Rock’n Round Robin Progress

Happy Wednesday! How have all of you been!? If you’ve been around for a bit, you would remember when I spoke about the Rock’n Round Robin I joined last summer. I also finished forever ago last September my own very first row and sent it off.

You know, after I went back to that old blog post it made me really miss my row and be even more excited all over again to receive it back. I am extremely excited about what will be coming back to me. I definitely love surprises, but this one is killing me now after seeing my row. I also read back through that old blog post and found how negative I kind of was to myself for the row. I love having this blog to have the capability to look back in that way and to watch the changes and growth that occurs with your choices and how you feel about certain things. I am actually in love with this and I was very ”unsure” of it back in September of last year. I was loving it deep inside, I just wasn’t sure what others would think and I would hate for someone to not like/love it. Either way, I now stand proud of this row and can’t wait for it to shine in the center masterpiece that is being added onto and created by 6 other lovely women!!! It’s a nice reminder to never be too harsh on yourself and be happy with what you create, don’t worry about others.

I do have half of the blocks done for the next row to make for someone else’s Rock’n Round Robin quilt. She requested Halloween colors/theme. I decided on something simple because I am unfortunately not a Paper Piecer and aside from applique, I do not have any talent in the intricate designs in sewing pieces together. You have to remember, there are size requirements also; so the row is to measure 12.5” x 85”. I am hoping this fits well with what she already has, and because I am not showing the final design here. I’ll be finishing this up tonight and sending it off tomorrow, along with a few other things I need to mail off. I will share that in the next few days.

I chose to stick with the grey/black batik that is from my original row, so that it kept with my individuality with the row that was being on while also adding in two orange batik colors (one lighter, the other darker) with also different patterns on them. I love them both as they are ‘leaf-y’ patterns which I think fit with October colors with the fall and changing of the leaves colors during that time of year. With that, I made the center of the blocks brown with the same ‘leaf-y’ pattern as one of the oranges.

These are such simple blocks that allow for a great show case of patterns that I am now wanting to make an entire blanket with these blocks. One day. I am hoping the lady who’s this row is for (can’t say her name because then she will know this is for her quilt) finds that this fits well with her request. I am even more excited now to receive my entire quilt this summer and see the reveal of everyone else’s! I have a feeling this will be a beautiful showcase of batiks! What are all of you currently working on?

I am linking up today with WIP Wednesday w/ Freshly PiecedLets Bee Social w/Sew Fresh Quilts and Let’s Bee Social w/ Sew Fresh Quilts. Join in on the party and show your stuff off!


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