and so I do the books and run the office for lots of men. Because it is construction, it can be really busy or really slow. When it is slow and I can’t think of anything else but sewing (sometimes coming up with yet another WIP to add to the list), this is what happens…

Does this happen to anyone else? Do you sometimes feel you have to eventually just let your creative juices out so that you don’t feel so wound up with it in your head? I find myself doing this often as I have several pieces of paper with random patterns or drawings on it. I have had this playing around in my head for awhile and mostly so since I received my Low Volume Swap Charms back (I’ll post photos tomorrow)… they are so super yummy! Not one print failed for any factor of “eh”. Pretty impressive. The fabric that I included as my charm swap was a pretty cute word search text print. Fun, right?

Not sure how a Word Search print made me think of a Crossword Puzzle. I just know that Low Volume spoke to me and immediately I thought of doing a black background; however for some reason that wasn’t singing to me and I am not the hugest fan of a black background when you would have so much of it. So once again as I always do, I am adding a twist to the Crossword Puzzle ‘pattern’ I have laid out and mixing it up with my Colors Inspiration Club colors that I get in each month! Exciting, right!?!?! I am also too excited to get going on this as it should go together really easy and super quick. I have something on my design wall now, but look out because this will be bumping it’s way in tonight! Lots of colors and lots of Low Volume Charms.

Sew Stitching Cute

Liberty of London Swap (Tana Lawn) Round 1 – Finish

We have reached the end of the week now, when we were only counting down the days from Monday earlier this week. It is dreadfully cold here on the Kansas City area and I am not looking forward to the few inches they are calling of snow for tomorrow. Winter is the time when I wish I was able to go back to Southern Cali for the season and forget all about the bitter cold. One day.

A few added extras that which I knew my partner loved.
Dark chocolate and knitting.
I do have a finish for the time being though! Yay for finishes! I also have a finish that was given to me! I participated in the #LoLSwapRound1 which consisted of quite a few ladies and it was a secret partner swap. I really enjoyed it and hope to participate in the next round. The only requirement was that you must make at least one swap item and the fabric could only be Liberty of London’s Tana Lana line. This was my first time working with L.O.L. and Oh. Em. Gee. LOVE THEM! While I don’t know if the Tana Lana line was the greatest for me to work with being the first time as it is literally like silk and I want to make clothing items out of this line as I think they would feel so great! (Next summer?) 

From my partner:
“Get. Out. Of. Here. SQUEAL!!!!!!!” Those were the exact words out of my mouth when I saw my gift from my swap partner (whom I only know through instagram @jessmakes). She made me this UH-MAZING paper pieced frog Zippered Pouch!!!

Not only that, she tuned right into my obsession with not only frogs (#1) but pillows (#2) and made me an amazing rainbow Liberty of London Tana Lana prints. “Get. Out. Of. Here.” I know! It is so eloquently quilted on the front and lined so lovely inside as well! I was completely blown away! I want like 50 more of these! No really.

If the fun stopped there, I would have been ecstatic; however I think she was aiming for me to just be flabbergasted. Achieved. With my items, she included a GREEN Frixon pen (LOVING IT!), Rice Krispy Treats (Childhood guilty pleasure), bright green note cards (already in use), 10 binding clips (insert squeal face here) and what I am never without, Trident Spearmint gum. Get. Out. Of. Here. And yes, that is an empty wrapper before getting the first picture. Don’t judge.


What I made my partner:
I showed some of the items earlier when I had two of the items made. I made a pillow case (because I’m obsessed with pillows) and yes, my pillow form was a bit big for the case, but eh… I think it’s still photo worthy. This was the first time I ventured out into just “going with it” when it came to the overall design. I also changed this up a bit as I went along. It was also my first time doing real applique with lots of twists, turns and several thread changes.


At first the moon was originally going to be a sun (in a different fabric) and I was going to stitch with yellow thread the ‘rays’ of the sun, but when I saw the lovely fabric that now makes the moon, I instantly saw how it worked better. The dark and light blue split across made me think of the midnight sky and how it casts darker and lighter sometimes at it’s prettiest moments. Therefore, I made a moon and decided it would hopefully come across as a ‘midnight forest’ almost.

I had already cut my circles that were originally going to make up what were originally going to be flowers, I find that I appreciate them more as trees and the flowery fabric make it give the leaf and flower effect that would possibly grow on trees or even large bushes if you may. I also decided that this lovely print of fabric would make a great base for all of the small patches of grass, weeds or anything else that grows on the bed of a forest. Using green thread, I also stitched on top of the fabric that created the ‘ground’ to give the effect of grass… what do you think?

I couldn’t just stop at a pillow case either. So… I added just a few more items to the list. 


One Large/One Small Open Wide Zippered Pouch

I ended the zipper pulls with ribbon crimps and two charms. The smaller one with a symbol that represents friendship, as that is what I gained with several during this swap and an E, which is the first letter of                     my partners name.                                             
I really did have SEW much fun with this and I really intend to join in more swaps. It is such a fun way to even learn new crafts or ideas as well as gain additional friendships. She did receive her packed earlier this week (Monday) and her report was “SHE LOVES EVERYTHING!” I will wrap that up to it being Sew Stitching Cute.
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Abacus Quilt in Progress

It is Wednesday once again, and once again I am thankful that we are on the down slope of the week. I feel the Holiday pressure already. How about you? I had intended to have my Abacus quilt quilted and at least ready to be binded by this past weekend, but you know how life goes. This quilt design was created by Christa from Christa Quilts for her Fall Quilt-a-Long, and I enjoyed every moment of it! It isn’t ever too late to join in on a Quilt-a-Long and I think this can be done in really some fun ways for a baby quilt!

