Polka-dot Twins

Is it really Wednesday again? For some reason, it appears that Wednesdays are the one creeping up on me. This is typically the day I make sure anything I need mailed out or last minute things to pick up are done, but apparently not on this Wednesday. I was ill prepared. It all started this morning when my alarm clock went off at 5:30 a.m. like it does every work day, I snoozed it like I do every morning as I lay there preparing to wake up. Unfortunately, I woke up to it being a few minutes past 7:00 a.m. (which is the time I LEAVE for work). Needless to say I was out of the house in 10 minutes, and in those 10 minutes I accomplished:

Getting dressed
Brush my teeth
Scramble to throw my hair in a pony tail
Let all 3 dogs outside
Feed the dogs
Feed 2 cats
… and I made it to work with 5 minutes to spare.
So yes, I feel accomplished. Lucky for you (and me) I have at least some things that I am working on. I did finally piece together the Jelly Roll Jam II tops that I did in a super fun polka-dot jelly roll. It’s crazy seeing these in my sewing studio vs. outside; they appear so much bigger when on the design wall. They are just baby quilt size, approx. 40” square. Perfect for a play mat or snuggle up for a nap.

It was quite windy when I took these photos, so while it gave a nice flow-y appeal to it, that “flowiness” is difficult to capture in pictures. haha. I did find this picture funny as while I was taking them, I found myself almost thinking of this as a nice poncho sweater; the way it V’s in the center, the tree acting as the body, the “drapiness” and flow of the fabric. It made me chuckle a bit. 
My idea for these is for a set of fraternal twins… or a brother and sister that are close in age. Something that is individual for them but connects them with their sibling. I think they are fun and inviting and something that would catch baby and toddlers eyes. Simple shapes for their eyes, yet a colossal of them. 
I have also been working on a #craftybirthdaybash1 gift for the January birthday girl! (@jennyrach). This isn’t the finished product and I will be finishing it up tonight, I can’t risk her seeing it just yet. She will receive it soon and I will be sure to share it then, it has turned out quite well and I almost must make one for myself. I have a feeling you will think it is Sew Stitching Cute, too!
What have you all been working on this week? I’d love to add another WIP to my stack of them already!
I am linking up today with WIP Wednesday w/ Freshly Pieced and Lets Bee Social w/Sew Fresh Quilts. Join in on the party and show your stuff off!

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