QuiltCon Charity Quilt – Sylvia’s Place

Happy DAY AFTER NEW YEAR! How was your FIRST day of the NEW YEAR of 2015? I hope not suffering from too much of any hangover, even though that can be the sign of a great night. All depending who you speak to! hehe. I myself, spent the evening in my sewing room, sewing away and when the clock struck midnight, I BROKE THE THREAD. ha! Not really, that just sounded cool. I did get to moving on some sewing though.

I joined in with the MQG and along with a group of other lovely ladies, we made a quilt for QuiltCon – Charity 2015. BIG SMILES!

Nothing like last minute, right? I have had two family emergencies happen in the past two weeks and it kept me away from everything. All I had left to do was put the binding on and sew the label and sleeve on. Luckily, those don’t take too terribly long. I finished it up Tuesday night, took pictures Wednesday late morning and mailed it out Wednesday afternoon. Phew!

In this Charity quilt, I volunteered to be sub-leader, as I didn’t have the time to ensure all ran smoothly but was willing to help in any other way with direction (sometimes being told what is needed and just doing it, is mindless activity for me rather than having to think ahead and prepare). Chrystine Hendrickson with Chrystines Custom Quilts was our leader and she came up with the design as well as pieced the top together; the other ladies sent her blocks that they were assigned to. I am really loving this quilt and wish I had one for myself!

The back, quilting and scrumptious scrappy binding was done by yours truly. Originally Chrystine and our chose to use Ash for the back; however going to every store possible and they either didn’t have it or didn’t carry it. There was plenty of SNOW though. I didn’t want to have to wait and order it (which at this point for when I got it done, wouldn’t have mattered. Ugh). I went ahead and purchased the SNOW for the back. With that, Chrystine and I also had originally decided on the ASH color for the binding as well… I went with approximately 20” a piece of scrappy binding. I was hesitant at first, but REALLY love it now. Don’t you? I have found that I love both solid and scrappy bindings just the same… and I honestly don’t think there is ever a right or wrong with it on ANY quilt.

For the quilting I did a lot of straight-ish lines along the empty space, and kept it to straight-ish lines throughout aside from a few curved angles to help give it more appeal. I did what I call “looped straight lines” (I am sure they have a more official name), where I went back and forth but gave it a curve to continue on down through the shapes. I have a few spots where I got stuck, but overall I was really happy with myself and the quilting. My quilting has come a long ways in just the past year. I also wanted to emphasize the color shapes on the front and not the specific blocks, so I made sure I quilted those in a whole rather than separately.

In the end, I really love the texture on this quilt and the weight of it. I really was sad to have to see this go and am tempted to make one for myself because I loved it that much. But someone else out there needs it more than us which is why after it’s brief stay at QuiltCon in February 2015, it will be sent to Judy (contributor – who was first to send her blocks in) to then be donated to a locate battered women’s shelter near her called Sylvia’s Place. I am so honored to be a part of this charity and to have been a part of such a wonderful, giving and inspiring set of women! I look forward to it again next year! What have you donated in 2014 and any plans to donate in 2015?

Block Piecing:
Jane Adolf – Kentucky
Susan Clay – Ohio
Ginny Fisher – Indiana
Judy Habetler – Michigan

Design & Top Construction:
Chrystine Hendrickson – Missouri

Back, Quilting and Binding:
Megan Jorrick – Kansas

I am linking up to Finish it Friday with Crazy Mom Quilts… Show your stuff off too!

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