There’s always TIME for WINE

When they’re gone… is when you miss them. Notice how that happens. All. The. Time? I do. Everyone says it enough, the good `ole saying, “You won’t know what you’re missing til it’s gone.” Well, I miss my Mom and Dad. Being from Southern California and having all of your relatives in either Southern Cali or Arizona and me being the only one so far away, makes it difficult for me to be ‘in’ on all of the family events and gatherings. I have lived away from home since I was 17 though; moving around quite a bit as I am considered the “adventurous” one in our family. Daring to take risks, is what I am told.

Back in October, both my Mom, Dad and little sister made a road trip out to visit me; which I shared here. Let me throw in a wrench for you, my parents have been divorced for about 25 years. The relationship carried between them both now has not always been the case. I am thankful for what it is now and so much so that they were able to drive across country with one another and the baby of the family… all to come see me. I am sure I don’t have to explain how even one person can naturally think of driving with an ex for such a road trip or anything really… so without much else being said, lets just say I am more than thankful for it, I am grateful.

It has brought the relationship between myself and parents closer and has allowed for me to not feel so disconnected from them. I have not been back home since Christmas 2013 and have big hopes for making it out there this summer. Crossing fingers. With the new found relationship between my parents and I along with my own endeavor for finding myself this year, I have felt better and lighter already. No longer feeling as heavy as I have been with so much weighing on me with everything around me. But enough of the gushy stuff… you’re probably wondering what these pictures are of.

I turned 30 last month and my gift already from my mother was the total sewing room make-over. She also sent me a Christmas/Birthday/Care Package gift which included lots of fun, neat and extraordinary things. Most of this made from my mother herself. Did you see that bird house? I mean, how cute is THAT!? All made from wood and corks. Same for the little chest that came along with it and filled with goodies… a bag stuffed with more goodies and a special little red wrapped box.

My mom thinks of everything, really. This wonderful storage box was filled with hair ties, detangle brush, perfume samples, 6 super cute coasters, handmade hot-pot mat, gum, toothbrush, washi tape and tons more! I was extremely excited and overwhelmed by the gift as it was completed unexpected. It made me miss everyone that much more. I am currently using the box in my sewing room for random trinkets to go in it along with putting pins in it when I can’t find my other gazillion pin cushions (sad, right? ha). As I mentioned earlier, there was that adorably wrapped red box that was lovely labeled on the ribbon with, “When I saw this… I thought of you.” If you haven’t guessed already, well… that very first picture I shared was what was in that beautifully wrapped box. The most perfect vintage sewing machine treasure box! I am in absolute LOVE! I smile every time I see it sitting on my sewing room shelf and it makes me feel happy just looking at it. The little hand wheel even turns! I mean, really… how cute!

And just in case you ever wondered where my labeling O.C.D. comes from… well… now you know. My mothers cupboards in her home are even labeled, she turns all cans with the label facing forward and everything has its ‘place’, if you will. I never realized how much I was like her until I got older and even looking back on all of my projects and such in sewing and quilting, I label almost EVERYTHING. All in all though… I am thankful for having the parents I do, no matter what road was taken to get us to the relationship that we have today and I am thankful for receiving such incredibly thoughtful and thoughtless gifts. Knowing that someone thought of me when they saw something else, can make anyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.

What are you thankful for this week?

I am linking up to Thankful Thursday’s w/Quilting Jet Girl. Be sure to show your stuff off, too!


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