Photos are horrible, as I am disliking the daylight savings time. By the time I get home it is already dark and I keep forgetting to bring my items to work to take during the day with the beautiful backgrounds.

I do at least have all of the ‘blank’ circles done through quilting as well as some of the exterior quilting. You can clearly tell my circles are by far perfect, but that is ok. I am quilting with my new sewing machine and well, I am just not a fan of free motion quilting on a domestic machine. I believe you need a long arm for it (at least for me). I can’t seam to ‘draw’ when I move the ‘paper’ (fabric/quilt)… I need to draw by moving the ‘pen’ (needle). I am only doing what I am calling a “stipple loop” on the exterior. I am loving the way it is turning out overall, I just need to get it done. The original design has it straight and not ’tilted’. I decided to do this as I always love ‘twisting’ things up and because I wanted it a little bit bigger (for no real reason). It was not as challenging to add the slanted parts as I thought it would be; however I am pretty sure I did it slightly the longer way than what a more experienced quilter would have done… either way, it got the job done! 
I intend to do the binding in the same teal color as I want it to give the effect on the front of a floating Abacus. Also, I think it would be fun for some people thinking the blanket is off kilter when in reality it is not. I may or may not have already had this happen to me a few times when I am holding it up. hehehe
I chose this practically hot pink with small white polka-dots in it (once again, no real reason). It was more laziness as I was going through my stash of fabric and when I pulled this out, it was literally the perfect over-size needed for the quilting. So… to save myself either piecing a back or cutting into another large bundle of fabric, I just went with it. I’m most certainly not a pink person by any means, but I still like it. It looks like I haven’t quilting all of the blank circles yet, but the circles now being created are the two shadow curved lines that I am quilting in between each circle, so up close they are almost boxy-type circles because of how it is creating it. I think the back will be almost just as fun as the front!
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Rock’n Round Robin Progress

Not too much to update, I still have the same WIPs as I did last week (aside from the two dog beds for the SIL and BIL which I’ll be showing later). I have made progress on my Rock’n Round Robin row which was added onto from my partners prior row.

I can only show the progress shots of what I did as I can’t show everything since she may be reading this blog. Each square is 6.5” x 6.5”. It took me awhile to know what I wanted to do for hers as I unfortunately did not have the time for another 600-700 squares for what I did on my own row. I finally decided I wanted to do something in the realms of what I had done on my own (she had actually made a comment stating how well it would look on her row) but yet wanted to have it flow with hers as well. In her sheet that she sent with the row, she requested to stay in the darker tones if possible as this will be on her bed once it is complete. My original row was very bright and some could say it is obnoxiously loud, so again I wanted to stick with my personality and keep that in there, but also add in some darker tones. The row she sent to me is the long row of variegated chunks of Batiks in rectangles.

Along came my idea, which was to keep the strip feel of her row, the diamond shape of my row and a mix of dark and bright tones. I finally decided I would do an off-point triangle made with strips. She had also requested to put some of the black she had on her row into what we did (not necessary, but a request); therefore I decided to do the off-point diamonds in the center with the black from her stash that she sent.

I am really pleased with how it is coming out and it is as I imagined. I will have this completed tonight as these are pretty quick to make, just a lot of trips sewing, pressing, cutting,… and then repeat. Each strip requires those steps… so I have made an approximate total of 91 trips from the sewing machine to the ironing board to the cutting board while making 13 – 6.5” squares (average of 7 strips per square)… woo-wee! This is when I would be a pedometer! I think my row will be a Sew Stitching Cute addition!

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Thank you little sister, Thank you mom

So about a week ago, my little Singer of a sewing machine took a downfall on me and the repair did not warrant the cost of the machine originally. Ugh! I was going to have to look into a new machine and/or rent one until I could… I have too many deadlines and things to finish!

Yes.. I post a picture of me attempting to look frustrated.

So… I was talking to my sister about it and she ended up surprising me/informing me that her and my mother went in for my official 30th Birthday present (December) of getting me a sewing machine. I was ecstatic! (Talk about perfect timing)

It arrived last night! At this moment, I want to do nothing but try out every little thing on this machine. I did end up doing some sewing last night, and so far so good.

The monogramming is simple and 1/4” in height. Some have complained about this, yet for me it is perfect for any simple personalizing for monograms or even labels. If you wanted to do serious monogramming, I would hope that others would be aware you would then need to spend some extra dollars?

It has PLENTY of stitches for me to utilize and when I am sewing, the motor really gives off a punch by being able to take the fabric with ease. I enjoy the drop-in bobbin (first for me) and it works well so far. I am hoping to not run into any issues that some reviewers have stated… and if so, my sister has reminded me I can gladly take it back and upgrade to something else. To be honest, I am more thankful of the thought of her and my mom getting me a machine that was an upgrade from what I had, and well,… the thought period. I don’t believe I will have any issues that can’t be dealt with! I truly am a graceful soul and appreciate the effort(s) from others than the actual items. The items seem to be the bonus of the others hard work and for that, I will always be grateful.

Mrs. B, all ready to sew her heart out for me

This is no Tin Lizzie, Janome, Bernina or any of the other “fancy” high priced ones out there; but it mine and does enough for me, I have no doubt it will get the job done. One day I will have the bigger, fancier machines… until then, it will be me and Mrs. B. Not sure why I came up with Mrs. B, but when I was thinking of a name, it was the first thing that came to mind and it has stuck. It seems fitting though as it is a Brother machine and you can utilize “B” for just about any other ‘cool’ name. ;o)

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