What I Did This Week #3 – WIDTW

Welcome to the first week where I felt like I had not completed or accomplished anything, yet when I am forced to look back at my week… I now feel accomplished. I still did not get done as much as I wanted, but tonight will end up being a late night to get lots done before tomorrow. For now, a simple mosaic of what was accomplished this week.

I got more supplies with Joann’s awesome sale going on this week, which included another 30% off come Sunday (so more shopping, yay!). This doesn’t help with using my stash; however they were required for what I am currently working on and they will be used immediately. I got two large pillows/floor pillow covers completed which I am in love with them, they even include a quilted front. The heart mini quilt is for the #schnitzelandboominiquiltswap that I am participating in and it will be mailed out tomorrow. No lie, I want one for myself now. My issue that I spoke about always needing two the other continues. I completed more on the quilt that I was asked to be part of with Fat Quarter Shop and I of course expressed my gratitude towards my lovely Christmas gift which included my favorite trinket, the vintage sewing machine treasure box, which I shared yesterday.

So, now that I have shared What I Did This Week… What Did YOU Do This Week!? I am eager to see!

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts


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3 comments on “What I Did This Week #3 – WIDTW

  1. Thanks for the link-up. It would be very nice if the code for your linky button were included in each linky post so we don't have to go search for it. Please? I love to include them in my blog post but don't have time to track them down. Thanks! 🙂


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