Thank you little sister, Thank you mom

So about a week ago, my little Singer of a sewing machine took a downfall on me and the repair did not warrant the cost of the machine originally. Ugh! I was going to have to look into a new machine and/or rent one until I could… I have too many deadlines and things to finish!

Yes.. I post a picture of me attempting to look frustrated.

So… I was talking to my sister about it and she ended up surprising me/informing me that her and my mother went in for my official 30th Birthday present (December) of getting me a sewing machine. I was ecstatic! (Talk about perfect timing)

It arrived last night! At this moment, I want to do nothing but try out every little thing on this machine. I did end up doing some sewing last night, and so far so good.

The monogramming is simple and 1/4” in height. Some have complained about this, yet for me it is perfect for any simple personalizing for monograms or even labels. If you wanted to do serious monogramming, I would hope that others would be aware you would then need to spend some extra dollars?

It has PLENTY of stitches for me to utilize and when I am sewing, the motor really gives off a punch by being able to take the fabric with ease. I enjoy the drop-in bobbin (first for me) and it works well so far. I am hoping to not run into any issues that some reviewers have stated… and if so, my sister has reminded me I can gladly take it back and upgrade to something else. To be honest, I am more thankful of the thought of her and my mom getting me a machine that was an upgrade from what I had, and well,… the thought period. I don’t believe I will have any issues that can’t be dealt with! I truly am a graceful soul and appreciate the effort(s) from others than the actual items. The items seem to be the bonus of the others hard work and for that, I will always be grateful.

Mrs. B, all ready to sew her heart out for me

This is no Tin Lizzie, Janome, Bernina or any of the other “fancy” high priced ones out there; but it mine and does enough for me, I have no doubt it will get the job done. One day I will have the bigger, fancier machines… until then, it will be me and Mrs. B. Not sure why I came up with Mrs. B, but when I was thinking of a name, it was the first thing that came to mind and it has stuck. It seems fitting though as it is a Brother machine and you can utilize “B” for just about any other ‘cool’ name. ;o)

Sew Stitching Cute


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