Resolution Recap: Plan

In the beginning of the year, I broke down my top (monthly) resolutions and shared them here. I broke it down as such to allow me time to focus on the specific resolution but to hop I would create enough of a habit or routine, if you will for the specific resolution that would only continue to carry on and be easy to merge additional resolutions into. For the month of January, my resolution was:

For the beginning of the year, I wanted to feel less overwhelmed and more accomplished with completing projects. Since I could remember, I have been the one who likes to wait almost until the last minute until I finally just ‘go for it’ and stop procrastinating my plans or intentions on something. I can over analyze things a lot, so much so that it will hinder me moving forward with doing anything. All because I can’t resign myself to anything. During the thought process of discovering my 2015 resolutions, I noticed that I need to learn to plan better. I need to be real with my time.

I made sure that just about every day, I did a little bit of something. Haven’t a ‘regular’ full-time job makes it difficult to devote all of my time to my quilting, but it doesn’t make me loose my drive to quilt and sew. Where are you money tree!? Back to my point, I made an extreme effort (that didn’t end up feeling like much effort at all) to be conscious that each day something was being completed or at least making some good progress. While the first two weeks made me feel at times that there was no end in sight, once I began finishing things, the weight began to feel lighter and lighter. I liked the feeling so much that it continued to actually pick my speed up. I didn’t feel as tired after work, rather than I felt energized and ready to do more work and finish some things up.

I really didn’t find any good way of ‘planning’ other than my white board that was put up during the complete sewing room overhaul. I wrote everything down on one side that needed to be done yesterday soon and on the other side, the other projects that had some time, but could use the reminder of what is coming up. As I finished things they were removed from the list and others took its place, depending on the urgency or timeline for it to be done.

With the new found peace of finding myself and (so far) sticking with my resolution, I have found that I accomplished a lot in just one month. So far, my plan has worked and I am hoping that this continues throughout the year to only get better and better. Now that I have seen progress from just over the month, it has be ready to continue and push forward, no longer feeling weighed down by the thoughts or lack of thoughts of what I have not done. Now onto February, where I welcome: Health. How have your resolutions been going? Are you finding them not to suite you as well as you thought and needing to shift things again, or finding they are working better? Any suggestions for my welcoming Health would be greatly appreciated, or anything that can help with my PLAN for the rest of the year as well!


2 comments on “Resolution Recap: Plan

  1. It sounds like keeping a running list of projects is working out really well for you. Awesome! When you say health… My first thought is which aspect? Mental, physical, emotional, spiritual health? As far as suggestions go, I try to feed each aspect of health each day. I enjoy daily walks with my husband, I try to get in some meditation time each day, and I try to make sure I am having open communication about my emotions. Quilting helps feed my mental health, too! Good luck working on finding your health balance this month.


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