2015 – My Year of Change

Happy New Year

Tomorrow, I will have been 30 years old for exactly one month. I have been starting to speak about my journey of re-creating myself. I have known for months awhile now that I would be walking into 2015 with a new outlook. I knew I was going to also set my goals accountable on my blog and had been thinking about goals I really wanted to focus on. I have enjoyed seeing other quilt bloggers resolutions and even more excited to see where we all end up in a year. 

After some intense thoughtful planning, I have broken my goals up into a total of 11. If you know me, I really dislike even numbers. Not so much that I should would need to be placed into a hospital, but you know. I do actually have a total of 12; however I am leaving the last one unknown for the end of the year for me to analyze my year throughout and see what resolution/goal came about without me even realizing it, or maybe that one that was to be added once other things fell into place. In my head, I only have 11 and am “adding” 1 more, so I am still using odd numbers, even if the result is 12… well; it doesn’t bother me so much and I just don’t think about it! (Don’t worry, I don’t understand it either)
While I will be focusing on all of my goals throughout the year, each month I will be reflecting more intensely on one specific goal and analyze myself for how I may better it, how I may alter things or who knows. (insert shrugging shoulders) These are placed in such a order that I feel will work as the year flows (but please don’t hold me too accountable) and I may switch some up as the year goes so make sure to check back as I will update this throughout the year with the posts that specifically identify to the goals! 

So what are your goals or resolutions for 2015? I am eager to hear them and for the year to play itself out to reflect how well we all kept to our own accountability. Here is to 2015 and each year to follow! HAPPY NEW YEAR again everyone!
I am linking up with Yvonne w/ Quilting Jet Girl for thankful Thursday’s! Be sure to link up as well! 
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