Rock’n Round Robin Progress

Not too much to update, I still have the same WIPs as I did last week (aside from the two dog beds for the SIL and BIL which I’ll be showing later). I have made progress on my Rock’n Round Robin row which was added onto from my partners prior row.

I can only show the progress shots of what I did as I can’t show everything since she may be reading this blog. Each square is 6.5” x 6.5”. It took me awhile to know what I wanted to do for hers as I unfortunately did not have the time for another 600-700 squares for what I did on my own row. I finally decided I wanted to do something in the realms of what I had done on my own (she had actually made a comment stating how well it would look on her row) but yet wanted to have it flow with hers as well. In her sheet that she sent with the row, she requested to stay in the darker tones if possible as this will be on her bed once it is complete. My original row was very bright and some could say it is obnoxiously loud, so again I wanted to stick with my personality and keep that in there, but also add in some darker tones. The row she sent to me is the long row of variegated chunks of Batiks in rectangles.

Along came my idea, which was to keep the strip feel of her row, the diamond shape of my row and a mix of dark and bright tones. I finally decided I would do an off-point triangle made with strips. She had also requested to put some of the black she had on her row into what we did (not necessary, but a request); therefore I decided to do the off-point diamonds in the center with the black from her stash that she sent.

I am really pleased with how it is coming out and it is as I imagined. I will have this completed tonight as these are pretty quick to make, just a lot of trips sewing, pressing, cutting,… and then repeat. Each strip requires those steps… so I have made an approximate total of 91 trips from the sewing machine to the ironing board to the cutting board while making 13 – 6.5” squares (average of 7 strips per square)… woo-wee! This is when I would be a pedometer! I think my row will be a Sew Stitching Cute addition!

I am linking up today with WIP Wednesday w/ Freshly Pieced and Lets Bee Social w/Sew Fresh Quilts. Join in on the party and show your stuff off!


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