There are no mistakes

So this past December, I turned 30 which I shared a short part of my festivities here. It didn’t come until a few days after my birthday, but a very thoughtful and well received gift came, from an unlikely person; a co-worker. Have you ever received a gift from someone you were least expecting and it turned out to be pretty amazing?

This wonderful quilt was gifted to me in surprise from a co-worker of mine. His mother and grandmother sewed/quilted and there isn’t anyone who is aware that I am obsessed with quilting. He (co-worker) came in a few days after my actual birthday and asked if my car was unlocked. I informed him that it was in fact unlocked and he stated he was placing something in there for my birthday. After a few seconds pause with a facial expression I am even unsure I had on my face, I said, “ok”. He did inform me that I would go crazy over it. Boy was he right!

When I left that day and I saw what was in my car, it took all I had to not just scream and jump up and down right then… when it was all wrapped up in a pretty clear bag to protect it. I was going to have to unfortunately wait the 45 minute drive home to be able to fully see the quilt on its own. In the meantime, I had sent a text message to my co-worker informing him my gratitude towards the gift and almost stating how much I couldn’t accept such a gift. Every piece of this aside from the red and backing is made up of clothes. I am in absolute heaven with this quilt! The bold red, the use of clothes (you could use strips of clothes in this), the traditional design which includes ‘red’ as that was quite popular (and still is in a lot of ways) in many quilts. If you look closely, you can clearly see that even the white background is clothes, some of them are what you would consider “low volume” print. The scrappiness in this quilt makes me so scrappy happy.

My co-worker informed me that his grandmother made this quilt and unfortunately he did not have anyone further to pass it along to that could/would cherish it the way it deserves. I expressed to him that with everything in me this would be treasured. How could you NOT cherish such an heirloom? What I also thought was neat and interesting (not until after I was taking photos) was that if you take a look… look closely at the picture and all of the ‘circles’. Do you see it? Or them? Look at the top left and bottom right, there are two blocks that were put on in the wrong direction.

I didn’t even notice the top left one until I was taking the photos and didn’t realize the bottom right one until I was loading the pictures onto the computer! That is how well this quilt tricks the eye! ha! Take that! Either way, I love this quilt and it’s ‘mistakes’. There that leads into the title of this post, there are no mistakes. I still find complete beauty in this quilt and I still find such love in this quilt that even to me, it would still win an award at any quilt show. It is super heavy and so comfy… snuggling up underneath it is a dream. I am so worried of wearing it out too fast that I only allow it out ever so often and keep it in the bag most of the time as I want it to last forever and ever. It is a show piece and one I will always explain and express in gratitude.

For this quilt, I am humbled and thankful for the gift forwarded to me. This is a gift that can not be bought or measured by a friendship or lack thereof… this came from someone who I respect and like, but would have never thought of receiving such a gift. This gift only helped grain in me to realize that no matter the bad out there, there is still plenty of good and continuing to do good yourself is what will only continue to define you and yourself. There is no point or worry to have to one up anything or anyone, you’ll only slowly lose in the end as the years past and lesser things and people are around. If you are ever around in KC, I dare you to stop by and check out the amazing quilt! I am so intrigued by it that I want to make one out of clothes with different colors. I have yet to dive into curved piecing though and this grandma did an astounding job!

I’d love to hear or see stories of what has been gifted to you that you could not put an amount on or even fathom to express the gratitude towards, especially when you know of the work that went into such an item!

I am linking up and showing my stuff off over at Thankful Thursday’s w/Quilting Jet Girl and Needle and Thread Thursday w/ My Quilt Infatuation. Be sure to show your stuff off, too!


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