What I Did This Week #5 – WIDTW

Hey lovlies! Another weekend down! :::insert high five here::: How was your week? Anything eventful, exciting… or lots of awesome sewing? Personally, I don’t have anything exciting or eventful, but I DO have lots of sewing. I have been entirely busy all week. There was only one day this week I did not stay up until Midnight sewing and that was last night. I could have, but decided I’d relax for the night because I knew Friday night I would be up late doing even more. Lets recap:

I did show my face again on Instagram as I did spend the weekend with a friend and as always with her, I enjoy myself. We seem to connect in a way where we could literally just look at one another and know what the other was going to say. Each time we are around one another (which is at least once a week) we laugh pretty hard as there are several times we look at each other because we said the same thing at the same time (1, 2, 3 jinx!) or either one was just thinking what the other just stated. It’s pretty crazy and sometimes creeps us out (in a good way), as we even ‘sigh’ at the same time and so forth. In any case, my whole point to this ramble is that it really is pretty awesome to have a friendship of that sort. We definitely have our heated discussions, but we have always maintained respect for one another. We are both really strong individuals and that can be difficult between two women, but we discuss our friendship and what we expect from it on the other party quite often.

What is even better about our friendship, is I can be in my sewing room and we can talk away and I still am able to get quite a bit done. Being originally from Southern California, I really have not connected with many people and especially since I am into what many refer to as my “grandma style” and “old soul”; therefore we seem to spend our weekends much differently. ;o)  With that being said, what I spent doing this past weekend was shopping in my sewing room… I need to do this more often! (I found about 10 more fabrics to bolt while looking for more fabric… ha! It hides everywhere!)

The one thing I was really excited about doing this week which I normally don’t, was I had this random urge over the weekend where I kept thinking of sharks (which my husband LOVES and has a dream one day to go Shark Cage diving… I am thinking 10 year anniversary?). Anyhow, while I was at work this week and had down time, I began doodling/drawing away and trying to come up with a simple shape version for him… so along came these.

I have begun the construction for the shark and have hit a few rough spots as I am also trying to write a pattern for it, both piecing and paper piecing. When I hit a really frustrated moment with the shark I decided to work on a bone-y fish friend for the shark. As you can see, he came together really well and I could almost do an entire quilt in those. Lastly, I randomly tried working on a beaver (I think their cute in an ugly way) and the colors seem to throw me off on the drawing (hey, I was working with pencil and highlighters) but I needed some contrast. I think once I put fabrics to the test it will really work well (and I also added ‘feet’ to the front of him) to give it more body. What do you think?

I did also finally finish that baby girl crib quilt set. Phew! The new mother loves it and I can’t wait for the little girl grow up and be snuggled in her forever quilt. Made especially for her.

And oh yea, I showed a sneak peak on the gift I was doing for the #craftybirthdaybash1 (@jennyrach for January month); here is another sneak peak of it all complete. Still can’t show it all yet though, she has not yet received it. All in all, I would definitely say that I feel very satisfied with what I have accomplished this week. Progress is all that matters but when you make BIG progress, it makes you feel just a bit better.

Now that I showed you What I Did This Week, what all did you do this week? Care to show it off, because I’d love to see!

Sew Stitching Cute quilts

Sew Stitching Cute quilts


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