Fine Tuning Tips & Tutorials: Making Your Own Fabric Bolts

Hey everyone! Quick update today, I am joining the fun Linky Party with Stephanie and Michelle over at Late Night Quilter! The Linky Party is to bring together Tips and Tutorials, old, new, revamped, updated and every which way between! I hope you decide to hop on over and join in… grab an old Blog Post of any tutorial that you believe would be helpful and useful to many others!

For my participation, I have updated a prior post from MAY 13, 2014 – Fabric Bolts – Making Your Own. If you’re like me and like to visually see your fabric for consistent inspiration and well, just because you like to look at it and think it’s pretty (either excuse wins it for me!) and like them on fabric bolts and haven’t figured out how to go about doing that or the store bolts are too large for your space or the fabric pieces you have, this post is for you! It’s totally affordable for anyone and everyone’s budget! Plus, you have all of the material already, all you have to do is go buy PROJECT BOARD! Just go check my tutorial out already.


This is where it all started and my bolts, before the sewing room makeover
After the sewing room makeover; doesn’t the fabric look scrumptious all bolted up?

The above picture shows two blue striped fabric boxes; however this now holds all of my 8” x 10” Color Inspiration Club 1/2 yard cut bolts. I love them!

Now there are plenty of ways to store your fabric and everyone likes to do it differently, this is only just how I personally like to display and store my fabric. Don’t get me wrong, I have some in my closet that is stacked! That tends to be more of my flannels, fleece, sheets, etc. but for the real fabric, I love for it to be surrounding me!

I am linking up and showing my stuff off to Tips and Tutorials Tuesday w/ Late Night Quilter, be sure to stop by and show your stuff off, too!


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