Crafty Birthday and Schnitzel & Boo Swaps

On the phone with my husband earlier he asks, “So how’s your Monday”. All my response back to him was, “It’s Tuesday”. I got a cute man chuckle out of him and a “huh”. Apparently with how much he has been saying he has been busy at work, it has started to make his days run together! It’s ok, that’s why I am there to keep him on track. He just keeps me on my toes always having to keep up (with even what day it is) on my toes. Back to quilting stuff though…

I recently in the past two months joined/participated in two swaps based more on Instagram. One was called the ‘Schnitzel & Boo min swap’ and the other ‘Crafty Birthday Bash’. The Crafty Birthday Bash can be found on Instagram under #craftybirthdaybash1 and it will be running all throughout the year. Here, each group has 12 people and each is assigned to a designated month. The month that you are designated to is the only month you do not have to sew anything. As you guessed it with the name of the swap, they do the best they can with having your month be your birthday month, but that is not always possible. I believe I am September (and my Birthday is in December). All others for that month, are to make something based on the questionnaire filled out prior or anything they feel inspired to make you from what they know of you, Instagram, etc. In a sense, you are showered with gifts that month from all other 7 people. It’s quite fun! For the month of January, it was @jennyrach month for her birthday (1/29) and I made her…

I used Fat Quarter Shops pattern for their Let Them Eat Cake which is part of their Snapshot QAL. I unfortunately don’t have the time for the QAL but do love a lot of the blocks in it none the less. I ended up thinking this was perfect for her birthday and it is signature of me to make a pillow (I am OBSESSED with pillows). I knew that Jenny loved Yellow (and boy did I hope she meant it when I was done with this) and she also loved the idea of sewing with beads or sequence. So to be honest, I was not going to sew sequence as much as I wanted to give it a shot, I just didn’t see me learning that and to do a good job at that this time around. I did sew on the flames to the “40th Birthday Candles” though! I think that’s progress! They weren’t bad nor hard, just a little bit of time watching tv before bed one night and they were on!

Photo Courtesy: @jennyrach Instagram

For the quilting and the ‘frosting’ on the cake, I used this really silver sparkly thread (which I am giddy over now) and really, pictures don’t do it justice as the thread detail is what makes this quilt. If you look closely on the first picture, you can see the ‘icing’ detail’. Also, the quilted sides, the rows that are ‘wavy’ is actually a stitching that is a string of bows, which I thought was perfect. I’m not sure why I didn’t take better picture nor did I take a picture of the back either, but that isn’t as exciting anyway! I did end up doing thick silver piping and a zipper closure on the back!

For Schnitzel & Boo, you are assigned a ‘secret partner’ in which you know who you are making something for, but they don’t know who is making something for them. It’s quite fun and I first took part in something like this last year for the Liberty of London Swap Round 1. My secret partners name was Megan as well, so it made me smile a little extra, hoping I could satisfy another Megan.

I went with, (what was that?) again another Fat Quarter Shop pattern, Color my Heart. I had been wanting to make one for awhile since it came out and I felt like this was the perfect time to make one. I had a charm pack I finally decided to crack open and wouldn’t you know it, the colors and all the fabric prints in them blended so well together! Don’t you think? It almost made it TOO easy for me! Once I was done, I wanted one for myself and have another pattern set in the works to make myself one. I really just want to make a nice lap quilt out of these. They are fast, addicting and beautiful all in themselves.

Photo Courtesy: @wholalacrafts Instagram

My partner received her package yesterday along with her extras and she has already exclaimed that her kids have designated it for their room as it matches their walls! I love that it is already being loved! I kept the quilting light, by doing a diamond but instead of doing just straight lines I decided to do the zig zag to give it a little more of the pix-elated look since they are all to be blending into one another.

For the back, I ended up using all but two of the HST leftover from making the front. I thought it looked cute just going straight across the back, kind of like a ‘pendant’ in a way. It was also the FIRST use of my new quilt labels from Spoonflower!

And lastly, I wanted to share what I did receive from my partner, who’s name is ALSO Megan! How awesome was/is that! The difference with this Megan? She lives across the world, in Australia! One of my most dreamed about places to visit! Megan made me one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received.

Did you notice it? If not, here’s a hint: Check out my ‘logo’ design at the top of my page and then see what she did… and then see the frogs, and the greeeeeeeen!!! The most special part to me was how she did a paper piece pattern AND her first time paper piecing to create this for me, all so it would go with my logo. It is now hanging perfectly in my sewing room dominantly since this will for at least a very long time, be the top dog in there since it contains so much awesomeness. I mean, really… you can’t go wrong with me when it comes to green or frogs, but then to go out of your way for my logo!?!? I’m yours! She included some yummy chocolates as well as the cutest pin cushion which I have wanted one of my own for a loooong time.

Overall since my first experience with the swap, I have enjoyed them and I believe I will continue to do them as it also makes me go out of my comfort zone and try something. I am able to try a multitude of things without making too many of them, just in case I don’t like the process or like how long it may take… I’m just making something small, not an entire blanket! I do encourage others to do it if you are looking to expand your skills and/or your quilting friends!

I am linking up and showing my stuff off today with Show and Tell Tuesdays w/I Have to Say, Fabric Tuesday w/Quilt StorySew Cute Tuesday w/ Blossom Heart Quilts and Finish it up Friday w/ Crazy Mom Quilts; now show your stuff off, too!


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