Happy Mail Monday

So it’s Tuesday; however I had an awesome Happy Mail Monday when I got home from my ‘real job’ last night. THREE PACKAGES!?! That’s triple the happiness!

First and foremost, my order from Connecting Threads. A few weeks ago I won a giveaway from Diary of a Quilter with Amy Smart, it was a gift card to Connecting Threads and wouldn’t you know it… I WON! Ok, I have my top list of quilters I admire; however Amy will forever hold a spot with me as she was my very first quilt blog I began reading avidly. Anyhow, with not only it being a giveaway from her awesome blog it was also from my newest favorite place to get all of my thread! They sell other stuff which I have ordered as well, but they are by far my #1 go-to place for thread if it isn’t needed like, yesterday. It took me a little over a week to finally decide what to best utilize my gift card on. This was the ending items that made the cut.

Bobbin holder (30 of them!)
Essential 50wt – Celebration thread set
Essential 50wt – Cerulean
Essential 50wt – Mint
Essential Thread 50wt (Variegated) – Luck O’ the Irish
Essential Polyester Cone – White
Quick Curve Ruler
Clover Air Erasable Marker in Purple

Who could resist this cutie!? I know I couldn’t! Once I saw it, I knew I had to have it. I loved where I put my bobbins, but no matter how neat I did the thread, they still always ended up coming undone. This has now resolved my issue while being cute (which it had me at GREEN anyway). What I love is that I can keep stacking additional ones on there and my goal is to have the leaning tower of bobbins. Challenge accepted.

Onto more great happy mail! I received my Fat Quarter Shop order of the MODA Modern Building Blocks card. Yay! I will be starting this and another (doing 2 at the same time) in January 2015! Stay tuned!

Then a few weeks ago Fabric Fly advertised on Instagram a sale on some Fat Quarters (or close to size) and it was all random, you just stated how many you wanted. I went for 15.

These are my favorites from the pile, the ones that I will have to find something worthy to make something with. The others are great for random or scrap projects.

I will not be able to ever cut this up and will use it in a project in its entirety. ;o)
The deep coral (not red as it appears) and great text print… oh and those pin wheels!
Talk about feeling rich with gold. 

Has anyone else received some awesome happy mail? What did you get? I feel like I am on a whole different taste of style than so many others! Ah! I am beginning to own that word ‘fabric hoarder’. So many prints that I never seem to want others to have… but I can’t have everything (or that is at least what the adult in me keeps saying).

Sew Stitching Cute


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