Sewing Room Shopping

Sunday, the last day to relax and enjoy any last remnants of life without a ‘real job’. Oh Mondays, how you loath me. I was productive today at least. Took care of lots of laundry and the never ending cleaning of the house. Lucky for my sewing/quilting room, cleaning and organizing on Sunday leaked in there as well. I finally decided that all loose fabric would finally find a home and all fabric large enough to be bolted, would.

Don’t they look so pretty? I love freshly ‘bolted’ fabric. I love not having to be careful not to allow the stack of fabric fall over as I try to get one from in the middle of the stack or even mess up my perfectly stacked fabric… which in turn makes me less likely to go to it because I specifically don’t want to mess it up and keep the prettiness as is. I know, I know… I have issues. I think any fabric hoarder does! It’s funny, when I began this, I swore that I would never become someone who has fabric for over a year… and here we are. haha. While organizing and going through everything I found some really fun prints I had forgotten all about that it made me feel like I had went shopping all day Sunday and came back with the mother load! My inspiration for each came back as well… now only if I can get myself to jot them down when I am thinking of them.

I got both of those lovely fat quarter stacks months back on Massdrop. They are scrumptious colors and I have yet to really think of the perfect quilt for these. One day it will come. For now, they look perfect on my shelves.

I originally bought these to create a winter emergency blanket (does that even make sense?), but this winter hasn’t been that horrible here and winter is beginning to pass. I have slowly been resigning myself to the fact that this will be coming about at the end of the year for NEXT winter. I did find plenty of fleece, small amount of canvas, a few flannel and even knits during all of my fabric clean up! Now it’s just time to make those shirts and baby blankets I have been wanting to do!

I never had any plans for any of the three photos above, I just liked most of the fabrics in them and someone on Instagram was selling them a few months back, so I snagged them up.

Color overload! I believe I purchased the purple and blue print at Joann’s, and I think I did it randomly as I liked the look of the fabric and figured I’d find something to make out of it one of these days. You know, when we have the fabric apocalypse and there is no fabric left anywhere… well I intend to be stocked! The red/pink and rainbow combo I recently made an Open Wide Zipper Pouch out of for a co-workers daughter and I loved how it turned out. It is a really fun fabric that you could get multiple uses out of but yet you find it difficult to get the inspiration for it because of it’s design. Strange how that works.

I have never been one to buy paneling for quilts, it is almost a little too ”traditional” for me; however when I saw these a long awhile ago at my LQS while I was quilting, I decided I should snag two panels as I thought these would actually make cute pillows for either indoor or outdoor. Here is to hoping my idea pans out!

And while I don’t believe this was the last of my Sewing Room shopping, it is the last of what I took a picture of. Unless it is handed down to me, cute prints like these is not something I tend to purchase. It was on sale at my LQS and it was one of the purchases I decided to make to help support the store. The only thing I am able to envision and see in this print is a receiving blanket or the back to a cute farm/vintage baby blanket. It will probably be awhile for that though. Phew! That was quite a bit of fabric!

Have you experienced a shopping day just in your Sewing Room? I’d love to see the fabric you found as I love seeing what others find… my eye doesn’t always catch what others do and then I wish mine had!

I am linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching w/Kathy’s Quilt and Sunday Stash w/Molli Sparkles so be sure to join and show off your stuff!


4 comments on “Sewing Room Shopping

  1. I can relate to all of this. For several years, I would buy a fat quarter or half yard of any bright diva print that hopped up and down and insisted on coming home with me. But I gradually realized that I could not make ANYTHING just from my stash because it was all these diva prints that fought with each other and no solids or neutrals to be the “supporting cast.” So last time I went to the LQS I bought an entire bolt each of black and white, and I'm planning to add some other solid bolts over time as well. I want a stash that will let me start sewing right away when I see a block I want to try in someone's blog tutorial or in a magazine.

    Your “Spring Is In the Air” fabric is adorable, by the way — I would love to embellish with hand embroidery and hot fix rhinestone bling. And another use for the school bus print would be to cut it up for an “I Spy” baby quilt. The little ones always get excited when they find a school bus or a fire truck!


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