Liberty of London Swap (Tana Lawn) Round 1 – Finish

We have reached the end of the week now, when we were only counting down the days from Monday earlier this week. It is dreadfully cold here on the Kansas City area and I am not looking forward to the few inches they are calling of snow for tomorrow. Winter is the time when I wish I was able to go back to Southern Cali for the season and forget all about the bitter cold. One day.

A few added extras that which I knew my partner loved.
Dark chocolate and knitting.
I do have a finish for the time being though! Yay for finishes! I also have a finish that was given to me! I participated in the #LoLSwapRound1 which consisted of quite a few ladies and it was a secret partner swap. I really enjoyed it and hope to participate in the next round. The only requirement was that you must make at least one swap item and the fabric could only be Liberty of London’s Tana Lana line. This was my first time working with L.O.L. and Oh. Em. Gee. LOVE THEM! While I don’t know if the Tana Lana line was the greatest for me to work with being the first time as it is literally like silk and I want to make clothing items out of this line as I think they would feel so great! (Next summer?) 

From my partner:
“Get. Out. Of. Here. SQUEAL!!!!!!!” Those were the exact words out of my mouth when I saw my gift from my swap partner (whom I only know through instagram @jessmakes). She made me this UH-MAZING paper pieced frog Zippered Pouch!!!

Not only that, she tuned right into my obsession with not only frogs (#1) but pillows (#2) and made me an amazing rainbow Liberty of London Tana Lana prints. “Get. Out. Of. Here.” I know! It is so eloquently quilted on the front and lined so lovely inside as well! I was completely blown away! I want like 50 more of these! No really.

If the fun stopped there, I would have been ecstatic; however I think she was aiming for me to just be flabbergasted. Achieved. With my items, she included a GREEN Frixon pen (LOVING IT!), Rice Krispy Treats (Childhood guilty pleasure), bright green note cards (already in use), 10 binding clips (insert squeal face here) and what I am never without, Trident Spearmint gum. Get. Out. Of. Here. And yes, that is an empty wrapper before getting the first picture. Don’t judge.


What I made my partner:
I showed some of the items earlier when I had two of the items made. I made a pillow case (because I’m obsessed with pillows) and yes, my pillow form was a bit big for the case, but eh… I think it’s still photo worthy. This was the first time I ventured out into just “going with it” when it came to the overall design. I also changed this up a bit as I went along. It was also my first time doing real applique with lots of twists, turns and several thread changes.


At first the moon was originally going to be a sun (in a different fabric) and I was going to stitch with yellow thread the ‘rays’ of the sun, but when I saw the lovely fabric that now makes the moon, I instantly saw how it worked better. The dark and light blue split across made me think of the midnight sky and how it casts darker and lighter sometimes at it’s prettiest moments. Therefore, I made a moon and decided it would hopefully come across as a ‘midnight forest’ almost.

I had already cut my circles that were originally going to make up what were originally going to be flowers, I find that I appreciate them more as trees and the flowery fabric make it give the leaf and flower effect that would possibly grow on trees or even large bushes if you may. I also decided that this lovely print of fabric would make a great base for all of the small patches of grass, weeds or anything else that grows on the bed of a forest. Using green thread, I also stitched on top of the fabric that created the ‘ground’ to give the effect of grass… what do you think?

I couldn’t just stop at a pillow case either. So… I added just a few more items to the list. 


One Large/One Small Open Wide Zippered Pouch

I ended the zipper pulls with ribbon crimps and two charms. The smaller one with a symbol that represents friendship, as that is what I gained with several during this swap and an E, which is the first letter of                     my partners name.                                             
I really did have SEW much fun with this and I really intend to join in more swaps. It is such a fun way to even learn new crafts or ideas as well as gain additional friendships. She did receive her packed earlier this week (Monday) and her report was “SHE LOVES EVERYTHING!” I will wrap that up to it being Sew Stitching Cute.
I am linking up to Finish It Friday w/Crazy Mom Quilts, make sure to show your stuff off with me!

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