Layers of Charm: Fat Quarter Shop

Good Morning everyone and Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a great weekend and their week is hopefully starting off well! If you asked me, I’d say mine is! It’s starting off so well because I have an awesome, quick and yet versatile quilt pattern to share with you from Fat Quarter Shop called Layers of Charm!

                                                  Fat Quarter Shop Video Tutorial: click here

A few months ago I and some other quilt bloggers were asked to participate in their newest quick pattern! Don’t you just love them!?! I was so excited that they asked that I couldn’t resist! While this is my first quick fun patterns in a full quilt form from them, I have completed two of their other patterns being the Color My Heart and Let Them Eat Cake. They were simple, fun and yet made great patterns and were used in two very different ways! I can see many things being made! Back to this awesome Layers of Charm quilt, isn’t it great? I know, I already asked, but I figured I’d ask again. For this quilt, I chose to go with a Layer Cake of Cotton + Steel August line by Sarah Watts and matched it with a Kona Cotton solid, Carrot; isn’t it yummy? Truth: I was really scared matching that Carrot color with this line, but I really thought it matched with the very deep tones of Winter going into Spring. Everything is so dead and yearning to grow again, but it just isn’t time yet. All of the colors together remind me of that and knowing that I was probably going to keep this for my own, I knew it would be the perfect quilt to cuddle up under during this time of year. Another reason I kept the quilting simple, I really wanted the each fabric to shine on its own and I really love the colors. 

Layers of Charm fabric requirements:
1 Layer Cake
1 Charm Pack
1/2 yard for binding
3 3/4 yard for backing

Really, that’s it! Well, of course aside from your own amazing quilting talent, some batting and some extra love once again, all from you! I definitely see myself making more of these quilts for a quick come together when I need to make a quilt last minute… or maybe just because. ;o) I hope you jump on over to Fat Quarter Shop’s blog and video tutorial they have for this quick pattern for more details as it is free (I mean, come on, who can beat a free pattern? AND from Fat Quarter Shop!?).


The basics are selecting how you will lay out each of your fabrics in the end. As you can you see, I laid all of them out mixing more of the empty space background fabrics with busier fabrics so I can mesh them well together throughout the entire layout. There are lots of possibilities you can have with this quilt, by using solids for the layer cake and patterned fabric for the charm pack… you can do this in a rainbow or fade effect… just all over there are lots of possibilities. Again, hence why I am sure I will be making more of these. I had a lot of fun putting this together… I love the ‘wheel’ effect that the diamond gives in a large spectrum from snowballing an edge on each layer cake.

The finished product is a healthy (approximate) 54 1/2” x 54 1/2” quilt! For simple reasons I only did a simple grid work quilting, by quilting approximately 1/2” on either side of the main seam lines. I love it as it has left it very drape-y and soft, exactly how I wanted it. Snuggle resist this, I dare you!

For the backing, I chose this perfect matching grid work which had literally just about all of the colors that are in the top of the quilt! I thought it was perfect and meant to be, especially since it is from my stash! Yay for #sewmystash2015! High five! It did take a nice chunk out of it and I don’t know what this fabric is, as I got it from someone last year as a grateful hand me down. I do have more of it… and what was better about this was that I didn’t have to do any piecing! Can I get another high five!? Thanks! I also used the same fabric for binding, as I thought it would be nice to keep it the same look for the back and from bringing the back of the fabric to the front by bordering it. I think it fits perfectly as it has long hints of all of the colors mixed from the top.

Not only did I get to use up a nice chunk of my stash, I also got to use my new satin quilt labels from that I recently got about a week ago! Yay! No joke… I kind of giggled and squealed all in the same time once I saw it done and actually sewn in there. :::Insert ridiculous face here:::

I highly recommend you go check out the pattern with Fat Quarter Shop and I would like to forward a HUGE thank you to them for inviting me to be a part of this pattern! I can’t wait to see what all of you and everyone else comes up with! So many possibilities with such an open pattern… and quick! Did I mention quick!? P.S. it is really easy to even make bigger or smaller! Customize it to your size! Maybe even by using a charm pack and a mini charm pack!?!?!

I am linking up and showing off my stuff at MCM w/ Cooking Up Quilts and Monday Makers w/ Hug-a-Bit Quilts, join the party and show your stuff off too!


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